Kelowna UFO Sighting

By Gavin McLeod of UFO*BC at
May 5 1998 was a clear Spring evening in Kelowna. Three adult members of a house were outside enjoying a the view of the sky. The sky was partially cloudy but quite bright due to the presence of the moon which was slightly bigger than half full.
Location of Sighting: British Columbia Canada

At approximately 10:05 P.M. their attention was drawn to a high flying jet aircraft travelling from west to east. It was low enough for them to hear the faint roar of the engines. One member of the group lowered his gaze and noticed a dark shape to the south of his position. He alerted the rest of the group and they all turned their attention to this object. At first they thought it might be an aircraft except for the fact that most aircraft in the area fly an east west route. Kelowna has relatively busy airport and these gentlemen were used to oberving aircraft arrivals and departures most of which pass directly over the house occupied by the trio. One of the gentlemen was formerly employed as a Ground Specialist at the Ottawa International Airport and was familiar with most aircraft.
They first observed the object as a dark triangular shape silhouetted against the bright night sky. They could not hear any noise from the object as it proceeded slowly past their position. They had the impression that the object was following the shoreline of Lake Okanagan as it travelled slowly from north to south. The size was described to be equal to that of a 737 jet aircraft viewed from one mile away. A soft white glow emanated from each corner of the underside of the object. The colour was reported to be flat black. As the object approached a position to the west of the group it seemed to change its course slightly to the west for between 5 and 10 seconds then turned back to its original course. At this point its apparent size was described as that of a football (Canadian I presume) held at arms length. The object proceeded north and gained in altitude as it approached Knox mountain. It passed out of sight over the western tip of Mt Knox. The entire sighting lasted approximately two minutes.
This report was compiled from independent depositions from two of the witnesses. The third witness declined due to fears of government interference. All three witnesses stated that although they do not know what it is they are absolutely certain that it was not a conventional aircraft.

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