Were UFOs Over US Nuke
Sites Targets Of Air Force Missiles?
UFO Lecturer At LSU Explores Accounts Of Alien Visits
By Georgina Troughton
The Reveille (Louisiana State U.)
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Note - This story appeared as a featured net posting by USA Today
BATON ROUGE, La. -- Robert Hastings was 16 years old when he saw his first UFO.
He was living on an Air Force base with his family when he noticed five "unidentified aerial targets" in the night sky.
"I saw them hover and ascend vertically at high speeds when the base sent missiles after them," Hastings said. "An important thing to understand is where they were hovering ... over nuclear missile sites."
Hastings addressed students and faculty at the Union Tuesday with his "Hidden Mystery" presentation.
He said the sighting impacted his life significantly, prompting him to spend the past 30 years researching the UFO phenomenon, he said.
"The experience made a big impression on me," he said.
Hastings has traveled to over 500 universities across the country in order to raise awareness of UFO sightings and the numerous government records documenting these events.
"The military says sightings are reported all the time. This is not something to be taken lightly," Hastings said.
"I am not a missionary. I am not seeking to convert non-believers. I just want to tell people that this is real," he added.
The Freedom of Information Act has enabled UFO researchers to uncover approximately 30,000 pages of once classified government information.
"These are the real X-Files," Hastings said.
Despite repeated denials by the U.S. government for the past half-century, documents report military sightings of UFOs and even declared the situation a national security matter, according to Hastings.
"The documents basically say the Air Force and the government believe UFOs exist," he said.
The researcher presented a 30-minute film which he narrated and listed UFO-related events from the 1920s until present.
The film also included actual photographs, excerpts from government documents, and touched upon the controversial topic of alien abductions.
"The only ticket to admission this evening is an open mind," Hastings said before beginning the film.
A "wave" of UFO sightings began in 1947 with Americans from each state, except for Georgia, claiming to see saucers hovering for periods of time before flying away at high speeds.
Military personnel also reported unidentified objects hovering over top-secret missile sites and atomic weapon development centers, according to the film.
Increased public pressure on the U.S. government resulted in the Pentagon stating the objects were actually falling meteors, flattened hailstones or reflections on clouds.
"People described the objects as being shiny, metallic-looking, domed on top and made absolutely no sound," Hastings said.
The government developed Project Sign in 1948, stating people were seeing "interplanetary space ships examining our world for some unknown reason."
A startling event took place several years later when radar detected a flying object invading the restricted air space over the White House. The military sent planes to chase the craft but if flew away at speeds up to 7,000 miles an hour.
The Pentagon called it "an atmospheric illusion caused by the weather."
After this incident, JANAP 146, a government organization, required military and commercial airline pilots to report any sightings immediately, at which point missiles would be sent to intercept the target.
Reports of alien abduction began surfacing during the 1960s, when the story of Betty and Barnie Hill becoming widely known, Hastings said.
The couple claimed to be driving along a New Hampshire road when they heard beeping sounds, grew tired and then lost almost two hours of time with no memory of what had happened.
Time-regression hypnosis revealed the couple's experience being of taken from their car into a spaceship where they were medically examined and held conversations with the aliens.
Over 50 abduction cases have been reported in the past 30 years with many people claiming the aliens told them they were slowly preparing for the day to reveal themselves to the world and to not be afraid because their intentions were not hostile, according to Hastings.
Soon after the release of the Hill story, the biggest power failure ever recorded took place in New York. Citizens reported seeing UFOs prior to the disaster and blamed them for the blackout, he said.
City officials claimed a broken circuit in a Canadian power plant to be the actual problem but it was later revealed the circuit was actually tripped by a tremendous surge of power, he said.
Another top-secret UFO event was revealed in 1990 concerning a 1947 UFO crash.
Residents in Roswell, New Mexico, had reported a crash which left metallic debris scattered over a mile long.
Military personnel described the debris as being "peculiar, shiny, extremely light material which would not dent or bend," Hastings said.
Over 200 officers have publicly reported the material being flown to several military bases, including several boxes containing possible dead alien beings.
The military declared a faulty weather balloon was the source of the crashed object but this explanation remains debated, he said.
Hastings concluded his presentation with a slide show showing excerpts from several official government documents.
"UFOs do exist. They are real," he said. "The government has been untruthful and the cover-up is massive."
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I posted this item to the IUFO mailing list, too, resulting in two
follow-ups, one of which identified the location of Hastings' experience.
IUFO Mailing List
From: "Jim K"
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 09:26:51 -0800
Ash and all..
The incident you mention re the 2 flights of missiles being shutdown is
the case I have been assisting Robert Salas with for about 4 years now.
A short telling of the case with some documentation is available at:
This case was indeed the subject of a Sightings episode wherein Mr.
Salas and Don Crawford, both ex-USAF missileers involved with the
missile shutdown incidents, were reunited. The reason these courageous
men felt free to speak is that USAF has declassified the fact that
missile shutdowns did occur. I was able, after a lengthy FOIA effort,
to obtain this confirmation and also get some other related material
declassified and released. No official admission of UFOs over the
Malmstrom sites was obtained, which should not surprise anyone here,
but many witnesses we have been able to contact confirm the events.
Official USAF documentation does exist of many UFO/nuclear base
incidents, one of which was also over a Minuteman base - Minot AFB -
just a few months prior to the Malmstrom incidents.
Please note that as far as we can tell, no re-targeting of missiles was
involved in the Malmstrom missile shutdown events. An uncorroborated
story to this effect came through Linda Moulton Howe. Note also that I
am not saying that this did not happen, or impugning Ms. Howe, just
that the story is uncorroborated at this time.
Mr. Salas and I have spoken with Mr. Hastings in the course of our
investigation. His experience was indeed at Malmstrom AFB in about the
right time frame to correlate with the incidents we are researching.
I would be appreciative of any new information anyone may have related
to the Malmstrom incidents of March 1967, or of other UFO/nuclear cases.
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From: Ashley Rye <
Date: Saturday, November 21, 1998 4:51 AM
- IUFO Mailing List
At 12:32 21/11/98 +0100, you wrote:
The military declared a faulty weather balloon was the source of the
crashed object but this explanation remains debated, he said.
As regards UFOs 'not being a security issue' there is the well
documented case of two nuclear missile silos rendered inoperative by
UFOs at the same time, and then returning to normal, as portrayed on
'Sightings'. The individuals in charge of the bases, no longer
encumbered by the thirty year rule, if I remember correctly, felt free
to speak openly about this incident for the first time without fear of
prosecution, and are now the best of friends.
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