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Sighting of Seven Large Pitch Black Objects
Cave Of The ETs
Sighting of a "Sprite" 12/4/97
Cylinder Or Rectangle UFO Sighting
Boomerang Shaped Craft

UFO Sighting in Grenada
Huge Triangles In Canada
Huge Black Box Over Golf Course

Sighting of Seven, Large,
Pitch Black Objects

By Cary


Once, upon a midnight blue evening during the month of August 1979, My friend Mitchell and me set out to do some star gazing one night. It was a big hobby for us way back when we 13 years old in North Platte, Nebraska, some 18 years ago now. The exact day of this event is unknown.
When I arrived at Mitchell's home, I learned that his mother had instructed him to escort his ten year old sister to a birthday party she had been invited to attend at the nearby skating rink. So, I went along with Mitchell.
After seeing that his sister got safely inside the rink to her party, Mitchell and I waited out behind the building to wait for her and spent the next couple of hours gazing up at the stars. We began a little contest to see who could be the first to spot the flickering light of a meteor flashing through the atmosphere.
Sometime after 10:30 pm we decided it was time to head home. We went into the skating center, got his sister, and proceeded toward his home. While we walked, we both continued looking upwards trying to spot a meteor descending or crossing the starry sky.
At one point, I focused deeply on an area of the sky almost straight up, just a few degrees toward the North. The background color of the sky was almost black, no longer midnight blue as it was closer to the horizon. All of a sudden, out of the North, an immense pitch black object appeared in my window of view. A second later, there were seven of them, together, moving in formation. Almost immediately, my knees began to shake and buckle, so overwhelming was what I was seeing. I screamed, "Mitch, Look Look!" and pointing up to where they were. I took my eyes off of them for just a second to point them out to Mitch.
They were moving so fast they were very difficult to spot again. But we did find them and we both watched for about another 2 or 3 more seconds. Then they disappeared above a huge long wall of white puffy cumulus clouds at an estimated altitude of some 30 to 40 thousand feet.
The description of these seven objects all appeared identical except for their sizes. They were all pitch black but could still be seen in the night sky. The first one, the leader (?) looked to be the size of a football field only fatter. It's shape was that of a jagged rock, only one dimensional.
Directly behind this first object was a pair of two, flying in formation, side by side. If they were together as one mass, their combined sizes would have equaled the leader's size. Behind the first pair, there was another pair, also flying in formation. And, again, their combined mass would have equaled that of the leader.
Then came the sixth object..just behind the second pair. Its mass was just a little less then one of the second paired group. Finally, came the last of seven in the formation; its size was much smaller...only about that of a small car at best.
I realize this story sounds ridiculous but the event never the less occurred. Both Mitchell and I saw it. His little sister didn't. At best, Mitchell only caught a very short glimpse. Whereas, I got the best view. The sighting of this group of objects was like a still photograph traveling at some tremendous speed. It couldn't have lasted more than eight seconds altogether.
Your questions and comments are welcome.

Cave of the ETs

By Tom Sanger


The base is the Davis-Monthan AFB and is located right on the southern edge of the city. There are a lot of training exercises that go on right over our city that come from that base. I take a lot of night walks in the neighborhood and the sky is exceptionally clear here plus there are very few street lights so night viewing of the sky is quite good. I've had several occasions where what I thought to be an airplane at first sure seemed to have the possibility of being something else. I have not had a sighting that I could say for sure was a UFO but I'm pretty certain that a couple of them were due to circumstances.
One of the truely odd ones happened one night while on my walk. I live just northeast of the base by only 3 or 4 miles. I looked to the south and there in the distance was a rapidly moving light with running lights blinking. Due to the speed, it was clear that this was a military aircraft that was REALLY moving. Normally the military planes in this area are cruising at a moderate speed during their training exercises. This guy was flat out booking and headed east. Right behind and somewhat below it was a very, very dim light that could barely be seen. It had no headlights on and no running lights. I had to take a double look to make sure it was really there since it was that faint but it was indeed there. Oddly enough I had the idea that somehow it was significant that these guys were headed east. I've seen a lot of unexplained lights in the area that could very well have been aircraft for all I know but this incident stood out as being very strange. The only other time that I've seen military planes moving at that rate was the time I saw 2 jets with their afterburners glowing moving at top speed and sweeping the perimeter of the city heading west to east. I'd never seen military aircraft move at that rate before over Tucson and never seen them sweep up along the mountain range as they did. I went to a local MUFON meeting a couple of weeks later and a report was given of local reported sightings. One of the reports was from a woman who had seen a large, orange stationary light sitting over the mountains to the east at night and that the AFB had scrambled 2 fighters to attempt to intercept. That was the same night I saw these planes. I didn't notice the eastern sky at that time or maybe I would have seen the object as well. During that same meeting the woman in charge reported her own daylight sighting of a large white object over the Catalina mountains at about noon of a Tues. I saw that object myself but for only a second or 2 since I was riding a bicycle at the time and was entering an area of tall trees.
Holy She-it! I just realized something. There is a tourist spot located just outside of Tucson to the southeast near Vail called Colossal Cave. I've never visited as a tourist but I've been drawn to go out there at night. I've always felt that there was something having to do with ETs out there behind the caves. I'm going to continue this in a 2nd email since this one is bogging down with too much info.

