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ca.1978 Bayugall area, NSW (NL) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98) From Mr. C. About 20 years ago when working on a large property in the Bayugall area South of Grafton, he saw a large bright white low in the air and lighting the ground up. When speaking about the sighting to work mates, they too said that they had seen similar lights over the years when droving cattle during the night and early mornings.
More recently, he has seen a bright white light on a regular basis. One night he flashed a torch at it in the Morse code Acknowledge and Reply code about a dozen times continually. Suddenly the object flew off at rapid speed.
Ca18.02.83 bet. Bookham & Goulburn, NSW 0300-0500hrs (CE-1) (Source: Brad Mildem, E-mail: Paradox, 01.05.98) The witness was driving her husband, who finished work at midnight, and her baby daughter from their home in Wagga Wagga to her parent's home at Jamberoo, near Kiama, for the weekend. Shortly after leaving Wagga on the Hume Hwy with her husband and baby asleep, a large brightly luminous disc shape UFO appeared in the sky ahead of her at an estimated 300-400 metres distance. The object stayed in this position while she drove approx. 120 km., disappearing as she went through towns, and appearing again on the other side of the town. It mostly stayed relatively still but occasionally shot off at great speed to the left or right only to return seconds later to the same position. The object disappeared just north of Goulburn as the dawn was lightening the sky. It rapidly gained altitude until out of sight in seconds. There was no interference with the normal operation of the car , according to the witness and the amount of traffic she remembers was normal for that time of morning. Supposedly after having great difficulty waking her husband at one point, he glanced at the object , mumbled "yeah yeah" and was immediately asleep again.
Normally on this trip she would stop at Yass for an hour's break for coffee and arrive at Jamberoo at about 7- 7.30am. This time, on arrival she was genuinely surprised to find the trip had taken 1.5 to 2 hours longer than normal, even without the break at Yass.
No subsequent sickness or body markings were noticed and as the witness suspected no abduction at that time no further investigation was undertaken until reported to Paradox in 1997.
REPORT STATUS. Celestial records show no planet, star or even the moon, which could have explained the sighting. The lack of reaction from other traffic could indicate the phenomenon was a purely subjective one, however, until further evidence is forthcoming the case will remain as UNEXPLAINED.
1993 Grafton, NSW (Shark Creek, Mini Waters) 2030hrs (NL) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98) Mr. G reported a UFO sighting 5 years ago (1993). At Shark Creek, Mini Waters on the coast East of Grafton, 8.30pm on evening saw a row of white blinking lights over the Woodford Island Hill. The lights were rotating as if on the perimeter of a circular object.
31.06.97 Brisbane, QLD (Birkdale) ca.1345hrs (DO) (Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland) While travelling through Birkdale towards the Birkdale Fair Shopping Centre, a married couple witnessed two large white lights in the sky. Clouds around the objects appeared to be unusually dark. The UFOs were described as 'long silver bodies with a light at each end'. The two UFOs disappeared into the dark clouds. (Ufologist Magazine - Vol.1 #4 Oct/Dec 1997)
01.07.97 Brisbane, QLD (Alexander Hills) (NL) (Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland) A very bright object was seen in the northwest sky over Brisbane Northern suburbs. (Ufologist Magazine - Vol.1 #4 Oct/Dec 1997)
15.07.97 Brisbane, QLD (Alexander Hills) (NL) (Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland) A yellow light was seen in the sky. It moved from the northeast to the southwest. (Ufologist Magazine - Vol.1 #4 Oct/Dec 1997)
30.07.97 Brisbane, QLD (Kenmore) ca.2110hrs (NL) (Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland) Four orange lights were observed over Archerfield. They were moving in a line abreast fashion (very low to the ground) from the direction of Ipswich towards the Samford Valley. One object fell to the horizon, two disappeared over Mt Coot-tha, and the last object was seen disappearing behind trees. No sound was heard. (Ufologist Magazine - Vol.1 #4 Oct/Dec 1997)
13.10.97 nr Nowra, NSW (Kangaroo Valley) 2310hrs (NL) (Source: Brad Mildem, E-mail: Paradox, 01.05.98) A report from Kangaroo Valley (Just west of Nowra N.S.W.) Received the following night and publicized in the local paper next week failed to receive substantiation from other witnesses and so cannot be verified as genuine. The sighting apparently occurred on the 13th Oct 97. The object was apparently seen at approx. 11.10pm and appeared in the west, over Barrengarry Mountain, descending towards the power station and Tallowa dam. The witness describes it as being "A dark mass against the sky, larger than the Hercules we often get flying over here. It seemed to be triangular. At first it had a bright white light at each rear corner shining straight down and a blue light at the centre or front." As it went beneath the horizon the lights went out and it was lost to sight after another minute against the mountain background. "It was flying very low and very slow with no sound to be heard."
