Major Wire Service Story
On ET Abductions
By Dan Trotta
ACAPULCO, Mexico (Reuters) - Extraterrestrials are secretly abducting humans for use in hybrid breeding experiments and inserting implants into their bodies, UFO experts said Sunday at the Second World UFO Congress.
Of all the claims about alien visits to Earth, stories about abductions are perhaps the most controversial both for their astonishing nature and the passion with which believers profess them to be true.
The notion that humans are routinely abducted in their sleep, taken off to alien space craft and then returned silently to their beds carried a high level of acceptance among experts from eight countries attending the meeting.
Most victims cannot remember details of their abductions until they were brought out of them under hypnosis, presumably because the aliens tried to wipe out their memories before returning them home, they said.
``We need more involvement from people in the fields of science to study this,'' said Jaime Rodriguez, Ecuador's top UFO investigator and host of a television show on UFOs.
``But they have to come with an open mind or they will continue ridiculing the phenomenon,'' he told Reuters.
In some cases, women are impregnated, carry the hybrid fetus through a short gestation, and then abducted again to give birth, Budd Hopkins, billed as ``a pioneer in the genre'' of investigating alien abductions, told the meeting.
The kidnapping aliens take two forms. Cases in the U.S. involve short extraterrestrials with white skin, big eyes and large bald heads shaped like an inverted pear, Hopkins said. In Ecuador, they are taller with round heads and olive green skin, Rodriguez said.
In both cases the aliens are implanting devices into the brains, earlobes or other parts of the human victims. Hopkins theorized they could be for tracking or controlling humans, or perhaps they allow aliens to see through their victims' eyes.
Hopkins detailed the 1989 case of Linda Cortile, a woman in New York who claims to have been kidnapped one night. Hopkins said several witnesses came forward to report that they saw Hopkins and several aliens float out of her 12th floor window and into a flying saucer.
But he is not sure if the alien intentions are harmful. ``There are not good aliens and bad aliens,'' Hopkins said. ''This is not a cowboy movie. This is the real world.''


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