The Latest Deliberate
Israeli ET Hoax
By Barry Chamish
I thought when I announced that the "alien body" body "found" in Israel was a hoax, that would be the end of matters, However, the same day I received a number of requests to explain what happened. So here goes:
On the morning of November 8, Mazal Maman who lives in a Galilee moshav, went digging for fertilizer and found a small plastic "ET" doll in the ground. It was in the ground long enough to rub out the coloring, so it lost it's doll-like appearance and she thought she found a corpse.
She called a government-owned radio station and police to report her discovery. Within half an hour, a reporter from Maariv named Avi Ashkenazi reacted and made an appointment to see her. He spent almost a full day in her home. Shortly after, the Second Television Channel sent a crew out to her home. That day, the evening news program of Channel Two, hosted by Gadi Sukenik, broke the story of the "corpse." The next day, Maariv featured a photo of the "body" on its front page with a prominent story by Ashkenazi. The media circus was now in full swing with numerous networks and reporters making pilgrammages to Mazal's home. One of the first to arrive was David Ronen, Maariv's resident UFO reporter.
After a full year in which Israelis filmed some of the most convincing UFO footage in the world, in December of 1996, Ronen and Ashkenazi broke the story of another "alien" corpse, found in another northern village called Achiud. Ultimately, testing of this "alien" in England by the UFO organization BUFORA proved it had the same carbon level as a frog or lizard. The embarassment to legitimate Israeli UFO research was profound. However, this was not enough for Maariv or Channel Two. Also in December 1996, a "mystic" named Edna Harar predicted, at a UFO conference held in Eilat, that the aliens would land in Tel Aviv on the evening of Jan. 4, 1997. Somehow, this nonsense became front page news in Maariv, and Channel Two devoted almost a full evening of its programming to await the arrival of the "spacemen". While Maariv and Channel Two ignore the many highly proven UFO incidents in the country, they are less than amazingly open to publicizing frauds in the most blatant manner possible. Between Achiud and the phoney alien arrival, the subject of the very real wave of Israeli UFO sightings and encounters became a joke, with the discoverers of the "alien," the Damti family of Achiud, the primary butt of the laughs. However, David Ronen, a sincere but naive reporter, did not understand the humor, and arranged to have the Achiud frog tested by state pathologist Yehuda Hiss. He determined that DNA testing proved this amphibian was not of this world.
And now I intercede with my own experience of an unrelated issue: the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. By the summer of 1996, I had found police laboratory results that totally contradicted the government's version of the murder and clearly indicated that the General Security Services (Shabak) were deeply involved in the assassination. I presented these results in a series of lectures which planted widespread doubts that the convicted assassin of Rabin could have done the deed.
In October 1996, Channel Two's Friday Evening Magazine, hosted by Sukenik, interviewed me under the pretense of "showing the contradictions between the government's conclusions of the Rabin assassination and your discoveries." The show that was broadcast claimed I was a "right wing fanatic," not much different than "a Holocaust denier," and Sukenik arranged to have organizations which sponsored my lectures, cancel them. Meanwhile Ashkenazi published reports of my work which falsely accused the governing Likud party of secretly financing me. As for Yehuda Hiss, who attempted to keep the Achiud joke alive through Ronen, he was the state pathologist who changed Rabin's wounds to fit the government coverup of the truth.
In July, 1998, I gave a well-attended lecture on the Rabin assassination in Jerusalem. One of the attendees was the highly respected Jerusalem Post reporter Greer Faye Cashman. She surprised the audience by announcing, "Everyone knows that Gadi Sukenik is on the Shabak's payroll." In October, 1998, Gadi Sukenik's secretary and researcher, Sharon, called me several times promising to give national coverage to my new book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin (Feral House Books, Venice. CA). I decided to play along, thinking bad publicity was good if it helped sell the books. But I was mistaken. Sukenik's sole interest was in identifying bookstores selling the book and threatening them with national TV embarassment if they continued to do so.
There is a great deal in common with UFOs and the Rabin assassination. They are both state secrets and the same media personalities are being used to cover them up. Numerous naive people have been deeply hurt by this campaign to control Israeli public opinion. I was supposed to be one of the victims but I had the goods on the conspirators and ultimately prevailed. Mazal Maman was not so lucky. A very shaken Mazal called me the day after Channel Two exposed her "alien corpse" as a rubber doll. "Why did they make it such a big deal," she asked, "if they knew it was a doll all along?" I explained that because of her, no one who had a true UFO experience would dare publicize it out of fear of the kind of humiliation she had suffered. After Achiud, it was two years before anyone would admit publicly to a UFO encounter. After what the media did to her, it could take another half a decade.
A suggestion: Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin (Feral House) can be ordered at
Note - Our appreciation to our colleague, Barry Chamish, for staying on top of this story and alerting us immediately upon determining that it has turned out to be, in fact, a hoaxed non-event.
From Barry Chamish <
After a day's media circus which saw Israel's largest circulation newspaper and leading television news program feature the story as the lead event, the alien body turns out to be nothing. I apologise for believing the Israeli media and Mrs. Maman. I also attribute much of the hysteria to a media policy of demeaning serious ufology.
Barry Chamish
In the morning of November 9, Mazal Maman of Moshav Keren Ben Zimrah in the northern Galilee went digging for fertilizer. Just under the surface of the ground she found what appeared to be a human body, just 8 cm. in length. "It wasn't haped like an embryo, " she told me. "If it was two meters tall it would look like a human being." Except it has no sexual organs. Its face is human-like with protrusions instead of eye sockets and its hands and feet do not have five digits. Otherwise, it is human in its proportions and features.
This is the fourth report of miniature humanoid creatures found in Israel in the past two years. A green being found in Achihod two years ago made international headlines. However, blatant exploitation by two local pseudo-ufologists turned the media against the family which found the creature. Later testing in England showed the creature had the same carbon level as a lizard and this was assumed to have been the end of the case. Israeli testing by state pathologist Yehuda Hiss confused the issue when he found the animal's DNA to be of unknown origin. However Hiss is notorious for his role in two ugly coverups, the Rabin assassination and the mass kidnappings of babies in the 1950s and has little credibility left in the country.
A year later, a similar creature found in Yavne was tested at an Ashdod hospital (I have the report) and found to be "an organic body with biological characteristics not previously recorded." The finder would not identify himself, possibly frightened off by the ridicule ultimately suffered by the Achihod discoverers. Shortly after, another creature was found in Kfar Saba but I have no details of the event other than the fact that one reporter was contacted and sworn to keep the facts secret. The Maman creature is a different ballgame. It is totally intact. A police pathologist has confirmed that it is organic, it is not embryonic and not some sort of rubber doll. The discovery has become a huge media event in Israel.
I spoke to Mazal Maman and she appears to be a most level-headed woman. At my advice she will keep the entity in her freezer and not hand it over to anyone until she is absolutely confident of the consequences. She has offered me the opportunity of informing experts in the field of ufology about her discovery with the goal of having her creature tested without bias.