New UFO Crash
In Puerto Rico?

(The following information appeared on May 8 and is now being circulated on the internet dealing with an alleged crash of a UFO in Puerto Rico within the past week. We cannot verify this information but it is of sufficient interest that we are posting it for your consideration.)

Author (name not disclosed): "I told you to keep your eyes open from May 1977 and on."

In Lajas [SW of the island], one of the places with most sightings in Puerto Rico," at around 9:00 PM, a big and luminous object was seen falling by many people followed by a loud noise. People from the town ran to the mountain to see what happened and witnessed an area of about one kilometer burned, big and small animals dead and whatever remained of the grass unburned crushed down as if a big roll crushed everything. There were a very foul smell like sulfur. The stench was so intense many had to return as they could not stand it.

The men saw a big and luminous green light and tried to reach it but it was on a very deep valley. It was around 11:00 PM and it was very dark when they decided to go back to town to seek for help, ropes, lanterns. When they came back the police stopped them.

During late night and early morning, the police was running around all over the place. First they said that there was a motorcycle, HA! HA! As if motorcycles fly, then they changed the story to a meteorite. When asked what the FBI had to do there with a meteorite and why the local police was kicked out from the area and why the presence of helicopters and the national guard, they had no answer.

Hours before this, residents reported UFOs in the area and called the police. Some reports came from other parts of the Island. A woman in Ponce [S of the island, named after Ponce de Leon], videotaped the bright light flying over a hill.

Everything has been covered up. There is no evidence. Nothing happened. Now only stands the memory of the fall of star and the grass burned and crushed. They are very efficient my friend. A unit specialized with experience.

When finally the reporters had access to the ground area and aerial space the only evidence that remained was the burned and crushed grass, and the animals, big and small, dead.

The sightings are many in Fajardo, Naguabo and Loiza [NE of the island], Cabo Rojo and Lajas [SW of the island] and Arecibo [N of the island] during the last days.

From this time forward, there will be more and more sightings, not only in Puerto Rico, [also] in South America and other [places]. Write it down, I told you a year ago, the big thing is still to come.

Ranger leads the way, Airborne.

A local radio station and dozens of area residents reported that a UFO crashed last night at approximately 3:00 A.M. in the Laguna Cartagena, Lajas, Puerto Rico.

Noti Uno Radio reported the area is badly burned with accounts of dead animals and charred metal being seen by area residents. Residents from that area also reported seeing fire coming from the crash site, but when contacted, the local Fire Department stated they had received no calls last night. Another radio Station in Lajas also stated that they too had received many calls from listeners telling them about an UFO in the area. That radio station lost all power between 10:00PM and 11:00PM. Witnesses also notified the "Puertorican Research Group", a local UFO Organization, reporting they had seen a UFO crash in the area around 3 AM.

Roberto Martin, a Puerto Rican Ufologist, editor of "Evidencia Ovni" and "Enigma", stated it was not a UFO, but rather, a meteor. Federal Agents have occupied the crash site, so no eye witness reports are available at this time.

"Primer Impacto" a Spanish national TV station program (Univision) in Florida showed for a second time (May, 13th 1997) interviews and pictures from the site near Lajas in Puerto Rico. The area is totally devastated by the fire caused by the object's collision. The soil, grass, trees was scalded. Farmers from the area are used to seeing strange lights at night. One of the people showed a dead chicken to the camera after the event took place, describing the same mysterious markings attributed to the chupacabra (goatsucker). The city mayor of the municipality of Lajas in Puerto Rico confirmed the rumours about the possible cause of the accident such as a meteor, his name is Marcos A.Iriazrri. Lajas is a town of 23271 inhabitants and it was founded in 1883. The national guard closed the area to onlookers and the media. I began my investigation through the internet and located a site funded by Connell University that has an antenna array south of Arecibo Observatory. There is a research project conducted by the electrical eng. staff concerning space plasma and the ionosphere. Perhaps the military was conducting a secret experiment and something went wrong.


Rigo Muniz

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