22.09.97 Brisbane, QLD (Carina) (NL) (Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland) An orange light was observed travelling in a semi circle fashion towards the north-northwest over Belmont. The UFO didn't appear to be travelling very fast. It was described as looking like a bright streetlight, which pulsated slowly throughout its travels. (Ufologist Magazine - Vol.1 #4 Oct/Dec 1997)
21.10.97 Brisbane, QLD (Trinder Park & Springwood) 2115-2127hrs (NL) (Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland) At 9.15pm, while leaving Rob and Jan Niessen's place, Robert Frola and Rob Niessen saw an orange-red object moving towards them from the direction of Loganlea. Jan, at this moment was called outside. The object traveled steadily and quickly across the sky, disappearing from view towards Archerfield. Two outbound commercial flights intersected the object's flight path, indicating that the object was fairly low (about 1000-1500ft). Duration: 10 minutes.
At 9.23pm, a second object was located by Jan, travelling on the same flight path as the first. The second object appeared at first to flicker, then remained constant throughout the sighting. It too disappeared towards Archerfield. Robert Frola called Mace Robertson to see if he can confirm seeing the same object from Springwood. Mace located the object with his naked eyes, and trained his telescope onto it shortly before it disappeared. Henry Lacina, also viewed the object, just moments before it disappeared. Two outbound aircraft, one commercial, the other private, intersected the object's path. Duration: 8 minutes.
Both objects were videotaped. (Ufologist Magazine - Vol.1 #4 Oct/Dec 1997)
22-28.12.97 Brisbane, QLD (Logan City) 1300-1400hrs (Identified) (Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland ) A silvery-white object was visible for an hour, every day for a week until cloudy weather prevented it to be seen. The object was seen directly above the witness, visible through the corona of the sun. During the hour, the object would only move a couple of degrees. Object was identified as Venus/Mars planetary conjunction. (Telephone Interview)
29.12.97 Stradbroke Island, QLD (Dunwich) 1945hrs (NL) (Source: Robert Frola, UFO Investigation Centre Queensland ) At 7.45pm, Brett was looking out of the window of his house to the southeast when he saw a very bright white light spiraling down from the sky. By the time Brett got outside the object had disappeared. No sound was heard. (Ufologist Magazine - Vol.2 #1 Jan/Mar 1998)
April 1998 Grafton, NSW (NL) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98) Mr. M reported a white light and small single objects at high altitude travelling at very fast speed going form the South to the North, and sometimes North to South at various times during April 1998.
April 1998 Grafton, NSW 0445hrs (NL) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98. Response from Flap Newspaper article. Saturday 09.04.98) Mr. Frank B of Grafton rang about a strange sighting that he had witnessed one morning (4.45am) early in April. He was casually observing the clear starry early morning sky, when he noticed a very bright white stationery light, at low altitude over the top of his house. He was amazed to see it suddenly shoot off at great speed, leaving a faint orange trail. This trail "dissipated as if erased with a rubber"
10.04.98 Coutts Crossing, NSW 0400hrs (NL) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98) Mr. M of Coutts Crossing noticed a large bright yellowish/orange light to the East towards the coast. He sighted to light against a verandah post and said it appeared to move very slowly. It went down 50mm (2in) compared to a point on the post, went back up than returned to its original position. Observation time 10 minutes.
19.04.98 near Grafton, NSW 1900hrs (NL) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98) Mrs. W, her daughter and a neighbour watched as 2 or 3 unusual illuminated white objects were quickly maneuvering at low altitude in the western sky towards the Grafton area at 7.00pm on Sunday 19th April. The objects appeared to be heading in one direction, than suddenly appear to be going in the opposite direction as if they were circling. The three witnesses watched the objects for about 15 minutes.
29.04.98 Central Coast, NSW 1830hrs (NL) (Source: Mike Farrell, 11.05.98) On Wednesday 29 April 1998, at approximately 1830 hrs a NSW Central Coast family reported seeing a unusual object moving quickly across the sky from South to North. It was large, spherical and orange-coloured. When viewed through binoculars they could not make out any other shapes or surface features. After passing directly overhead it slowed down to hover motionless, then moved off towards the West.
At that point the family noticed two military-type planes (jets), in the northern sky, probably from Williamtown AFB, quickly travelling southwards, towards the object. The UFO shot off southwards and disappeared over the southern horizon.
