Ghost Helicopter Draws
Attention To Wright
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Butler Search Turns Up No Crashed Chopper"
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From The Middletown Journal
By The Journal Staff
CAMDEN, Ohio - The Butler County Sheriff's Office received a report late Tuesday night of a helicopter downed in a cornfield along U.S. 127, but no wreckage was discovered despite an extensive search.
At about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday a truck driver received a CB message from the apparent pilot of a helicopter, who said he had crash-landed and was injured, Capt. Mike Grimes of the sheriff's office said.
The pilot gave his location as two miles south of Camden near U.S. 127 and asked the truck driver to contact Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. The truck driver also called the sheriff's office and an aerial search was launched Tuesday night, continuing into early Wednesday morning.
According to the sheriff's office, Wright-Patterson will neither confirm nor deny the existence of a helicopter in the area, but Dayton International Airport detected an emergency distress signal at about 10:15 p.m. that lasted almost 10 minutes.
Grimes said a farmer in Preble County also reported hearing a low- flying plane or helicopter at about 11 p.m.
At about 9 a.m. Wednesday, the Butler County Sheriff's helicopter and ground crews searched the area along the Butler-Preble County border. Authorities also searched a 10-mile radius between Camden and Somerville, but called off the search Wednesday afternoon.
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Additional Investigations and Comment
The fire department for the city of Eaton (937) 456-5361 in Preble County was contacted, and the receptionist explained that the initial reports of a downed helicopter were erroneous.
The receptionist informed that the Eaton fire department was never notified of the event, nor was their assistance requested in the search and rescue operation. The receptionist said that the search and rescue operation was conducted by the Preble County Sheriff's Department.
The search and rescue operation was reported on WKRC Channel 12 News in Cincinnati, but no mention of this event appeared in any other Cincinnati or Dayton, Ohio news media.
This report is strangely similar to a bizarre event which happened on November 29, 1996 in areas near Springboro, Ohio, 24-miles due East of Camden. The November, 1996 incident dealt with several interesting similarities to the Camden mystery copter mishap, including an ELT distress signal, audible sounds of a low-flying aircraft/crash and no trace of wreckage. The November, 1996 report also included an eyewitness description of a 'red circular light' which was seen near the time of an ELT signal announced to Dayton International Airport from headquarters in Langley, Virginia. For details on this incident, see:
In the most recent case, the account is further mystified by the plea from a helicopter pilot over the CB radio for the trucker to alert Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio (27.5-miles northeast).
Sept. 10, 1998 Kenny Young UFO Research