Ed Mitchell's Apollo UFO
Refutation Backed By
Montana UFO Witness
By Robert A.M. Stephens <>
Note - Mr. Stephens has been reporting and describing the stunning UFO sightings near Ronan, Montana for the past several weeks. We received the following commentary from him regarding former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's recent refutation of the numerous statements, widely circulated on the internet, allegedly made by Apollo astronauts regarding sightings of UFOs and other anomalous objects during their missions.
For what its worth and not knowing Ed Mitchell but knowing so many of the others from Gemini on up, Mr. Mitchell is categorically correct in assessing the online sites are false, wherein astronauts from the Apollo era are said, and quoted, to have seen all sorts of phenomena regarding alien craft on the moon and such.
A contractor for NASA for 19 years working on Shuttle Documentation, and only recently involved/introduced to the UFO Culture online due to my recent reporting of the Montana UFO (10-16-1998 to current) I am compelled to confirm Mr. Mitchell's assessment in great measure, unquestionably.
Please consult Mr. Mitchell on anything and everything herein stated as immutable fact by myself, and protocols thus instituted by NASA during flight mission verbal interchange from space craft to CAPCOM.
1. Never has there ever been the exchanges between CAPCOM Houston and the space craft during or since the early era (Apollo) as claimed in the referenced exchanges. The flight crew does not ever talk in the fabricated fashion as listed on the various web sites that claim such. They do not talk in astonished tones, they do not refer to other spacecraft or anything in any realm of the mission as 'babies', they do not inflect emotion as in a movie. They report and acknowledge what is happening. They do not talk in code. They do not and have not ever referred to anomalous things, if any, by the moniker 'Santa Claus.'
2. Knowing Glenn, Cooper, Armstrong as people and astronauts caused me chagrin when I first ran across the web pages that had transcripts and other false data claiming these same astronauts were inundated with 'bogeys' all over the moon, and reported such as would startled school children. I realized these claims were serious and not jokes---sadly, though, fake in origin. But then, the latter seems to be a recurring thread at the various UFO sites online.
3. Communication between the space craft and Houston is conducted in the acronym-laced vernacular inherent within NASA. There is no contracted frivolous speech. These people are doing a daunting task which relies solely on some form of professional protocol.
4. It would have been impossible to intercept spacecraft/CAPCOM communication on HAM bands at the time of the Apollo 11 mission without extremely expensive and very powerful equipment---far beyond what the civilian populace could have legally had or afforded.
5. Armstrong is a very private individual and other than a very vague involvement in the Rogers Commission (Post Challenger Investigation) he does not and has not been interviewed as stated on the same web pages. He does not speak this way and he would never, ever make statements as has been portrayed.
6. NASA is not, does not, actively attempt to hide or otherwise delude the public. The only thing that ever came close to some sort of behavior that would be classed as 'filtering' information that the agency could unquestionably be called to task for is the behavior by some within NASA right after, and for the next several months relating to, the Challenger failure. But to be fair, having lost my dear friend and associate, astronaut Judith Resnik on board mission 51-L, I can say the whole affair was a nightmare for everyone that was affiliated with the agency at the time.
7. Unless data is forthcoming, I question any hidden or other slanted agenda regarding UFOs. NASA is as vexed by this phenomenon as everyone else. I believe Mr. Mitchell will confirm this. The only incident whereby NASA would not divulge data would be on orders from higher offices. This I cannot respond to, as I do not know.
8. Anomalous sightings that have been reported or logged by mission crews are just that: strange things observed in a new frontier.
9. Fabricating information seems to be the bane of the UFO culture to date. From secret people working at secret sites and then going public after only a weeks' employment, etc, all lend to the same format: falsehoods laced with delusions.
10. And lastly, and Mr. Mitchell can also confirm this, had any of our astronauts seen anything on the moon untoward they would have been of a nature, or ordered by CAPCOM, like the rest of NASA then and now, to swing the cameras toward the anomaly and then adhere to the concept of whatever the outcome would be as "let 'er rip."
And folks, keep in mind, please, it is NASA who is launching, orbiting, an landing, the world's first and only verifiable true space ship: The Space Shuttle. It is launched vertically from the Kennedy Space Center from either Pad 39-A or B. For 8 minutes it rides up as a rocket.
After orbital insertion it translates over to an orbiting space craft. Upon reentry, after untold Earth orbits lasting as much as two weeks and longer, it translates again into a 102 ton unpowered Delta wing glider bringing itself, crew, and untold treasure back from outer space in the form of knowledge that is oft times beyond our paucity to grasp at first.
The Space Shuttle [Orbiter] is the most complex, strange, wonderful, and advanced artificial object on Earth at this time built by man. It is a product of the smallest and least funded of all government agencies. And remember: it is yours. Something way outside the norm you can sink your teeth in, and your mind into.
The above wonders are in real time, people, with us now. Every scrap of data about this unusual thing is free at any NASA center in the nation for the asking. You could do far worse than to begin your Odyssey into the UFO phenomenon by learning a little about something so outrageous, so compelling, that is being used, flown and is a known reality, right here before our very eyes: the Shuttle.
Now, would this agency, this group of fellow normal human beings, Americans in fact, who do this wonderful thing, be the ones who would then deceive about something they are involved with everyday: Space?
To substantiate this, it is NASA who has SETI. It is NASA who has just opened the 'Advanced Breakthrough Propulsion Physics' office headed up by Mark Millus, involved with faster than light space travel, time shift manipulation, worm hole study for transportation, warp travel, etc. Any agency of free people (NASA is a civilian agency) that is involved with these type of things are not prone to hide every anomaly of unknown character when involved with something so cutting edge, and so outside the pale, as space flight.
