Crescent Shaped UFO
Sighted North of Dallas
From Newsgroups
Weird crescent-shaped UFOs and black helicopters have been playing a strange game of cat-and-mouse in the suburbs north of Dallas, Texas during the past month. On May 21, 1997, residents of a suburb known as The Colony spotted "a black, double-rotor helicopter (Boeing Vertol CH-47 Chinook--J.T.) flying low, making lots of noise and circling the pasture behind our house." On June 7, 1997, at around 9 p.m., Amy H. went out to her car and saw "a huge, yellow-orange cescent moon." After a brief drive around the block, she returned home and began sorting firewood. Then she "noticed it had started to eclipse and was rapidly shrinking...I went back to sorting my wood and then realized the moon just does NOT eclipse that fast.

I looked up again and the 'moon' was back in full crescent. So I stood there and watched it. It started 'eclipsing' again, and that's when I knew something was wrong." Amy ran indoors to fetch her videocamera, but when she returned, the "crescent moon" was gone. Days later, Amy spoke on the telephone with a family who had seen a similar UFO in northern Texas. No sooner had she finished speaking to the other witnesses than "a large, charcoal-colored military plane, a smaller plane right behind and a helicopter behind the smaller plane flew over my house at 4:15 p.m." The planes circled the house "while the helicopter flew to the northwest and circled the exact spot where I'd seen the crescent-shaped object on the (June) 6th... I filmed the helicopter as it flew in low, tight circles...It did this for about 20 minutes, flew off to the northwest, returned 10 minutes later and circled again for 20 minutes, then flew directly overhead and went south (towards Dallas)." On Friday, June 27, 1997, around 10:45 p.m., Amy and her daughter were in the backyard swimming pool, looking to the north and talking "when we saw a huge bright flash directly north of where we were looking. It lit up the entire area and half the sky. We were amazed by what we had just witnessed and thought it might have been a plane crashing, a meteor, an explosion or something really big blew up." "Within three to four minutes of this bright flash/ explosion, we saw a helicopter fly in from the northwest," Amy added.

"It began circling the area where we saw the flash/explosion and was shining two bright beams of light on the ground as if searching the area. I grabbed my videocamera and filmed it. It circled real low and shined the beams of light all over the area, would land over there for awhile, and then circle some more for about 20 minutes. Finally, it flew off to the northwest but returned about 10 to 15 minutes later and started circling and then landing with the beams of light on."

Reviewing the video, Amy noticed something odd. "At one point, I saw a little blinking light flying around out in the field, and it flew around, looped towards the helicopter light and disappeared. In playing the videotape back in slow motion, we found that the little blinking light goes directly up to the helicopter and seems to 'merge' with it. It really looks strange, so I am hoping to send the footage off for analysis." (Email Interview)

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