My optometrist friend and I went out to his house way out in the desert around the Vail area in order to do a night vision enhancement instruction. It was a very dark night with only a sliver of a moon and was partially overcast with a major storm approaching from the south. After he had done the night vision technique with me that almost literally turned the nighttime desert into day, we decided to take a walk down the dirt road leading to his property in order to test out the improvements in my sight. We got down to an intersection in the road and we were both looking to the foothills behind his house towards the northeast, when we saw right over the top of a foothill a very bright, white light and just to the right of it a flashing white strobe that flashed 3 times. The light then went out either having dropped below the hill it seemed to be almost right on top of or else it just went out. This light was big and could not have been anything like a headlight from a ground vehicle. There are no roads back there anyway. This is a pure desert wilderness area for miles and miles around.
A couple seconds after this stationary light disappeared, we saw just to the left of it a light coming from northeast to southwest right from behind the hill. It was moving VERY low to the tops of the foothills and was moving at a moderate speed. When it had traveled a few hundred yards, running lights could be clearly seen on it. It had a central white headlight that could be seen projecting in front of it for a hundred yards or so do to the light haze and moisture in the air. By the time it got to its closest point about one half a mile away and directly in front of us due north, the single headlight began to move in different directions and at one point went straight down to the top of the foothill right below it. It was flying very low and was barely above the hills. As it passed further we could begin to hear a jet engine sound but unlike any I have ever heard before. We both started to laugh out loud becuase the sound was so pathetic. The joke was that if this was an ET craft that had somehow masked itself for our perception as a jet, then it was doing a very shoddy job. The engine of this "jet" should have had the standard roar to it, but this was a weak sound that still had the quality of a jet engine to it. As the object moved beyond us towards the southwest, the running lights could clearly be seen to be an even row of lights along the backside of it, 5 0r 6 lights in all. When it was about a mile to the southwest, all the lights began to bank to the left with the left end light now at a 45 degree lower tilt than horizontal and of course the right end light being at a 45 degree above. Even though it was banking the object kept moving on a perfectly straight trajectory and then began to pick up speed to some degree and disappeared in the distance after a minute or 2.
My friend and I both knew this was some plenty strange occurance we had witnessed. While driving me back home I suddenly realized that he must live out somewhere near Colossal Cave and he said he is directly behind it. I found it very odd that I was initially drawn to this area and then without knowing exactly where my friend lived, we end up having this strange experience right in the exact location behind the cave that had me intrigued in the first place. The jet and faint object I had talked about in my 1st email that were headed east from the vicinity of the AFB would have passed right over this area near the Cave.

