UFO Landing Physical
Trace Case Photos
Courtesy Ted Phillips

Night polaroid shot taken by witnesses of fluorescing ring at landing site
of 8 foot diameter craft on Kansas farm November 2, 1971.

Photo of landing ring taken by Sheriff of Ottawa County, KS, 16 hours
after the landing event. Soil was found to be coated with an unknown,
white chemical like substance. The soil was determined to be completely
dehydrated and would not absorb water down to a depth of 14 inches. Note
how the white substance is spread off to the right due to an 8 mph wind and
the direction off takeoff of the craft.

Photo of same landing ring taken 3 years and 6 months after the
November 1971 event. Strange chemical like substance still covers soil.
Labs were unable to make a definitive analysis of the material. Still
classified as 'unknown.'

Ted Phillips and J. Allen Hynek, with geiger counter, at site of 1975
landing in a football stadium in Medford, MN. 25 people witnessed the
landing of the saucer shaped craft.


Ted Phillips and field assistant.