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On Wednesday, July 22, 1998, at 10 p.m., Pamela S. and her husband were relaxing on the deck of their home in Matunuck, RI when they spotted a V- shaped UFO passing overhead. "It was a warm evening, and I was laying down on my deck," Pamela reported, "Suddenly, I saw this huge V-shaped object coming from the south heading north. It appeared to glide across the sky, and I could not hear any engine-type noise." Matunuck is a village on Rhode Island's southern Atlantic Ocean shore, located about 40 miles south of Providence, the state capital. As the UFO came in over the ocean and flew north over Washington she added, "I would say it was silent. It appeared to have several box-shaped areas that sort of glowed. I wouldn't call it a light. My husband also saw the object, but could not see any details without his eyeglasses." Thanks to Peter Gersten of CAUS.
Dean Burgess writes I have been seeing star like objects since 1997, and only recently have come to the conclusion that they are not stars, satellites or aircraft. In August 1997, I saw the same object come over a lot closer than before. This time it ignited from bellow illuminating the bottom of the craft. It looked like Gulf Breeze, FL UFO sightings. The star like objects can be seen anytime.
Thanks to Dean Burgess: Middletown, CT.
Vinny in recent weeks has been photographing what appear to be plasmas or vortexes in New Jersey and at Pine Bush, New York. Vinny says, "I have been filming what I call Orbs. I need to find out what they are or could be. The plasmas appear to be twirling masses of energy. Please let me also include, I have no camera problems in another words. I can film them with Digital and regular film. I don't use throw away cameras or junk. Everything I have and own is expensive I don't film in rain, snow, etc. So it isn't moisture. But what? Pictures are posted at: Http://
Thanks to Vinny Ufo Contat.
Editors Note: Since you are able to obtain photographs on a regular basis I suggest we need to obtain more data and measurements about the plasma orbs. These are being filmed all over the US but their exact identity is not known at this time.
MUFON's John Thompson reports that more proof has emerged that a giant saucer- shaped UFO is visiting the Troup-Heard Corridor in west-central Georgia. A LaGrange man says that about 19 months ago three silvery dark beings of 4 1/2 to 5 feet tall entered his home by coming through his bedroom wall. He said, they seemed to "Freeze" him. They then took him through his bedroom wall. The entities have a ceramic-like skin with no seams or wrinkles. The witness thought the entities might have been a solid form of energy. Although, his glimpses of them were distorted, he felt watching them was like "looking at coins in a deep pool of water." He was unable to discern their facial features, but the aliens were humanoid shape. They had arms and legs but strangely their hands seemed club-like except when they sometimes showed "webbed" digits. Muscles and bone structure could also be seen in the entities' bodies. The short beings entered the man's room around 2:00 AM, on a cool weekday night in the early winter of 1997. On coming outside into his backyard and despite only being able to move his eyes and head slightly, he saw the outlines of a truly huge saucer. Only the "dark-light" edged perimeter of the craft could be seen. When measured against the entire length of the street he lives on, the outline of the UFO exceeded 1700 feet. This is nothing like he had ever seen in movies or TV. He seldom watches TV, and claims he has not seen "Independence Day" so did not know how his saucer would compare to what the props purport to show in that movie. He went on to say this was "not like you see in movies. This was real!" The UFO was 100 to 150 feet high and hovered above the many trees in the area. A portion of the dark craft hung down immediately behind his house. Below this portion of the craft a light emerged. In an instant the witness and the entities were inside the craft as if there was no "gravity." There was no beam as the movies sometimes depict. Just a flash and they were inside. The interior of the craft was brilliantly bright, like on a sunlit day "in the middle of a three million acre farm."
The witness said, "The UFO interior looked like a hi-tech "factory." There were aliens everywhere and he was put on an examination table. Although, he could barely move his head, he could see the tables were full of people. He was asked whether he saw men, women or children. He answered, "All I could see was the bottoms of their bare feet." Machines with long arms, similar to x-ray machines were moving around each table. A probe thumped his right front calf, while he laid on his back. He was then flipped over and something thumped his left rear buttocks. A mechanical arm also grabbed the crown of his head. The machines were indescribable he exclaimed, "Their technology is beyond anything we've got and I've never seen anything like what I saw. You have to be there to know what I'm talking about. I can't describe it." Humans and aliens with their attending machines were as far as he could see. The investigator asked, if the witness thought his whole neighborhood had been abducted? He replied, "I surely am not going to tell them, I had been abducted!" He does not know how he got back to his home. The witness awakes each morning at 5:30 AM, but he slept until 10 AM. He had over-slept, and was several hours late for work. When he awoke he found a perfect circle of peeled skin, the size of a quarter on the front of his right thigh. The circle was painful and red, as if someone had taken a "catfish skinner and a compass" to make it. On his left buttocks was a large sore bruise. On the crown of his head was a scab. He said, "I knew for certain on discovering these painful marks the next morning that my abduction had been real!" I "felt hot inside all-over." He is certain that since the UFO didnít move it would not have been seen by passing aircraft. This is a typical case where a large craft loiters under the cover of darkness in a low-lying area that is masked by hills. There was also a surrealism outside during the abduction. "You could hear a pin drop." The only noise he heard was the sounds of moving machines. The aliens spoke in a low and unintelligible language. Without the physical marks left on his body he said he still would not believe in abductions and UFOs. It was his first and only encounter and he had never believed in UFOs or aliens before. He claims he has "never taken drugs" and was not drinking. The next day, he showed his best friend his circle of peeled-off skin. For those who still think UFOs and aliens are a joke he said, "When it happens to them, they'll believe in it then. It's no joke!"
