National UFO Reporting Center

June 96 Reports

Courtesy of National UFO Reporting Center

6/1/96 22:45 Concord, CA Man sees solid, red "satellite" moving E to W. Obj. suddenly joined by 2nd obj., then 3rd. All turn south, 2x wink out, 3rd goes N.  
6/3/96 18:30 Oglethorpe, GA Rept. from MUFON: 13x adults witness large craft, "like two turtle shells joined together." 30x50 feet. Gray top, beige bottom.  
6/3/96 20:00 Gaithersburg, MD Wife, husband, son witness 3 peculiar objs. in sky. Bright, strobing lights on black, cyl.-shaped craft. No wings. 1 ascends vert.!  
6/4/96 21:00 Scottsdale, AZ Man witnesses a large, bright white "ball of light" pass overhead very fast. Not a satellite, he thought.  
6/5/96 22:00 Jackson, OH Family immense, peculiar obj. roar overhead; sound like "C-47." Green lights down 1 side; accompanied by "white lights." Low alt.  
6/5/96 23:30 Lancaster, SC Man, wife, & son witness very bright obj. in night sky near moon. Obj. reptd. to move "a fist's width across sky." (Planet or star?)  
6/7/96 2:20 Palmdale, CA Woman and husband witness very bright light moving across night sky. Obj. turns, at which couple sees a solid, strobing light nearby.  
6/8/96 21:30 Granite Falls, WA WA/MUFON member relays report: Man repts. witnessing a brightly lighted, white spherical object near town. (Facts not complete.)  
6/9/96 5:00 Banning, CA Young woman on Hwy. I-10 watches bright light for 40 miles. Light turns slate gray, or black, changes shape. Suddenly disintegrates!  
6/12/96 12:15 Seattle, WA Two young men, unloading van, see 3x pinpoints of light streak directly overhead. Arranged in a triangular shape.  
6/12/96 21:00 Seattle, WA Couple see brilliantly bright orb in NNW sky descend vertically. Obj. had fuzzy edges; descended very fast. "Like burning magnesium."  
6/15/96 3:05 Boise, ID Two boys skateboarding & photographing w/ camcorder capture multiple, bizarre objs. on film. Some cone-shaped, others round.  
6/16/96 1:30 Moses Lake, WA Young man sees 2x "octagons with cuts in sides" pass overhead to the W. Unusual type of flight--very smooth, gliding motion.  
6/17/96 0:05 North Delta, BC Man sees a bright "landing light" approaching from behind trees. Obj. accelerates phenomenally and is gone in 10 seconds. No sound.  
6/17/96 16:00 San Diego, CA Man witnesses a tiny, very bright obj. moving across sky. Obj. gains alt., brightens, remains motionless 20 min. Suddenly disappears.  
6/19/96 1:00 Seattle, WA In response to news article, young man repts. blue-green fireball in W sky. Very bright. Suddenly "disintegrated" near horizon.  
6/19/96 1:05 Bremerton, WA Man calls to rept. having just seen a "green glowing orb shoot across the sky, S to N." Apparently, hit mtns., then a huge flash.  
6/19/96 1:05 Bremerton, WA Young man repts. a large green ball of light hitting the Olympic Mtns. to the W. Immense flash after obj. disappeared behind horizon.  
6/20/96 Oakley, CA Woman (anonymous) repts. seeing large, flashing light above her car. Obj. had red and white, sporadically flashing lights on it.  
6/20/96 Snohomish, WA Snohomish police officer calls to report UFO reports radioed to 9-1-1 dispatch facility. (No further data conveyed.)  
6/20/96 2:00 Renton, WA Woman calls to report a large flash in the night sky. (No follow up rept.)  
6/20/96 12:12 Prince Rupert, BC Man takes 4 photos and video of "parachute" shaped object receding slowly to NW.  
6/20/96 12:12 Prince Rupert, BC Man's dog begins to bark; man sees "parachute" descending. Suddenly, object flashes bright light several times, then just disappears.  
6/20/96 22:00 N. Ft. Meyers, FL Point of light (" star") moves incredibly fast across sky. Witness does not believe it was shooting star due to speed and trajectory.  
6/21/96 3:20 Palm Springs, CA Couple witness huge, oval-shaped bright light. Obj. was partially transparent; lights on inside. Obj. released smaller red lights!  
6/22/96 23:15 Garland, TX 4x adults, children, witness 5x bizarre objs. pass overhead at high speed,separated by 40 sec. intervals. 3x pulsing lights on bottom.  
6/23/96 11:00 Cascade Mtns., WA Man calls to report that son had witnessed a blue-green orb hit side of mountain. No sound. Follow up visit reveals no damage.  
6/23/96 19:30 Santa Paula, CA Couple in jacuzzi witness approx. 8x bright night sky. Two of objs. flare up, the group begins moving, then all disappear.  
6/24/96 0:30 Aurora, CO Obj. hovered 100 ft above car. Red, blue lights on corners. Changed shape from cube to pyramid to triangle. Landed 800 ft away.  
6/24/96 22:30 Redmond, WA 2 craft seen. 1st like plane w/ 5 colored lights, strobe on 2nd. 1st craft ascends till it seems as a star. 2nd cont's across sky.  
6/27/96 3:37 Clinton, CT Witness saw 4 white objects. 2 were zigzagging back and forth, in a N to S and S to N direction. Other 2 intersected each other.  
6/28/96 3:00 Baltimore, MD Man views "huge" cigar shaped craft thru binoculars. Obj wavers revealing more saucer-like structure. Lit by moon. No lights.  
6/28/96 22:00 Walled Lake, MI Blinking light moved W to E. Faded out, came back, dropped "real quick" when plane approached, then went back up behind it.  
6/29/96 22:00 East Providence, RI Very bright white obj. changes shape from circle to oval. 1/3 apparent diam of moon at closest approach. Blinking lights at top.  
6/29/96 23:47 Nacadoches, TX Blinking white, green and orange (rotating?) lights w/ orange trail moved across sky. Witness is mil. pilot - says not standard a/c.  
6/30/96 22:00 Chicago, IL Witness reports UFO's over city all week. FAA indicates multiple reports. Closest appeared oval shaped, metallic w/ strobe.