Col. Philip Corso Suffers
Near-Fatal Heart Attack
CNI News Vol.4 No.8
Now Recovering, Family Says; But Appearances Canceled

This story was prepared jointly by Deon Crosby of the Roswell International UFO Museum and CNI News, with the express knowledge and consent of the Philip Corso family. CNI News thanks Philip Corso, Jr. for providing additional information.]
Roswell, NM -- In a brief statement made to the Roswell International UFO Museum, the Philip Corso, Jr. family stated that on Tuesday, June 9, Philip Corso, Sr. suffered a severe heart attack. At that time, doctors stated that the attack resulted in 95% damage to the heart and that they feared Col. Corso would not recover. Corso is 83 years old.
Col. Philip Corso (U.S. Army, ret) is the author of the controversial 1997 best-seller "The Day After Roswell," in which he states that, during the course of his military duties, he personally saw an alien body, alien autopsy reports, pieces of wreckage and other evidence from a UFO that crashed near Roswell in 1947.
At last report, Col. Corso's condition was greatly improved. Doctors are somewhat baffled by Corso's unexpected recovery and will be watching him closely in the immediate future. (CNI News expects to gather more information on Corso's recovery and will report further details in the July 1, 1998 edition of the news.)
Phil Corso, Jr., in a conversation with Deon Crosby, Director of the International UFO Museum, stated that the entire Corso family would be retreating completely from public life, asking that anyone wishing to contact Col. Corso do so through the International UFO Museum in Roswell, NM. (see contact information below).
Col. Corso and the Corso family have been under considerable strain in recent months, as explained in a statement written by Col. Corso only days before his nearly fatal heart attack. That statement, sent to CNI News by Phil Corso, Jr., reads as follows:
"Certain elements have laid claim to all my future writings. They have involved me in legal proceedings. I will not foster on the world cheap sensationalism, half-truths, errors passed off as reality, etc. for the purpose of personal gain.
"The U.S. government and the Army have not attempted or even hinted to me not to make the truth on Roswell or UFOs that I possess known to the world. But other elements have stopped me, by using the courts. I will not under any condition put the knowledge I possess into their hands to exploit for their ends; so the story may never be told.
"I survive on my military retirement pay. It is not sufficient to live on and pay my legal fees, although my attorneys have been most tolerant. I have not received any royalties from "The Day After Roswell" and as such cannot continue my work because of the heavy financial burden.
"Therefore, I wish to establish the Col. Philip J. Corso Legal Fund. All donations and questions may be referred to [my attorney, Deborah L. Taylor. See further information below].
"I wish to add that I have received [speaking] invitations from Italy-San Marino (accepted expenses only), China-Beijing UFO Research Organization, Moscow, England, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, France and numerous scientific organizations worldwide and in the United States. I have not been able to accept because of possible legal implications by those that wish to exploit the situation. They have even involved my family into the fracas and legal matters." [end Col. Corso's text]
The International UFO Museum will post regular updates on Corso's condition on their website,, beginning June 18. Due to the circumstances, Col. Corso has canceled all future public speaking engagements. Corso was scheduled to speak during the Roswell UFO Encounter '98 Lecture Series taking place July 3-5. Individuals wishing to receive refunds for those tickets are asked to contact the Museum. CNI News editor Michael Lindemann will be speaking in place of Col. Corso.
To contact Col. Philip Corso or the Phil Corso, Jr. family, please direct all requests to the International UFO Museum, Attn: Phil Corso, PO Box 2221, Roswell, NM 88202; by phone (505) 625-9495 or fax (505) 625-1907. Email messages will be delivered to Phil Corso through Crosby's email: Get-well messages are welcome and encouraged by the Museum staff.
Questions specifically regarding the Col. Philip J. Corso Legal Fund may be directed to Deborah L. Taylor, Attorney at Law, Wilner & Taylor, Wedge International Tower, 1415 Louisiana Suite 4175, Houston, Texas 77002.
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