From here on out it seems prudent that (after seeing what I have seen on the various UFO web sites over the last three weeks since reporting the Montana UFO sighting) anyone who: makes a claim about anything relating to space, UFOs, or 'messages from beyond' that are then predictive of some strange event (only to be proven false a few months later) which come from places unheard of; cannot even defend the very terminology they use; or, of anything that pertains to Area 51, element 115, secret this and secret that; who in any way alludes to some nebulous data of any sort that is cause for mystery without cause...should not be acknowledged. It is that simple---if such cannot be substantiated.
Charlatans abound.
Facts are facts. There is enough enigma with the UFO phenomenon without the falsehood, lies, and hyperbole that is current in the culture.
Get a grip folks.
Example: In being asked to report on the ongoing sighting of the Montana UFO, I have stated: my name, my resume, my background, my contact and phone numbers at NASA, my background with the U.S. Navy SEALs, my email address and my phone number for those who have asked, the Sheriff's office that is involved in the county where the sightings are taking place, the newspaper's names and phone numbers that have reported the event, and the names and phone numbers of civilian witnesses to this event. I have listed the NORAD/Fence Protocol listings for this sighting event. Two TV stations who have contacted me took my references to task and all of them checked out to the letter.
And I'm not even a 'UFO person.'
You, me, and all the rest should expect no less. If it is: vague and undefined for truth; metaphysical mumbo jumbo; esoteric; rings crazy; is founded on nothing but conjecture; heresy and alluding; 'feelings' over fact, etc.,...chuck it.
We got a real problem among us folks: we are being visited, and to all those globally with documented implants within their bodies of unknown construct, and for all those millions who are seeing things in the skies not of this world, to them we are even being invaded. That is the issue people. That is the mission to pursue and solve. No more, no less. Let the folks who claim what they claim fade away.
Adhere to what can be verified.
And for those that are of mind to reach out to possibles with some basic science and some very esoteric research that could be answers to alot of what is happening consult the work of Dr. Greer in West Virgina. Brillant stuff.
Then, perhaps with diligence, a little professionalism, common sense laced with base logic and a little genuine science mixed in with compassion less some near theological fanaticism, we may just solve this enigma of what is actually happening to us.
I am and remain,
Robert A.M. Stephens
Contractor, NASA
Shuttle Documentation Program
St. Ignatius, Montana
(ref: Mauk/ Code: PA/PIB/VIC-KSC/NASA)
Good work, Jeff and thanks again.
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 15:04:09 -0600
From: Chris <
Subject: In response to the Montana Witness.
Dear Sir,
I feel I must speak up as the article where the Montana witness backs up Edgar Mitchell contains at least one inaccurate statement. I do not know how many will remember this but think back to when Hubble was fixed. We were seeing live transmissions. We see a small white dot shoot off 90 degrees into space after a flash in the atmosphere and suddenly the transmission cut to inside the shuttle. There we saw a crewman with his face againt a viewport....this crewman said something to the effect "My god you have to see this!"...The picture then quickly switched to Mission control. After that point there were no more "live" feeds everything went to mission control was filtered and then sent back out to the public. These changes were to the best of my recollection reported in major papers at the time. I do know for a fact because I saw it that the crewman did exclaim in a normal human way that he was seeing something awe inspiring. Maybe it was his first mission and he was looking at Earth. I don't know but I know he said something like what has been stated. Also as for if Apollo had seen things on the moon..well I think he forgets one very important thing. There was a Presidential committee formed to review exactly how it should be handled if artifacts were found on the moon. That committee's recommendations were "Don't tell the public". This is the guuidlines the missions worked under. I will do some digging to get the name of the committee and such if needed . Keep in mind I am going on things I recall from many years ago so specifics are a bit lacking.

Regarding the 'Response' at the bottom of my refutation confirmation on Ed Mitchell's own refutations on bogeys seen by astronauts by someone unknown by the name of 'Chris'.
In sum, this mail is 'case in point' for everything I've stated above: No name, no email address, no facts, no dates, no mission number reference, no nothing. Just allegory laced in falsehoods. Incidentally, I have 'forgotten' nothing.
Again, for what it's worth: 1. the mission was STS-67 2. astronaut making the exclamation: PS-3, John Hargrave, age 38, Phd: physics 3. subject: Exclamation of the successful deployment of the HST solar generator flare panel after repair 4. arc of light as alleged: reaction control motor ionized particle egressing orbiter area along with elements of sewage, waste water, and other particulates that are in vicinity during normal mission operations.
(If you want see some really astounding UFOs, watch any of the NASA tapes of a mission whereby at the end there is so much anomlaous offal floating around the shuttle it must be moved slightly from its orbit by a few tens of yards to get away from the 'waste cloud' it ultimatley rides in lest all observations from within the orbiter be obscured. This is normal since the orbiter and everything it ejects from itself is weightless and stays with the orbiter during flight.)
Errata -
If the recorded video of HST repair/deployment is watched completely, CAPCOM (Houston) goes on to report and expanded on the astronaut's exclamation and what he is seeing. Tape is available for free plus P & H from: JSC/PIB/VIC, Mission Archive Database, NASA, Johnson Space Center, Houston, for the entire mission pre, during, and post flight data.
Conclusion -
Come on, people, get real.
Robert A.M. Stephens Contractor, NASA Shuttle Documentation Program