Cancer "Epidemic" Striking
Key UFO Researchers"
From Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

It is an extremely disturbing fact that a veritable "epidemic" of cancer has been striking hard at major figures in the effort to expose the UFO Cover-Up and the reality of extraterrestrial visitation. Victims of this improbable wave of deadly illness include: Apollo astronaut Gordon Cooper, Congressman Steve Schiff, CSETI's director and executive assistant Dr. Steven Greer and Shari Adamiak, MJ-12 insider tattler Dr. Michael Wolf, and Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.) of Project Pounce. What do they have in common? Astronaut Gordon Cooper went on national television last year and told about a UFO landing at Edwards Air Force Base while he was working there as an Air Force officer. Congressman Steve Schiff (R-NM) has been active in getting the Congressional GAO investigative unit to look into strangely-missing government records at Roswell Army Air Base covering the time around the recovery of a UFO in 1947. Dr. Steven Greer and his assistant, Shari Adamiak have been leading the effort to compel open Congressional Hearings featuring dozens of top-level military, intelligence and government officials witnesses to UFO and ET reality which CSETI has gathered. Dr. Michael Wolf has this past year granted interviews and publicized a book telling about his service on an elite scientific team of MJ-12, the supersecret organization conducting UFO information control, and taking public the disagreement within MJ-12 over whether the time has come to end the Cover-Up. Dr. Wolf also told of an outlaw faction within the Cover-Up which has been engaging in unauthorized shooting of Star wars weapons at UFOs. Colonel Steve Wilson has gone public on the Internet, posting MJ-12 insider documents, as well as revealing his activities within Project Pounce, retrieving downed UFOs and their ET occupants. The Colonel also has been identifying U.S. copycat antigravity craft now flying operationally into space, and piloted by secret Air Force military astronauts. Who doesn't want these activists to be talking about the unconstitutional UFO Cover-Up? Who wants to intimidate other future public witnesses against revealing yet further dirty secrets about clandestine units kidnapping, raping, torturing civilian experiencers and using narco- hypnosis to erase their memory, or to plant a false memory that their kidnapping was an "alien abduction". Who? That's right, the very people criminally involved in these "black operations". But they forget one factor when they try to silence these public heroes with cancer: the Law of Karma.


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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