Big California Sighting:
N.J. Woman Sees UFOs
In Field & Elsewhere
By George A. Filer
MUFON Eastern Director
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #17-1998
Bob Wilson reports in the Antelope Valley Press Staff Writer on April 25, 1998. ROSALIND Authorities say nothing was there, but about a dozen people who called the Valley Press Thursday night claimed something was. That something was described as a large craft lingering above the Albertson's grocery store at about 9:15 p.m. It made no noise, but its lights caused motorists to park and gawk, and some to call the newspaper. On Friday, Kern County deputies at the Rosamond sheriff's station, about a mile from the grocery store, said they had no reports of such sightings. Air Force Plant 42 spokeswoman Lorraine Sadler said she, too, had no information on the event. "And we have some military people that live in Rosamond, too," Sadler said. Edwards Air Force Base public information officer Gary Hatch said base operations reported no flights scheduled in that area at that time of night. The base's command post also had taken no reports of any craft, either known or unknown, in the area, Hatch said.
Calls about the object began flowing to the Valley Press shortly after 9:00 p.m., copy chief Jana Treece said. "After the first couple of calls, we all said, `Yeah, OK, sure' " Treece said. "But between about 9:15 and 11 p.m., we received a dozen calls from people who were either on their way to the Albertson's to do some shopping or who were eating at the nearby Taco Bell. "For the most part, everyone gave the same description," Treece said. That description was of a large object, not quite octagonal in shape, between 100 yards and 200 yards in length, with orange and yellow lights around its bottom surface. "One of the callers said cars were pulling off to the side of the road to check the object out," Treece said. Suggestions that the object was a helicopter blurred by windy, hazy weather conditions were discounted by those calling, she said. "Everyone said it was not a helicopter because there was no noise associated with it," Treece said. Of those who called, "I couldn't get anybody to leave a name," she said. While she and her coworkers occasionally field similar types of calls, "we don't get so many all on the same night and all calling about the same thing," she said. Hatch surmised the object could have been a helicopter with a lighted billboard attached to the bottom, akin to the ones that occasionally buzz the games of the Lancaster JetHawks baseball team. If the object really was 200 yards in length, "It would have been bigger than the Albertson's store," he said. Although the JetHawks were on the field Thursday evening, the field they were playing on was in Visalia.
Mitch Barker, public affairs specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration, also reported no information on the object. "We checked with our air-traffic control facilities, and there was nothing logged during that shift, so I don't know what to tell you," Barker said. However, it's possible that something in the sky over Rosamond might have been missed. "A lot of people think we have surveillance of the skies taking place at all times, but that's not true," Barker said. "Our people are looking at where the airplanes are actually flying and concentrating on keeping them apart." Thanks to Skywatch, Bill Hamilton and Jim Hickman jhickman@itlnet.
I have a report of a woman and her son have observed UFOs in a field near their home in the Mullica Hill area. They have been seeing UFOs in this field on a fairly regular basis. The mother is concerned because she has discovered circular round holes in her body. The scar is size of a dime. The holes are very similar and they have occurred over a period of may years. The first occurred in her arm, then her back and recently in her stomach. She visited her medical doctor to determine the cause of the holes or scoop marks. The Doctor is stumped by what could have caused the unusual wounds. She was asleep in bed each time the holes occurred, but she has no memory of anything unusual. There is nothing in the bed that would cause this kind of marks and there were no holes in her nightgown. All holes are on the left side of her body. The other members of the family do not have similar marks.