Sighting of a "Sprite"

From James Neff


Thursday evening of December 4th, 1997 I was returning home from town just north of Little Rock, along an old country road with my wife and step-daughter. It was a very dark night with deeply overcast skies and we always take this road with caution, not only because of its many massive potholes, but this is deer season and it's quite common to see a full grown buck making its way across the road.
My wife was driving, doing about 40 m.p.h. and we were all leaning forward watching intensely, making sure we wouldn't become the latest large metal object to slaughter a deer by accident along Clinton road. Suddenly, from the left side of the road about 100 feet in front of us emerged a strange sphere of light which seemed to jump out of the thick yellow reeds and weeds along the roadside. The object was self-luminous and looked alot like a large dandelion head only it was composed of light or energy of some kind.
It did not 'roll' as it moved quickly across the road and came into full view of our headlights. Instead, it seemed to glide across the surface of the road with its translucent light 'shell' (for lack of better word) touching the road and casting a small amount of light downward.
Inside this slightly luminous shell were very defined, lighted spires or veins, only very straight, radiating in all directions from a very bright point of light at its core. It seemed that where these veins or spires touched the outer-edge of the translucent shell there was a slight "burst" of slight, reminding my wife of those glass globes one can find in Radio Shack which when touched give off colorful lightning bolts of electrified neon gas... only this thing was utterly white and the spires did not move at all.
The object was roughly 6 to 8 inches in diameter, and 'scurried' like an animal across the road, even speeding up as it was caught in our headlights as we approached. It then jumped into the weeds and high grass on the right side of the road and disappeared from sight.
We all three shouted the moment it appeared, stunned at what we were seeing. My wife slowed down a bit while it passed before us and we definitely all three saw and commented on it, each describing precisely the same thing. My wife's night vision is not that great but her description was identical to my step-daughter's and my own. That confirmed to all of us that this object was truly material and crystalline in quality and was not a trick of reflected light. If it had been a mirage or some kind of light illusion, I believe three different people sitting in three different places and perspectives in the truck would not have interpreted the object the same way, especially my step-daughter who was in the back seat and leaning forward to see through the windshield.
Whatever this was, it impressed all of us as being 'alive.' Its movement was typical of any nocturnal creature that we often see darting across the road in our headlights. Its behavior (speeding up as we neared it) was very animal-like. The fact that it was self-luminous was truly amazing. As we got closest to it, our headlights put light 'on' what one would assume could not reflect any light, being composed of light or energy itself!
Later, I came to realize that what we had seen was a classical "fairy" or "sprite"... what the Irish called "luminaries"... the little people or beings that glow and scamper around in the deep forests, often hiding from sight. My kid commented that it was very much like "tinker bell."
Having had several UFO experiences and sightings in my life, you'd think I would find something this small and brief to be rather mundane, but on the contrary, I am fascinated with this sighting! I have never believed in fairies, goblins, leprechauns or sprites. Now, I think I do. At least, I may have seen what thousands of others have seen and described in much the same way we did: self-luminating, alive, animal-like, seemingly conscious of us. A fairy!
In reality, of course this was an energy sphere produced by techtonic pressures under the earth.
(Above is an illustration I produced of what we saw, using Bryce2 and Photoshop. The perspective is closer up and lower to the road so details can be seen, but my wife agrees this image captures precisely what it looked like.)

