Mars Said Confirmed As
Source Of UFOs Over Iraq
By Ken Welch

In December I notified a select mailing list that speech reversals from a presidential photo-op during the last attack on Iraq had revealed a UFO incident in which US spy planes, the venerable U2's that were used to assess bomb damage, were trailed by one or more UFOs. Also indicated was that the news appeared to cause great alarm, and was important enough to involve the "red phone".
Since that story's release, key reversals were posted in RealAudio format at so others could hear them. Although enough reversals were found to make the story self-confirming up to a point, we continued "fishing" with our speech reversing software, to see if additional confirmation could be found.
On December 23rd, six days after the incident, and four days after military operations were abruptly terminated, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger addressed the National Press Club. Reviewing the short campaign, Mr. Berger's speech was filled with short reversals reflecting the wide diversity of situations that he must deal with, from "Tienamin" to "Monica". Most were too brief to yield significant information, however four reversal pairs confirmed the UFO incident:
These reversals are:
Alien! - And you tell of it.
From Mars! - I lost it.
Veil - The Arrow.
Mars - They're flashing it.
There is also an earlier single reference to "the arrow", which I simply note is a common codeword assigned to nasty things that fly. The Veil system has been mentioned recently as a satellite network that monitors the earth's surface and near space.
The exclamation marks are my own notation for a voice tone I believe is associated with shock or distress. This tone is most apparent when using software to find reversals, because the software does not lower the pitch when the speech is slowed down. You can listen at the above URL and see what you think.
These new reversals are also posted so you can listen yourself, at:
Taken together, the entire group of reversals yield significant information. First, of course, Richard C. Hoagland's recent hypotheses about life currently existing on Mars, in addition to ancient ruins, are confirmed. Likewise, the unusual behavior of NASA with regard to the Martian region of Cydonia, and surprising NASA reversals found by David John Oates, are also highlighted.
Also of interest is the sense of alarm within the executive branch about the incident. Clearly, these particular craft are regarded as potentially hostile and significantly dangerous. The President appears to react as if he has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, and Sandy Berger's reversals hint at meetings or briefings on the incident. If there is any sort of arrangement between the U.S. government and the owners of these particular craft, it is an extremely uneasy one, at best.
And finally, we can assume that if the President's National Security Adviser has been told that these particular craft are from Mars, then this represents the best information from the highest levels of our various security agencies, including NSA, CIA and others who report to the National Security Council. Presumably, something in their configuration or flight characteristics is sufficient for accurate identification. This also means that these particular craft have been encountered before. They have either been observed on or near Mars, tracked by radar to or from Mars, or in some way simply announced that Mars is their origin.
We have always wanted confirmation from the government, and now we have it from the highest level. Granted, it's coming through an unusual and new technology, but there it is. Welcome to the new millennium!
Ken Welch