Soon afterwards, at least two helicopters, probably from Singleton AFB, were seen heading from the North in the same southerly direction. Later that same evening, family members noticed a bluish-white light in the western sky, zigzagging North to South.
The same night, a Terrigal (Central Coast) resident reported seeing the same large orange object to a local radio station.
Family members contacted Williamtown AFB who referred them to UFOR(NSW)'s Central Coast representative, Peter Turner. Peter is now asking Williamtown AFB if they can confirm any of these details, and reports that around 2300 hrs the Central Coast family also heard an unusual rumbling noise pass overhead, without an apparent source. Friends from Tumbi Umbi (Central Coast) who later visited the witnesses, had heard something similar in their area about the same time.
Peter telephoned Moira McGhee of INUFOR in Sydney on Friday 1st May to see if her networks had reported anything similar.
Moira reports that around 1930 hrs that same evening, two families in the Singleton area reported seeing a strange orange-yellow light object travelling quickly across the sky in a southeasterly direction. The light was quite large, made no noise and was travelling at quite a low altitude. One of the Singleton witnesses is an amateur astronomer, so space junk and pranks seem unlikely.
20.05.98 Brunswick Heads & Urbanville, NSW 0720hrs (DO) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98) Reports of a magnesium bright white light seen in the eastern sky from Brunswick Heads and Urbanville north of Lismore. Witnesses rang local Radio stations about the sighting. It was concluded that the object was either a large Meteor or small Asteroid.
22.05.98 Grafton, NSW 1910hrs (NL) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98) "On Friday night, about 4 km West of Grafton, I videoed an pale orange light low in the sky and very slowly moving to the SW. The object took 3min. 25secs. to move a short distance out of sight. It was moving faster than the stars set, and in the wrong direction to be a star setting. It was not a plane because it was not flashing navigation lights. There was no sound. And in the time observed a plane would have traveled much further. I consider if Unidentified."
NOTE: This sounds like the same type of object reported from Coutts Crossing on the 10th April. Barry Taylor.
23.05.98 Tyndale, NSW 1930hrs (NL) (Source: Barry Taylor, 28.05.98) Mr. L and his wife watched a strange green/red and white object slowly moving to the south at Tyndale, north of Grafton. During the 10-minute observation, their TV volume suddenly became very loud, and static interference occurred on the picture.
30.05.98 nr Nowra, NSW (Meroo Meadow) 1915hrs (NL) (Source: Brad Mildem, E-mail: Paradox, 01.05.98) A ball of orange light was sighted over Meroo Meadow 6km NE of Nowra Friday 30 May 7.15pm. Witness was looking N.E. from Worrigee when the orange ball appeared in the sky apparently nearby to the Meroo Meadow private airstrip (approx. 6km distant from witness). OBOL did not rise from the ground but switched on at an estimated altitude of 200-300m. The object was large enough to discern a visible circle of light, (match head size at arm's length) and moved slowly westward, against the wind for about 15 seconds then blinked off. No sound was heard.
Name: Aurora Country of Origin: Romania Age: 45 Investigators: Robert Frola, Andrea Sison (Counselor) UFO Group: UFOICQ Date of Investigation: 18.02.98
On 11.02.98 Aurora contacted UFOICQ, and asked if she could relate some of her paranormal experiences to us. She said she was a qualified counselor, and was not in need of counseling, but she just wanted to tell her story to people who would not judge her negatively in the light of her experiences.
First paranormal experience: Occurred when Aurora was 6 y.o., while she was living in Romania. One day, she felt like she was suddenly pushed to the floor, and she felt her whole body was "paralyzed" except for her tongue. Then she heard a loud noise "like a train or engine" coming towards her or a "wind blowing through a pipe". She said she was very scared while this was happening.
Straight after this experience, Aurora told her mother about it. Her mother told her to "make the sign of the cross with her tongue" if it happened again. Aurora also informed us that there were many sightings in Romania at this time, but people were "not allowed to talk about it", because many people were very skeptical and individuals "did not feel safe" talking about sightings for fear that others "would judge them". Apparently it was said to be "bad luck to look at falling stars", and this referred to UFO's.
Second experience: Aurora was still living in Romania and was in year 5 at school. One day she remembers that time and/or movement "stopped for a few seconds". The sky and air looked red "like there was red dust everywhere". At the time, she said she was amazed and she felt it was a "pleasant experience".
After this experience, Aurora again informed her mother, who thought there might be "something wrong with her blood". Her mother took her to the doctor for blood tests, and all results were normal.