Cylinder or Rectangle UFO

Richard A. Vanier

As a child, about 7 or 8 maybe 9 yrs old (late "50's", before JFK was murdered in Dallas), I saw a brilliant cylindrical or rectangular "something" in heavy cumulous clouds in the west-northwest skies above Milwaukee, Wis. My old stomping grounds as a foster child in those days. At times, I would rather forget that those days ever existed because of what I now know to be circumstances and conditions of child abuse. During those days, however, I just hated being where I was. No need for details here, since those days are now "has been".
At any rate, back to the sighting (the rectangular something). If you were to give the degree angle of elevation from the street I saw this thing, it would approximate the angle(s) between 45 & 60 degrees. It could have been a rectangular something just as easily as it could have been a cylindrical something. What was striking to memory was the brightness and shape of this rectangular area despite the clouds coming and going from this something. Although, the clouds continually changed shape and thickness, the apparent brightness never changed while I watched it and the clouds pass. I thought it was "really neat" to see.
I watched for a good long time as I walked along until I stumbled as the sidewalk came to an end at the street curb. It was a good thing that there was a parking lane distance between me and the active traffic lane. I might have been hit by a passing car. The clouds, the kind you would see during humid stormy summer weather in Wisconsin, were typical of thunder storm activity as they rolled overhead. Several shades of gray were very noticeable and rather extreme in contrast, but this didn't make any difference where this something seemed to float. (I call it "something" because I don't know what it was to ascribe an accurate descriptive language to it). After correcting my form and posture from stumbling, I reassessed where I was, stopped for traffic and crossed the street. Courtland Ave. & 68th Street. I remember the details about that "there & then" quite remarkably. I wish I could remember details for test taking purposes just easily and for at least as long.
Returning from the local grocery (Foodland) store that same afternoon I remember hoping that it was also time to walk the dog. I always enjoyed getting out of that house and doing chores that gave me time to think, especially during balmy weather conditions (without the rain). I wanted to go back outside and see this thing again. It was a real bonus and treat to witness something that was beyond my expectations and a welcomed diversion, certainly for me at that age and at that place in time. My wish almost came true. I took the dog, a spaniel-terrier mutt called "Tuffy", out for a walk only to find that this thing was nolonger there in the sky. I can still recall feeling profoundly saddened that they were gone (I don't know why I was sad that THEY were gone, since I don't remember seeing THEM at that time).
It was during my stay at this foster home where it was known by the two families that resided there that I would periodically "sleep-walk" (I'm sure there's a term for this condition somewhere). Once, I woke up everyone in the house during the early a.m. hours loudly ranting about "the aircraft carriers outside", "the aircraft carriers outside". This house was a two family duplex and when asked by the residents downstairs about why I woke them up telling them about aircraft carriers, I didn't know what they were talking about. I do remember, that it was shortly after I saw that thing in the sky on that stormy day. The people there often elaborated as to how much trouble I was with my sleep walking. I apparently went for many long walks in PJ's in the early a.m. hours. I think that this condition I had was reason enough for some concern by the adults there. Possibly one reason for harsh treatment I received. Once I was taken from a second story window frame. The corner window of the bedroom I slept in with two other boys. It seems I had problems with the outside screen that was securely attached to the window frame. All in a nights sleep walk, I guess.
Several decades and many more encounters later (most of which were never heard by anyone and a couple known to only a few) I know that I am to "wait" and not predispose myself to THE third person technological verification entrapment. As time permits and as I learn to articulate these vivid encounters which are as clear as the time they had taken place, I intend to eventually record them.
I know, very well, what Betty Hill means when she says that it's something that stays with you. It's as if it's a sort of "imprinting" that is never erased no matter the psycho-social and physical trauma that one may endure. Ask yourself this, "How many times have the local police and highway patrol officers brought you home, having first found you neatly parked way off the roadside or expressway unable to wake up during your sleep walk?" I don't recall ever having problems moving or being carried. Facts are stranger than fiction. The truth is unrelenting through the worst of times....and every once in a while, embarrassing.........



Boomerange Shaped Craft

From Dave Anderson

I was listening to your archived RealAudio show of 11/13/97 and last night's 11/30/97 program at 6:18 PM. My brother and I were outside our home in Metairie, Louisiana, 10 minutes away from New Orleans, looking for satellites that were predicted to pass over our location by a web page named 'Sat Pass.'
To our amazement, we saw a boomerang shaped craft with only 3 lights in the sky above! It's apparent size was HUGE, the size of your fist at arm's length. It took about 40 to 50 seconds for the craft to go from horizon to horizon, traveling west southwest to east southeast. I couldn't see the surface of the craft but could clearly see the outline of it and it was definitely boomerang shaped, see attached picture.
I was so excited that I stayed out longer in hopes of seeing it again. At 6:52 PM, I did see another craft, much smaller(see attached drawing), with 3 lights arranged in the same pattern. I couldn't see the body of the craft, just the lights. Perhaps it was the same craft only very much higher. It took off at tremendous speed, moving from horizon to horizon in 2.5 seconds, traveling due north to due south! I was totally blown away!
I don't know if this sighting will be of any help to you but if so feel free to email me.

