Giants Return To Israel
By Belinda Goldsmith
Note - UFO Researcher, author, and journalist Barry Chamish is currently working on a new book dealing with the historic legend of giants in Israel, and the recently reported amazing sightings of this 'legend.' The following chapter is posted on 5-27-98 with the kind permission of Mr. Chamish. For further information please contact the author at <>.

by Barry Chamish

In November, 1994 I sent a summary of the UFO landings and giant sightings between April-July 1993 to the television show Sightings. By January, a Sightings crew was in place to record the incidents. As if the visitors knew about my plans, they returned after a long hiatus, just in time for Sightings to film some of the most convincing evidence of giants ever recorded. In late December, Yossi Torner photographed a huge, round, orange UFO hovering over Haifa, which was reproduced in the large circulation newspaper, Yediot Ahronot. I called him to try and receive the original print and he informed me, "Yediot returned my whole roll of film but said they lost the negative of the UFO. I think they're lying and it was confiscated from me." A week later, on the first Tuesday of 1995, Israel had an incident that must be included amongst the most powerful encounters of any nation. Herzl Consatini, the security chief of the village of Yatzitz, ten miles east of Rishon Letzion, heard an explosion which shook his friend Danny Ezra's house. He opened the front door to investigate and was confronted with, "a giant, three meters tall, wearing grey foily clothes. His face was hidden from view by an electronic-looking mist." Terrified, he slammed the door and told Ezra to look through his curtains. He took one glance and fainted. Herzl called the police, who were reluctant to believe him but nonetheless, arrived within twenty minutes. They found deep, mysterious tracks outside Ezra's house. Thinking that terrorists had infiltrated the village, dozens of army trackers and snipers were called in. The found 8.5 kilometers of totally unexplainable tracks. The tracks were made by shoes which dug 35 cm. into the hard soil at the sole, and between 5 and 10 at the heel. Later testing of the ground by the police suggested that the creature had to have weighed over a ton to make such deep tracks.
The tracks were made in twos but occasionally, a third round mark appeared between them. I guessed this was a walking stick of some kind. Sometimes the tracks were like a human gait, then there would be a twelve foot gap before the tracks began again. At times, the creature which made them, must have jumped or floated enormous distances. The tracks led army trackers to the village of Karmei Yosef, which had been the center of UFO activity the year before. There, unidentified red lights hovered above the village and one villager claimed the lights sent a blue beam at her through her bedroom window.
The trackers could make no guess at who or what made the prints in the ground, so the police called in the head of the regional office of the Nature Reserves Authority, who originally disclosed that the tracks were made by a camel. When it was revealed that the camel would have had to have been two-legged and wearing boots, he next guessed an antelope made the tracks. A flying antelope, it was noted. Finally, he admitted to Yediot Ahronot, "The tracks may well have been made by giants from outer space." I travelled to Yatzitz four days later and was joined by several dozen curiosity seekers. More than 10,000 Israelis would eventually arrive to see the giant tracks. I met Danny Ezra first and can only say, he seemed in a daze still. He was not forthcoming about his experience. Herzl Consantini was enjoying his new fame (that, too would end) and showed me his medical certificates. He was rushed to hospital the evening after his encounter with one gonad blown up "like a balloon." The doctor who signed the report wrote that the cause of the affliction was unknown but heavy doses of antibiotics brought down the swelling.
Herzl agreed to be filmed by Sightings and two young boys who had overheard the conversation told me they had something interesting to tell as well. The night after the incident, they had filmed a UFO over the village. The boys, Coby (13) and Itamar (11) Saadon filmed a white object, shaped like a child's spinning top darting like a moth in the sky. In the background, the family dog was barking wildly and the boys' mother told me, "You should see what's around his doghouse." We walked outside and saw a burnt circle of six ft. diameter around the dog's pen. A foam cushion within was melted by the heat yet there were no charcoals or anything hinting at fuel to be seen. "The dog has been terrified ever since," Coby explained.
Next to make headlines was the Gueta animal mutilations of Moshav Porat, two miles from Kadima. Rachel Gueta awoke and found her dog whining. Its eyes had been removed bloodlessly. Twenty minutes later it died. She proceeded to the sheep pen and saw all three sheep dead. Their cheeks had been shaved and a 2 cm hole dilled through the bone. All blood had been drained and the animals would not rot, even five months after being thrown in the local dump. Next she went to her chicken coop and found all 35 birds frozen dead in their roosts. There had been no panic among them at the time of death. Outside the coop was a 4.5 meter crop circle, typical of the Kadima wave of 1993. I phoned my producer at Sightings and told her the stories. She told me later she didn't believe me and there were discussions about cancelling the filming because of my unreliability. My faxing her newspaper reports of the one ton Yatzitz giant saved the project. And to this day, I think the aliens decided to help me out. After the Sightings crew began its filming, those otherworld forces provided us with almost live action.
On January 14, we visited Hanna Somech in Burgata. We were preceded by two days by a far more dramatic visitor. Hanna's daughter "felt" the presence of a giant watching over her bed and she ran the 100 yards from her house to her mother's where, "I held my mother's hands all night." The next morning they saw the circles from Hannah's house to her daughter's bedroom window. And so did we, two days later. I counted 18 circles big and small in the dark. Undoubtedly I missed some. There were counter-clockwise circles on the grass, in bushes and on high treetops. To cause a fraud, the trickster would have had to have hovered over twenty foot trees with a counter-rotating giant fan. The Sightings crew, incidentally, all skeptics about UFOs, grasped quickly enough that something as unexplainable as Yatzitz had occurred in Burgata.
Hanna related her encounter of June 1993 when she told a giant off for making her dog fly in the air and hurting it. (see Chapter Three). She told the interviewer that there was another incident when she had seen a craft floating outside her door. She related being called to "in my head" by name at different times. But perhaps most significant of all, she admitted that 25 years before she had been pregnant and the fetus disappeared with no medical explanation. She provided the name of the doctor who attended her and offered to present written documentation. She now believes the lost pregnancy was related to the current visitations. (Batya Shimon of Rishon Letzion became preganant after her July '93 encounter with a dozen giants. "There is no way it could have happened naturally," she insisted. On January 15, the giants or whoever or whatever again decided to help the Sightings project. A UFO was spotted over Kadima and in the morning a monster 18 meter circle was found. When we arrived, it was literally still warm. We put our hands within and they were covered in the red oil found during the 1993 wave. As usual silicon was discovered and it later tested 99.35% pure by the University of Manchester (England) Materials Science laboratory. All the evidence of 1993 was presented just when the film crew needed it most. And when the filming ended, so did the incidents at Kadima for many months.
Israeli ufologisu Zvi Bighest photographed the filming at the circle and when he developed the film later that day, something emerged that seemed to defy logic. In the background of the circle are two "beings" seemingly watching the humans examine their landing mark. None of us remembered the objects being there. But Doron Rotem noted that tractors were in the area and might have been passing by. The photos were examined, enlarged and published in numerous magazines including Fate, Magazin 2000 and UFO Universe. In each case, the editors ruled out any tractor shape and agreed that whatever they were, the two figures matched the bald, round-faced giants described by the witnesses. The giants had returned. And this time they chose to leave no doubt about their presence. They left miles of impossible boot tracks in hard mud, they swirled circles in tall trees, they produced a huge, hard-to-miss landing circle and they may have allowed themselves to be photographed.
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