Brazil UFO Follows Bus
And Wows Passengers
Reporter: José Cleves
From "CGDAP - Coordenao-Geral de Desenvolvimento e
Acompanhamento de Projetos" <>
Ministrio da Cultura
Source: O ESTADO DE MINAS ,Belo Horizonte, MG,Brazil
Bus driver reports that the mysterious light appeared in the sky for almost two hours
A strange object with asymetrical form and an incandescent light, "very like a flying saucer", was seen in the first hours of yesterday (3-13-98) by the passengers of a bus that was traveling from Uberaba to Belo Horizonte. The object kept flying at a distance of two kilometers away from the vehicle and had a very strong light on its base, reports 42 year old Mauro Batista, the bus driver.
"It appeared about fifteen kilometers after Araxá and followed us for about one hour and forty-five minutes," the amazed driver reported. Other passengers (twenty) witnessed the event and are ready to talk about the strange adventure, according to Batista. "They felt amazed but nobody had a camera to document the sighting," he regrets.
Batista is a professional driver, with more than twenty years of experience on the roads, and says he has never had seen anything like it before. "In the beginning I thought it was an helicopter or something like that, but I soon realized it was something very odd," he stated.
Five of the passengers followed the adventure attentively, and stood most of time close to the front windshield from where they could see all the UFO manuvers perfectly. Batista tells that he blinked the bus lights several times expecting to get an answer (from the UFO) but didn't succeed.
Among the passengers were several skeptical ladies and gentlemen, but as the time passed, they started to believe it was something from another planet, Batista explained.
"It was an oval with a light at the base."
Resting on the sofa of his house, in a Belo Horizonte suburb, the amazed drive, Mauro Batista, tells of the strange adventure he had on the BR 622 road, in the moonlight before daybreak last Friday.
ESTADO DE MINAS- How did the object appear and how did the passengers reacted to it? MAURO BATISTA- I was crossing the bridge over the Rede Ferroviária railway, 15 kilometers away from Araxá. I saw a strong light coming out of a group of eucalyptus trees. I thought it was a a kind of radio antenna. EM: What did the object look like? MB: It was as big as half of an indoor soccer field (same as a basketball court). It had no definite shape. It was kind of oval and had a strong light on its base. EM: What were its movements like? MB: It came out from behind the trees and hovered right in front of me. There were times it changed its position. On two occasions, it approached the windshield. The light beams were so strong that nobody could see it properly. It was almost four o'clock in the morning and many passengers were asleep. I called some of them to view the object with me. The general comment was that is was really a flying saucer. EM: Did you get to have any contact (communication)? MB: At one point, I stopped the bus and switched off all lights. We heard no noise. The object hovered still right in front of the windshield. Then I started the bus and dashed away but it followed us. EM: How did it disappear? MB: On the hills near Luz. It was 4:45 in the morning. We saw the first lights of the town and the object just zoomed away and disappeared mysteriously. EM: Has anybody else seen the object? MB: We stopped some trucks and all drivers said they had seen it, too.
Note: Uberaba is one of the most important towns of Western Minas Gerais, renowned for cattle business, industries, etc. Araxá is famous for its mineral waters and its region holds one of the largest phosphate ore reserves in the world. Luz is a smaller town, eastward from Uberaba. Araxá and Uberaba are located in the "nose" of Minas Gerais state (see map) . The "nose" of Minas Gerais is known as "Triângulo Mineiro" or simply Tringulo (triangle). The O ESTADO DE MINAS newspaper is Belo Horizonte's leading newspaper. Strangely, no newspaper in Brazil reported the case. Seems they are no longer interested in "flying saucer" stories...

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