Bizarre Chupacabras
Report From OZ

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Hi... I have been to a number of Chupacabra homepages, but I thought that I would tell my story to you. I live in Perth, Western Australia in the northern suburbs. It's a very comfortable lifestyle living in Perth. We have the freedom to travel vast amounts of distances, and once you've left the metropolitan area, populated areas are rare and far between. Perth is the most geographically isolated city in the world. Much of the surrounding area (98%) is bushland, much of it has never been visited or explored. If you look at a map of Western Australia, you will know what I mean.
Since I have had my drivers licence I have always made it my custom to leave the metro area of Perth and go driving to small towns. I like to drive long distances by myself or with a friend. I'm a country boy deep at heart, I guess that's what you could say. The usual driving destination is a small country town about one hour and twenty minutes north of Perth called Lancelin. We would always drive there and go surfing for the day, hit the local snack bar and then drive back to Perth. The drive is a long and comfortable drive with dense bushland on either side the whole way. There is very little traffic along this road, called the Great Northern Highway, the entire way.
Now that I have filled in some detail about the background of my story, it should be easier for you to picture the events that happened on the evening of 12th November 1997.
It was a rather cold night. It was the beginning of summer, but the air was still chilled and the moon was relatively full. I decided to drive to Lancelin by myself that evening, but a friend insisted that he come along, because he was bored and I had just had an argument with my mother (both pretty common occurrences). I loved to just escape and be with nothing but me and the road, and a dark, starry night. Oh, and Jimmy Barnes on the stereo. We left at about 8:15pm and started to make our way through the northern part of Wanneroo, up Wanneroo road and past Yanchep National Park. It was very dark and I had my lights on highbeam. We were both having a cigarette and listening to the radio when a kangaroo jumped straight in front of the car. It happens quite regularly around here, so I was kind of prepared for the impact. As kangaroos do, he stopped dead, and just stared straight into my headlights. I slammed on the brakes and stopped about five centimetres from his rigid body. He let out a snort and continued to jump across the road. Bastard. Scared the living shit out of both of us. I looked around, checked the rearview for any approaching cars and then just started to drive off.
Just as I pulled back onto the road from the gravel siding, I heard a squeal, like that of a wild pig. Pigs are pretty rare around the northern parts of Perth. I know there are hundreds of wild ones down south, but up this far? I doubt it. My friend heard the same thing and looked at me. I asked him if he wanted to have a look around and he said that if I got out of the car, he was going to blast whatever it was out there with a full 150 decibels of Jimmy Barnes. I told him not to be stupid and that I just wanted to see what was making the noise. I probably wouldn't even be able to see anything because it was so dark and there were no other lights around except for my own headlights and a small Maglite I had in my glovebox. I also have a Kershaw Army knife in there too. I grabbed the torch and the knife. My friend made the comment that I looked hungry and was going to catch us some dinner. Very funny.
I opened the door and listened carefully. All I could hear were the crickets and a shallow snorting sound, much like that of the kangaroo out of breath. I got to the bushes edge about 2 metres from the left side of the vehicle when I saw the most incredible thing I have ever seen. I was so shocked, and yet I was stunned and thought that I was seeing things. I froze solid and crouched to the ground with my knife ready and my torchcupped in my hand to block out the light. There in front of me, about 5 metres into the bush near a gum tree were two large red piercing eyes. They were about the size of half a tennis ball and were almost glowing, although parts of them were lighter than the rest, obviously from the moons reflection on the glassy surface of the eye. Next thing I remember, I heard the squeal again and the thing moved sideways about 3 metres andforward about 2 metres, placing it right where my highbeam headlights were lighting up the road ahead of us.
I knew my friend had seen it too as he was yelling at me to get back in the car and just get out of there. I walked back to my side of the car and got in. We wound up the windows and locked the doors. I turned down the stereo and we both were trying to figure out what it was. I could still see it ahead. It was just sitting there and moving its head up and down as if it had caught something and was eating it. There was absolute silence for about a minute before this thing started out to walk towards the roadside. It was kind of like being at the zoo, you know, viewing those deadly lions from some thick plated glass, knowing that you could pull faces at them without them getting you. I knew it couldn't see us because the lights were right in its eyes. As it emerged from the bush we just totally freaked out.
What we saw was nothing like we had ever seen, even on a television show. This thing had a hairy body, like that of a chimpanzee, all matted and stringy hair. It's head was pretty large - as was its teeth. I know that there is no fauna or animal of any type that has teeth of that size living in Australia, let alone Perth! It's large carnivore teeth hung over it's bottom lip and it's eyes were like embers in a fire. Even from inside the car, we could smell a horrible, sulphur like smell. It stunk like a mixture of blood and sweat with some sulphur mixed in - absolutely putrid. It kind of half walked, half stood, bobbing up and down as it went, as if sniffing the air. It never took it's eyes of the car. In it's mouth was part of a kangaroo, I would say it was the mate of the one we nearly hit - although the one we nearly hit got away. This thing had no tail, and large pointy ears. It was about 3 feet high when on all fours and about 5 feet when trying to stand up. One thing I did notice was that it had a rather pushed in nose, like that of a pug dog. It made the most horrible noises, squealing and then snorting like it was dying or something.
My friend whispered to me to just rev the hell out of the engine and drop the clutch and try and hit it. Since it was now eating its dinner on the road in front of my car, I thought this would be a good idea. Maybe I could do it. I slowly pushed the clutch in and pushed the gearstick into first. On the count of three, I revved it, dropped the clutch and the wheels spun. This thing just froze and starred straight at us. It looked up then, to the bush, and within a split second it leapt straight up - dinner and all. Almost as if it had springs for legs. I missed it totally but as I drove off, we looked in the rearvision mirror and saw it in the gum tree straight above where it had been on the road, still with it's dinner in its mouth!
Needless to say, we didn't stop again. That was enough for me. I have never spoken to anyone about this incident since it happened, as I have always thought that someone out there in the world wide web might be able to shed some light on what we saw that night. We don't talk about it at all because my friend became quite anxious about animals after that night. I am an animal friendly person who would do anything for animals of any sort. My friend thinks otherwise.
Thankyou for listening to my story. Everything that has been mentioned here is 100% true and accurate. If you can contact me with any information, my email address is (on file).
Please keep my name to yourself and do not post it with this story. Thanks mate.
(name on file)

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