Is it possible for someone to be 'buzzed' by a model UFO, turn to snap photographs of it as it zips past, convinced one is capturing pictures of the 'real thing'?

That is the question regarding the
3 Daylight UFO Photographs recently submitted to SIGHTINGS ON THE RADIO. The images were stark and detailed, offering what looked like an excellent glimpse of an authentic saucer at close range. Submitted anonymously and in high resolution by someone equally curious (not the person who photographed the object itself), SOTR posted the images and began to ask the necessary questions. In an attempt to always have 'the real thing' whenever possible, we sought the advice of avionics experts. Going on a hunch that this could possibly be a gas powered model of some kind, SOTR asked Remote Control Aerial hobbyists to offer an opinion. The response was clear and the information invaluable:

We first contacted Colin Nah (, whose special interests include R/C Helicopter flying as well as full scale avionics. Colin was kind enough to reply to SOTRs questions and visit the website to examine the photos. We asked Colin to speculate because whatever this was, it clearly had some kind of central prop, not unlike a helicopter. Colin put the word out to his R/C model associates and within hours returned with a statement from Keith Young, a person experienced in both the operation and sale of R/C aerial models:

Hi Colin,

Hate to disappoint you but I think this machine is in fact what we call a "free flight" model called the "UFO" manufactured by a company called "COX". It is only about 18 inches in diameter and is powered by a Cox 0.049 cubic inch motor. The UFO it self is made from injection molded expanded polystyrene. The Hi-res photo clearly shows the 049's needle valve poking out on the right hand side of the engine's support beam and the engine's single cylinder directly above the needle. The fuel line can be faintly seen on the left hand side of the beam opposite the needle valve (right were it should be). The aircraft you will find, constantly spins due to the torque reaction of the internal propeller. They fly for about one minute before plummeting back to earth from about 300' altitude. Although these things come out of the box white, the owner has obviously added an "authentic" coat of paint to create the illusion! This has to be the classic example of a hoax!! The Photo had to be taken in front clouds to hide the smoke plume. Imagine taking an off the shelf UFO!!!! I've sold about fifty of this things over the years, while I worked in various hobby shops!!!


Keith Young

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