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UFOs Back To 9th,
10th, 11th Centuries
The International Peacemaker Project together with the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific UFO Hotline, wish's to advise that at 0900 UTC 23 Oct 97. "Voice of Russia" transmitted the following story on UFO reports and sightings in Russia. Copies of this recording will be able to soon be heard on the IPP -National UFO Hotline's site. ....
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Hree is a transcript of the Voice Of Russia broadcast:
BORIS BELITSKY Science a s Engineering 23 OCT 1997 0900 UTC.. MISS ESTHER WINTERS is the Interviewer.
ESTHER WINTERS; Now, we have to turn to another subject, and we keep getting letters about "unidentified flying objects, yes UFOs". (Note: this line of interest was started by Ross Dowe in Australia some months ago).
The latest questions on this subject (N/A). So tell us first of all, Boris, when the first UFOs were spotted over Russia! Now, we, all know that Umm, say in the United States the first reports of flying saucers, as they were "dubbed" on that occasion, came in 1947, and that was when a group of rapidly moving glistening objects were observed from the air in daytime near Mount Rainier, Washington. Now, what about Russia? Are UFOs a relatively a new phenomenon here?
BELITSKY; Oh, no! This is evident from recently declassified documents of the Russian Ministry of The Interior which inherited documents of the Russian Imperial Ministry of The Interior, dating back to the beginning of the past century. Now, among those documents there is a very unusual report to the Tsar from his Third Department of The Chancellery, as the government's secret police was known in those days.
ESTHER WINTERS; And what is unusual about this report, Boris?
BELITSKY; It describes certain extraordinary light effects observed in the sky by the inhabitants, the police and military in the city of Oreanburge on the night of December 26, 1830. The observations amount to what today we would call a typical UFO sighting!
ESTHER WINTERS; But surely this wasn't the only report of this kind in the archive of the Tsar's secret police, was it, Boris?
BELITSKY; No, it wasn't. There were others, too. A similar sighting was reported from the city of Ushtuge in Central Russia on January 30th , 1844, and still other reports are dated 1846 and 1847. In short UFOs appear to have been sighted over Russia as far back as the first half of the past century.
ESTHER WINTERS; Boris, excuse me for interrupting, but this isn't a case of the Russian claming to be first in yet another area, which was so common in the recent past?
BELITSKY; Oh, no! Russian ufologists readily accept that UFOs were sighted long, long before that. A Russian history of UFO sightings, arr... refers to sightings in Norway in the ninth century, in Ireland in the tenth century, and in England in the twelfth century. Not to mention a large number of later sightings in the fourteenth century, the fifteenth and the sixteenth..
ESTHER WINTERS; Boris, to return to more recent times. Now, the UFO craze in our century, as we said, began soon after the Second World War with a sighting near Mount Rainier in the United States. What was the reaction of, official Moscow, though, to that report?
BELITSKY; Well, of course you have to remember that the cold war had already begun, in fact it was well under way, and the Soviet reaction was therefore quite predictable. A Radio Moscow broadcast at the time, dismissed the American report by declaring: "The American imperialists have invented some silly nonsense with a view to further their war-mongering aims, intimidating taxpayers and the Congress, so as to quickly secure approval for an exorbitant military budget".
ESTHER WINTERS; (Humor) Maybe this is true Boris,,.. Tell us! Were there other similar reactions in other Soviet media?
BELITSKY; For a number of years there was total silence on the subject. It was completely taboo.. Then in 1961 on January 8th came a salvo from the Communist party's biggest caliber guns, the newspaper PravDA echoed by the newspaper Komsomolska PravDa PravDA printed a definitive article on the subject under the heading "The Myth Of Flying Saucers". The article was an interview with the prominent Soviet physicist Lev Archimovitch. The physicist "pooh-poohed" the whole idea of UFOs as optical illusions, and condemned their exploitation by unscrupulous individuals.
ESTHER WINTERS; Has he been supported by, investigations since en,.... since then well Boris?
BELITSKY; To a very large extent, yes. The vast majority of so-called UFO sightings has been identified as either effects caused by space launchings or unconventional aircraft, or aircraft under uncommon weather conditions, or aircraft with unusual light patterns, or meteorological and other high altitude balloons,,, or flocks of birds, or reflections of searchlights off clouds, or similar optical illusions.... Some sightings have also been attributed to psychological factors.
ESTHER WINTERS; Psychological factors - now, what do you mean by psychological factors quite frankly, Boris?
BELITSKY; Well, it seems that in some cases flying saucers serve to replace gods whom science has deposed. With their distant and exotic origins and their pseudo-scientific associations, UFOs appear welcome to some people,, who reject traditional religious frameworks and yet need some article of faith.
ESTHER WINTERS; Boris, you said that the vast majority of UFO sightings have been identified as being due to natural causes. What about the remaining minority, though?
BELITSKY; It's true. There is a small minority of sightings that so far defy such explanation. But that of course is not proof of their extraterrestrial origin. It's merely an argument in support of further studies of this at times baffling subject.....
--------------------- Next week The National UFO Hotline will have some more interesting facts to report on current world developments in this area, stay IPP new and Jeff Rense's Sightings on the Radio.... Regards Ross Dowe....

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