UFO Mid-Air Crash Said
Videotaped In Israel
By Barry Chamish
Yet another landmark event in the eleven year long Israeli UFO wave has taken place. In what appears to be a historical first, a mid-air crash between two UFOs has been video-taped.
On 28/9/95, Spasso Maximovitch noticed an unexplainable object in the skies over Rosh Haayin in central Israel. He grabbed his video camera and captured a silvery, glowing object become, two, three and then four fiery orbs, in a near square formation, over a wide expanse of the northwestern sky. After this incident, Mr. Maximovitch became a constant skywatcher. His dilgence was rewarded on 24/6/96 when a similar silvery orb appeared in the lower western sky. He trained his video camera on the orb...
And then a glowing white oval-shaped object appeared some 20 degrees west of the object and streaked toward it at high speed. Within three seconds it struck the stationary orb, causing a huge explosion in the sky which must have destroyed both objects. Stunned, Maximovitch stopped filming immediately after capturing the explosion. He privately turned over the two films to journalist David Ronen and I acquired copies. Ronen, who for three years had his own UFO column in a weekend magazine owned by the newspaper Maariv, got the ax two months ago. People with UFO experiences still seek him out and he is free to utilize their material, some of it he hopes will be included in a film project he is involved with.
However, the vast bulk of the videotapes, photos and testimonies are the property of Maariv and are being stored in a safe within the newspaper's headquarters. To his utter frustration, Ronen has, so far, not been given free access to the invaluable documentation. If the Maximovitch tapes are any indication of what Maariv is holding back, the full story of Israel's UFO wave is far more dramatic than currently believed. I have sent the two Maximovitch tapes to Union Skyline Pictures of London for examination and possible inclusion in their upcoming three part series Riddle Of The Skies, which will be broadcast by Channel Four in the UK and RTL in Germany. A stumbling block has been encountered, however: Maximovitch cannot be located for permission to release his tapes for the series. Nonetheless, numerous Israeli videotapers of UFOs have agreed to allow their films to appear in the series.
They include, Ehud Baraban, who taped a stunning triangular formation over Tel Aviv, Adrian Gvir, who captured a colorful triangular craft over Rishon Letzion, Gil Bar, who taped an F-16 chasing a UFO over the daylight skies of Rishon Letzion, Rafi Malka, responsible for Israel's first UFO videotape in 1988, of a large craft with numerous lights over Haifa, the Shuah family, who caught a closeup of what appears to be a multi-vent UFO energy system over Kibbutz Hatzor and Nahum Shomroni, who, in November '97, recorded on tape an invasion of black, sponge-shaped craft over Tel Aviv in mid-day. With or without the explosion over Rosh Haayin, the Israeli segment of the series will be exciting.
Whether included by Union Skyline or not, I will present the Rosh Haayin mid-air crash (or possibly deliberate destruction) of the two unidentified objects to experts in our field or at conferences. It is my opinion that this tape is an invaluable record of a most mysterious event.
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