Ricardo Atristain, the MUFON State director for Virginia, reports: "Hello, I went to Fredericksburg today and spoke to Kate Bailey of the Free Lance Star newspaper. She said, she received numerous calls in response the sighting she published on 4/7/98. Four of the witnesses were Fredericksburg police officers. She threw most of the caller information away but was able to refer me to one person. His name is Robert Tolen and he granted us permission to use his name. I interviewed Mr. Tolen at his home in Spotsylvania, County. He gave the following account: At approximately 6:42 PM on April 3, 1998, he was in downtown Fredericksburg talking on a pay phone when the incident occurred. While on the phone, he noticed a bright green glow in the southern sky. He looked up and observed an egg shaped object with blue, green, and yellow flames shooting out of it's rear. He said it was solid and it's surface color was medium to dark Grey, similar to "Grey primer paint." It's surface did not reflect any light and there was no sound or visible vapor trail associated with the object. He estimated it's altitude to be between 900 to 1000 feet. The object was extremely fast and flew directly over him from south to north within four to five seconds. This object's description is not consistent with a meteor. Mr. Tolen said he also received a call from a local woman who reported seeing a similar object fly over her house about a week prior to his sighting. Also, he spoke with two other people from the Shannon Airport who witnessed a similar object on 4/3. I haven't completed the investigation yet, but I will keep you informed. I still have to interview the police officers, the woman, and the two people at the airport. Note: Ms. Bailey said she did receive a call from a person who observed a similar object while he was in Raleigh, NC on April 3. Unfortunately, she threw his information away. Regards, Rick
MUFON investigator John Thompson states: "I received a report of a saucer- shaped UFO hovering over a clover field near a stock pond near Stovall in southeastern Troup County. The UFO was seen by a passing motorist 400 yards from Wright Road on Monday, March 30, 1998. The witness stated, 'It was a round thing that had lights going round and round.' The motorist only saw it for a few seconds, before woods screened her view at 8:30 PM. Even though it took less than a minute to turn the car around the UFO was gone. The motorist then circled the area in her care trying to find the craft. It was just after dusk so there was enough light to see there was no farm machinery or other structures in the fields. This is the same exact spot where a daylight Valley type UFO was seen by a man and his son in April of 1996.
On April 1, 1998, at 7:10 PM a UFO described as looking like a huge flying dinner plate was reported ten miles north of LaGrange. A landowner about an hour later, several members of the family saw a bright white light in the NNE. This large non-blinking light, sat low on the horizon for several minutes. Getting a pair of binoculars the woman watched the bright stationary light, that was the size of Venus, for over a minute. While watching with binoculars it suddenly "zipped" to the east. Also on April 1, at 8:20 PM, John Thompson took a call from a retired dentist in western Troup County, who said that for several minutes he observed a large stationary white light. Suddenly this light moved away rapidly to the NE and "flared up." The Dentist asked John to go outside and observe the light, but John was unable to detect it. A few hours later Wednesday night, a cigar or disc-shaped UFO was reported at 10:30 PM by two women, twelve miles to the northwest. The Stoval witness recounted two UFO LaGrange incidents in1963. A huge football field size UFO with flashing lights, hovered over the railroad crossing at Greenville Street east of LaGrange. These latest sightings show that UFOs were observed in the LaGrange area by unrelated witnesses on March 30&31 and April 1. Thanks to John Thompson.
Former Georgia State Director, John Thompson writes that many different witnesses from Korea to Georgia are reporting UFOs operate with repeatable and distinctive flashes. John writes, "In the Korean case that Chief Sheets investigated, American soldiers saw the flash or 'powering-up' of the UFO just before it vanishing. I am convinced that the luminous lens-shaped UFOs are the real McCoy. The distinctive "flash," the high speed departure, and sometimes their incredible size rules anything else out. This is the real baby. Chris Early, a physicist and former MUFON Georgia Director's experiments and those of the late Paul Hill's from NASA has centered on a disc shaped object that ionizes the atmosphere around it. This flash seen just prior to acceleration definitely has something to due with this process. The craft looks "energized," with the resultant plasma that envelopes around it. There are other real extraterrestrial UFOs, but I have not seen them personally. I have to see it to believe it. Chris believes that certain people are picked to see UFOs. I reject this argument completely. We have a mutual friend in New Hampshire whose entire family see UFOs. It's not by coincidence they live in an isolated region. I also believe that hilly areas -- but not too hilly -- along with a sparse population base and scanty radar coverage are where real UFOs are seen. Here's another consideration: Take a look of a satellite photo of Georgia on a USGS site, and you can clearly see a fault or Fall line, just below LaGrange. It is very noticeable when coming in from space. It looks like a long straight scar going from the SW to NE across Georgia. The Fall Line separates the North American tectonic plate from the old African plate. This portion below the Fall Line was torn off from the African plate when the continents, which were once butted up against each other millions of years ago, drifted apart.
