Eyewitness Account Of
Huge Triangle Sighted
9-4-98 In New York State

Note - The name of the person filing this report is being kept confidential upon his request. The individual is known to Sightings as being highly competent and credible. _____________
This is what I saw tonight... from my terrace in Hartsdale, NY, at the border of White Plains, off North Central Park Avenue.
At approximately 10:05 PM, EDST (9-4-98), I saw an object described as follows...
Triangular shape as outlined by the bottom of the object, which was softly lit in an aluminum color. The soft glow did not appear to come from the object's lights, but rather appeared to be lit by the ambient light coming from the ground. As this does not seem possible at my location, meaning there is not sufficient light coming from the ground to illuminate an object in the sky. I would have to describe the triangular shaped object as glowing softly on it's own.
What attracted my attention first was hearing a low rumble coming from out of doors. From the sound, at first I thought it to be a helicopter, but the noise was not the chop-chop of that type of aircraft. It sounded much more like a low rumble.
I went out on my terrace to see what was making this unusual sound. My terrace faces north by northeast and I saw what appeared to be the huge object described above. I do know the temperature was about 64 degrees F. with partly cloudy skies. Visibility was (according to the local weather report, which I can verify) at least 7 miles. From my perspective, I did not require the binocs to see this object clearly. It was as described. The purpose of getting the glasses was to see if I could discern any greater detail, which I could not.
Anyway, I went out on the terrace and saw the object. After not believing my eyes, I ran in to get my 20X binocs. I was so excited that I had a terrible time steadying my hands, which were shaking so much I could barely get a bead on the object, so I braced them on the terrace railing. I saw the object due east of my location, moving in a northerly by slightly westerly direction.
The object had to have been huge. Holding my fist out at arms length, it was approximately that size. It appeared to be moving way too slow to be an aircraft ... it was traveling at the speed one would expect a small, fast blimp to be traveling.
IT appeared to be less than 5,000 feet up. I cannot imagine the object being much higher, it just seemed lower than that because it was so ... visible. Can't explain it any other way. For this object to be larger than a football field and going that slow, it had to be huge and it could not be an aircraft. Besides, after hearing that low rumble, which got me out on the terrace, I did not hear any sound when I got outside with my binoculars. And I was inside for less than five seconds.
The object had a number of lights visible. A bright red light which seemed to me to be at the trailing end of the craft, a bright white light on a leading edge and another bright white light at another end, both ahead of the red light and ahead of it, on either side. I saw an extremely bright blue-white strobe light flashing which looked as if it was in the center bottom of the object.
After the object, which was first sighted at about 55 degrees above the eastern horizon, got further out toward the North, I saw another white light come on (or become visible, I do not know which) towards the front of the object.
The object traveled in a straight line in a north by slightly northwesterly direction as described, very slowly. By the time it was close to about due north and perhaps less than 25 degrees above the northerly horizon, it went behind one of the condo buildings here, and I lost sight of the object.
I decided to call my wife and yelled out to her from the terrace, but she did not hear me. As I yelled out to her, I could hear my voice rebound off the four other buildings in this condo complex of five hundred families. You'd think one of these people would come out to see what the racket was, but I saw no one do that.
After the object left my sight, and I must reiterate here that I heard the low rumble for only about five seconds, then no sound at all during 90% of the sighting, after it left my sight I called the White Plains Airport and asked for the tower. Well, the first thing I asked was, "Has anyone reported anything unusual in the skies over Westchester this evening?"
Uh huh.
Since they seemed to find my question amusing, I then asked for the FAA. I was given a 718 area code number which I called. They seem to find my report even more amusing and suggested I call the local police.
I think not. I am well known as a volunteer here in the county, an expert in communications and with contacts in law enforcement. I was not going to call Greenburg police.
So I contacted MUFON in Texas who referred me to Lori Cerbone, the regional MUFON person in Verplank, NY.
As she was dead asleep, I gave my report to her husband, Ray ... an ex-police officer and fellow amateur radio operator.
End of report. ______________
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