Black Helicopters Active
In Many Areas Of The US
From Joseph Trainor - Editor
UFO ROUNDUP Vol. 3, No. 30
Black helicopters were sighted last week in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. On Saturday, July 18, 1998, "an all-black helicopter with no markings" was seen by motorists just north of Madison (population 191,262), the state capital of Wisconsin. Also on Saturday, July 18, at 12:30 a.m., "three helicopters flew west to east over XPI's headquarters. 'The helicopters flew so low they knocked the power off the VCRs,' said Scott Leeper, who was inside the building" in Rockwell, North Carolina (population 1,598), a small town on Highway 52 about 130 miles (208 kilometers) southwest of Raleigh. XPI is a ufological investigation group closely affiliated with American UFO Newsletter. AUFON editor Stefan Duncan was not in the building at the time of the overflight. On Sunday, July 19, 1998, the solo black helicopter was seen again, this time south of Madison, Wis. Eyewitnesses said the pilot "flew a grid pattern over the area." The helicopter "remained in sighr for approximately ten minutes." On Monday, July 20, 1998, at 5:39 p.m., a single black AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter was spotted flying west above Interstate Highway 76 about two miles south of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (population 18406), a suburb of Philadelphia. Also on Monday, July 20, at about 2 p.m., a motorist on Interstate Highway 94, just west of Ann Arbor, Michigan, reported sighting "a black helicopter with no markings at all, just a few numbers on the tail (boom)." At least one Michigan helicopter was identified as belonging to the Michigan Air National Guard. While flying over the Thornapple River near Hastings, Michigan (population 6,549), the crew was searching for hidden marijuana fields when they spotted a man on the ground "shaking his fist" at them and "acting in a suspicious manner." When the man climbed into a truck and drove away, the ANG helicopter notified authorities and gave them a description of the vehicle. Police arrested the man, Mark Koernke, 41, also known as "Mark from Michigan," a militia spokesman and co-host of the radio talk show Intelligence Report. Koernke had been wanted by Michigan authorities for weeks on charges of assault and failure to appear in court. According to radio co-host John Stadtmiller, Koernke and another woman, Annie Dawson, were being held at the Washtenaw County Jail near Ann Arbor pending an upcoming court appearance. Hastings is on Michigan Highway 37 about 38 miles (61 kilometers) southwest of Lansing, the state capital. On Tuesday, July 21, 1998, a private pilot waiting to take off from Midway Airport, at the intersection of 55th Street and Cicero Road in Chicago, Illinois saw "three black helicopters parked out at the far end of the runway." On Thursday, July 23, 1998, AUFON editor Stefan Duncan reported seeing "a small black unmarked helicopter fly fast and low over the trees about 100 yards" from the XPI building in Rockwell, North Carolina. (See American UFO Newsletter #13 for 1998, the Grand Rapids, Michigan Free Press and the Battle Creek, Michigan Enquirer for July 22, 1998. Many thanks to all the readers who contributed reports to this story.) (Editor's Note: Mark Koernke's videotapes America In Peril 1 and 2 were among the items confiscated from the Heaven's Gate group's cache in Encino, California in late March 1997. See UFO Roundup, Volume 2, Number 13.)

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