Regarding whether all UFOs could just be "earth lights," I reject this. Sunday night starting at 10 PM to about 4 AM on Monday are the best times to see a UFO. Activity is also good through Thursday, but then quickly drops off to almost zero by Saturday night; that's why most skywatches see nothing! The aliens have the patterns of folks down pat. Secrecy is the main part of their agenda and they don't move much when folks are out late Friday and Saturday nights. If the sightings were random--as earth lights would be -- then we could say possibly no intelligence is involved. But sightings are far from random! Indeed I can think of only one investigation out of more than 100 that I have done, where something truly UFO like was seen on a Saturday night. Early Sunday morning picks up some, then slacks off until after 9 PM. If anybody sees a real UFO during a skywatch on weekend, it will definitely come after 1 AM Sunday, and probably between 3 and 5 in the morning if the aliens cooperate. Will anybody be up that late? Thanks to John Thompson ISUR/MUFON.
Skywatch Reports at 10:30 AM on April 22, 1998, my brother was traveling east on Route 10 in southern New Mexico west of Las Cruces, near the border of Ulna and Dona Ana counties. He saw several cars parked on the side of the road with the occupants outside looking up in the air. He glanced over where they were looking and saw a stationary white object. He stopped also, got out and began to observe the object with the others. He said that it was a typical "saucer shape" tilted upward at about 10 to 30 degrees from vertical. It was about the thickness of a pencil held at arm's length and at about a 60 degree angle from the horizon. He judged it to be about several miles away and a few thousand feet up, south towards the Mexican border. He and the others observed it motionless in the sky for about 10 minutes. It then began to level out to a horizontal position after which it slowly started to move to the south. In a few minutes it was gone from view. My brother is an "open minded skeptic" and since it was too far away to see any identifiable features and did not perform any erratic or unconventional maneuvers he is not saying for sure that he observed a "flying saucer." However, it was nothing like he had ever seen before and did not look like it "belonged there." Thanks to Skywatch International Inc.
Greetings from Brisbane Australia, I am the Director for MUFON QED and appointed the Continental Director for Australia and New Zealand. I am happy to share information from down-under. I received a call from a retired airforce Captain, who also worked on Radar for many years. The gentleman was walking his dog on April 22, at 6:40 PM accompanied by his grandson when a huge light appeared in the north flying at phenomenal speed. When it passed over head he claimed the light from underneath lit up the surrounding area and would have been about 20 feet across. It crossed the path of an airliner coming into the Maroochydore Airport. As it passed over the Glass House Mountains it then became a ball of light emitting red, green and blue lights. It seems to have left a long white trail behind it. This person reports that it was a clear night with no clouds in the sky. We have three more reports. One from Hervey Bay, where five people witnessed a huge light traveling at amazing speed, which seemed to change direction. Two other reports came in from Bribie Island when the same description was given as the Gentleman from Beerwah. Thanks to Glennys Mackay MUFON Australia and QUFON, Queensland UFO Network,
Bob Collins writes, "A lot of these statements I find about MJ-12 are without grounds from everything I've picked up over the years. One little thing about this group that I heard from Intelligence sources is that they use to hold their meetings airborne for security reasons. MJ-12 was hyper about leaks. It's only because of Reagan and his perception of an "Alien" threat that things started to loosen up. After Reagan left the security lid came right back down. I'll vouch for the Republican's pushing for this except for Eisenhower. Nixon and Reagan were both the big "go getters" so to speak in trying to get this out to the public. But, politics gets in the way. Regards Robert Collins ttp://
Michigan Director Skywatch International Doug Parrish states: "On very good authority I have been told in the last year from someone who knows, but obviously must remain unidentified, that the United States Air Force currently has in its hangers an aircraft that are capable of Mach 50. That's 50 times the speed of sound. If we regard the speed of sound as somewhere around 770 mph, then Mach 50 becomes 38,500 mph. That's three times around the world in two hours. As far as I know, this is an intra-atmospheric aircraft that takes off from a large base in the Far West. Has anyone ever heard of the name "Thunderdart"? Doug Parrish < Editors Note: Your story of a Mach 50 aircraft confirms similar stories I have heard. Mach 50 seems almost too fast and represents a major leap in speed. The Carter administration canceled the SSTs, however many believe Reagan started this program as a military space plane. The original plans called for the development of a narrow "v" shaped craft. It is logical to assume the Lockheed Skunkworks developed a follow on aircraft to the SR-71 and its 43 foot long piggy back carried D-21 ramjet Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). In 1965, using the engine of a Bomarc missile the D-21 could launch from the SR-71 accelerate to Mach 3.3 and penetrate deep into enemy airspace. A similar piggyback idea for the Aurora is called Thunderdart. I would think after thirty-three years we would have a very advanced hypersonic craft darting into space.
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