UFO Sighting in Grenada

From Dianne Larson

Here is a sighting which occurred during the Grenada intervention in 1983. I am now beginning to share it for the first time.
In the 1980's during the Grenada/US invasion, I happened to be visiting an island that was being used as a military base. That Island was Barbados. Following the actual "war" if you will, that time period they called the mop-up when Cuban Soldiers were being brought out of Grenada, I was fortunate to see a very keen observer in the night sky. A UFO that looked like the full moon fell to earth, appeared over the harbor in the main town know as Bridgetown. It hovered for about 5 seconds steadily as a bright full circle light, then it dropped down suddenly out of my sight below some trees and bounced up and down at that level for about 3 seconds and just as suddenly as it appeared, it streaked upward across the beautifully clear night sky and disappeared literally in a millisecond. My eyes were able to follow it from the ground as a full moon size and brightness, to a pinpoint size ascending in a straight line at an angle, as it dissapeared into the blackness of space at a speed that I have never seen since.
The following day I had no conscious recall of it until I heard a religious call-in program on the radio that unfortunately was anchored by a Priest. The phones were ringing off the hook and the priest was bombarded with questions for one hour about what people had seen the night before. In his situation as a man of God, it was a sticky predicament that he found himself in, having to answer questions about UFO's.
As a young researcher at that time, I took it upon myself to call the local airport tower where many US military planes were stationed, and when I told them what I saw, of course they said that it was a flare. A Flare! Ascending through the skies at a million miles an hour and disappearing into deep, black space as a pin point of light. Then they wanted to know my name at which time I hung up the phone.
I believe that the year was 1983 or around there. In subsequent years, I contacted the Priest, actually 10 years later and asked him about that day. First he said I don't remember, followed by "I don't want to talk about it."
Barbados is just above the top of South America. The skies at night are crystal clear and you can see many "shooting stars". And they all appear to be heading in the direction of Brazil, -- South America. Streaking through the night skies. "Shooting Stars" they're called-- too numerous to mention. I have not told this story because of the type of military operation that was under way, until now.


Huge Triangles In Canada

From Frances Fontaine

In November of 1995, My brother, a friend and I saw a U.F.O. We were taking my dog for a walk, and were looking at the stars. Up ahead, in the sky, I saw a very bright light. I told my brother and friend that it couldn't be a plane. We waited on the street corner while it slowly came toward us. The U.F.O was about the size of three airplanes put together, when it reached to where we were standing it stopped moving and hovered about 300 feet above us. It was triangular in shape and had pink, green, blue, purple and orange lights all around it. On the nose of the craft there were, what looked to be, three huge headlights. From the middle of the U.F.O., two bright lights, like searchlights, were shining down onto the houses around us. My dog started pulling at her chain and whining. Then all of the lights went out, except for the headlights and it zoomed away extremely fast, but making no noise.
I have just met this girl, Crystal, and she was telling me about her expirience with a U.F.O.. I didn't tell her what mine looked like, but she started to describe exactly what I had seen. I asked her when she had seen it and she said it was about two years ago in November, around 8pm. I saw it around 8pm also. Crystal was living about 20km from me, then.
You can reach me through -Kelly W.

Huge Black Box Over Golf Course

From Victor Janflone

Hi Jeff, First, just want to tell you the show is great--much information that is
put out on the show which is not found anywhere else.
I myself am an experiencer of phenomena. I spent 10 years in the Bay area and went on many trips to Mt Shasta--one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.
I want to tell you of 1 of my experiences back in 1983, here, where I am presently living in Wash, PA. I grew up here and one night I, and three others, were riding motocycles on an old golf course. I completed my ride and noticed in the sky (this was a completly clear night) what looked like comets...3 stars with tails arching alligned like so:
I told the others, "Hey, look there! Looks like comets." Of course they just said, "Yeah." I continued to watch this and noticed they were not falling and their movement was approaching us.
The object then flew directly over us, sounding like "huuuuush". Two of the others and I observed this. Now, a car we had there had the hatchback open and the radio did the switching channels kind of thing.
This object was only about 1000 ft above us. It was a dark metallic flying box with other starlight around it. My guess is that it was approximately 2 to 3 football fields in length.
I really thought that my 2 friends am me were going to have the beam of light come down on us. Instead, this object just slowly kept going on it's course, moving away. I have studied and seen most conventional aircraft and this thing did not fit anything I was familiar with. One of my two friends had been stationed on an aircraft carrier for 3 years and was completely baffled by this object. I have never seen the object again.
I just wanted to share this with you since it is not very common of the craft normally sighted. I have had many more experiences around Mt. Shasta and in San Francisco.