Third experience: Occurred in August 1987 in Sydney. Aurora was in bed when she saw a "shadow in the window" then a "caped figure" appeared at the end of her bed. There were security bars on her bedroom window, so the figure could not have climbed through the window. She felt that her body was paralyzed except for her tongue, so she made the sign of the cross with her tongue, and the figure was "sucked out through the window". When she woke up in the morning, she was naked. She told her husband, and he said it might be the devil and to go and see a priest, which she did.
Before this incident, Aurora had been participating in an IVF program for a long time and was told she would probably never fall pregnant. However, three months after this incident occurred, she fell pregnant. Aurora said she feels this pregnancy was associated with the caped figure. Also before this incident, she had experienced painful periods, but after the visitation she never experienced period pain again.
Fourth experience: In Brisbane 1995, Aurora was lying in bed when she saw "a flame on the door". At the time there was no fire in the house and nothing present that would cast a reflection. She was not paralyzed, so she made the sign of the cross with her hands. The flame then went "through the wall" into the next room (where her son was in bed), and immediately her son started screaming. Aurora then ran into son's room where he was screaming " take these things away" while wiping his forearms. She couldn't see anything on her son's arms, but she said "let's pray" then they both knelt on the floor and she said "please god, help us". Next she heard "footsteps running down the stairs", and when she ran to look there was "nothing there".
When he was 3 y.o, her son said he "chose" Aurora to be his mother because she "looked lonely". When she questioned her son about this some years later, he said he couldn't remember saying that. He hasn't had nightmares, but he sees "red lights in the house, like red eyes following him". These lights have never harmed him, but he is frightened of them.
Fifth experience: In Springwood, Brisbane 1995 Aurora saw "orange lights in the sky" - ("maybe four, not less than four"). At first she thought they were stars but then they "went straight down very fast" possibly around Eight Mile Plains. She wanted to drive to the place, but didn't. She felt it was a "great experience".
The next day she saw the incident reported in the newspaper.
Sixth experience: In Brisbane 1995 Aurora suddenly found herself in "a place with a lot of empty rooms". Her impression was that she was in a room, "like a doctor's waiting room", and she felt "peaceful" with "no emotions, only thoughts" - some people (maybe female) came to get her, they had no breasts or genitals, they were hairless and their skin was "spongy looking", and of a "creamy colour". Aurora felt they had "beautiful bodies", that's why she thought they might be female. These beings walked her "through the wall" into a room where there were two more beings. She lay on a table and felt paralyzed and heard a loud noise (like her first experience), then she saw "lights", and felt pressure on her abdomen. She became frightened and "fought back" - she made the sign of the cross with her tongue and "came back".
Straight after this experience, Aurora found a "spot /burn" on her abdomen 4 mm long. She went and told her priest and he joked about it.
Seventh experience: In Brisbane 1995, Aurora felt an arm/hand on her in her sleep. She woke up but did not turn around to look - she had a "reassuring comfortable feeling" and went back to sleep.
Since Aurora's son was 5 months old, she has felt a "rocking" of her bed about once a week. She said this is a good experience, and it makes her "feel protected". Aurora claims she is "not religious" but believes in a "greater power". In all of her experiences, she has never noticed if she "lost" any time, because she never thought to check for discrepancies. Now when people visit her house, they often report seeing "people walking up the stairs" and then vanishing, as well as "shadows walking up the stairs". They also comment that they "feel like sleeping" because it is "so relaxing" in the house. Aurora is no longer frightened by these experiences, and claims she has "got used to them".
Aurora has also speculated on the causes of her experiences and what they might mean. She feels her experiences are for a "good cause", and if they are aliens trying to study humans then "why not me". She also said it might be that god is trying to "show me a way", then she feels comfortable with that too. Similarly, if these experiences are due to her subconscious mind, she is "thankful that it is showing me possible dangers".
My impressions of Aurora are that she appeared to be a very credible source. To me, she seemed like an intelligent, warm and trustworthy person. She related her experiences with clarity and calmness, without sensational embellishment. Her motivations in contacting UFOICQ seem to be simply that, as she indicated, she wished to tell her story to people who knew something about the paranormal, would not judge her negatively in the light of her disclosures, and would also be willing to share some of their own personal experiences. At the conclusion of the interview, Aurora said we would be welcome to investigate the incidents that were still occurring at her house if we wished. We indicated that we would happy for the opportunity to do so.
Sources for this issue:
Barry Taylor, PO Box 1157, Grafton, NSW 2460 UFOICQ, PO Box 805, Springwood, QLD 4127 Paradox, PO Box 255, Nowra, NSW 2541

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