Thanks to, John C. Thompson. COPYRIGHT, 1998 All rights reserved.
On July 29, my wife and I saw three different UFOs on Interstate 10 going east at marker 235 near Jacksonville FL at 10:00PM. The first object looked like a saucer shaped cloud that was glowing and flying south at 700 feet.. The vehicle was the size of a blimp and 1/2 mile in front of us as we traveled east at 70 mph. It took five seconds to pass over the highway and disappear. Two minutes later, we saw a metallic object hovering above us. It was a shiny chrome metallic saucer with arches on the left and right side. The top and bottom were convex and concave. It looked as though another saucer could fit on top. The craft flew at our 70 mph pace. The vehicle rotated so that the right arch was now facing us but, the body of the craft stayed straight. My wife said it's beginning to move and it flew twenty miles east in five seconds. When the vehicle went above the clouds you could see glowing light shine through the clouds. The third vehicle was the shape of a diamond standing on its point. The diamond was lit up with a yellowish incandescent light with a skirt of florescent lights beaming down from it. The lights were about half the length of the ship. When the diamond moved the beams stopped glowing. I think the vehicle was creating a magnetic field that ionized the clouds causing them to glow! We could see the last UFO to our right and the moon to our left.
Thanks to Robert Whitman
Ed Lepps reports we were racing on July 14, 1998, on a boat in the Port Huron to Mackinac boat race. At 2:30 a.m., we were about 2.5 nautical miles north of Presque Isle, Michigan when I looked up and saw a bright white sphere moving east across the sky. It was moving very slowly and quite erratically from side to side. This lasted for about a minute, then it moved very rapidly at a 45 degree angle into the sky and disappeared. Three other people were on deck at the time and saw the same thing.
On Friday, July 17, 1998, at 11:10 p.m., a person in Pinckney, MI noticed a 'white light' flashing just outside her kitchen window. She found this odd because the kitchen window faces a large open field, not the road, and it does get pitch black out there. Moving closer to the window, the witness looked outside and noticed a very bright red light. It flew from the southeast to the northwest. It stopped above the tree line outside her kitchen window. It was the size of softball, round, and bright red light like a big tomato' with no defined edges. The light hovered in this position for ten minutes then moved slowly vanishing from view. Pinckney is 52 miles west of Detroit. (Thanks to Alex Cavallari.)
Cliff Capers, Skywatch International Oklahoma State Director reports: "I spotted a black triangle while I was in the panhandle near Elmwood helping my father-in-law bring in his wheat harvest on June 21, 1998." Around 11:45 p.m., my brother-in-law spotted something in the sky. I turned and saw what looked like a small black rectangle about two degrees wide above the horizon. The object was moving toward us from south to north. My Dad came out and the three of us watched the stars wink out as this object covered them. It was not a cloud, it was solid and very black. The object flew straight at us at a slow pace and slowed to 40 to 50 mph. The shape was triangular with one tip facing us. As it came closer the craft grew huge and the wind picked up to 30 mph coming from the direction of the triangle. Using these roads as a guide I was able to estimate the triangle was one and a half mile wide from tip to tip. Its altitude was around 1,000 to 1,500 feet, the craft's height was 200 to 300 feet and its length was 400 to 500 feet. There were no lights of any kind on the object and no surface detail was visible. Throughout the sighting the object made no sound. The Once the object reached one mile from our location, it started moving west of us without slowing or turning. It never did pass directly overhead. This right angle change in direction was amazing as it was instantaneous. The triangle continued west for a mile and then returned to a northerly course. We noticed that the wind direction changed, so I assume the wind originated from it. After the triangle moved passed our location the wind stopped.
Thanks to Cliff Capers.
Karl J. and three friends spotted a triangular UFO over Sedona on July 15, 1998, at 10:00 p.m. Karl described the UFO as "several times larger than a passenger airliner" and as "a dark-colored equilateral triangle. There was a bright white light on each corner and a larger glaring orange- red light in the middle. It came from the general direction of Flagstaff (north) and abruptly veered off in an eastern direction. It made very little, if any, sound. The entire sighting lasted five to ten minutes, ending when it flew out of visual range. Another witness, Michelle, reported, "The triangular- shaped object was moving across the sky faster than conventional aircraft. Because of the excessive size of the craft, it created the impression that it was moving in a slow, steady rate. The craft was a dark or amber brown and gave the impression of an effervescent gilded glow" that helped to define its triangular shape. "If I held up a watermelon at arm's length it would not have obscured the triangular shape. It was bigger than a football field."
Thanks to Peter Gersten, CAUS.
James D. was at his home in Corvallis, OR when he spotted a gleam in the sky in mid-afternoon on July 16, 1998. "I was in our front yard in admiring the blueness of the sky," James reported. He looked up and saw a plane go by from north to south at a high altitude above the western horizon. While still facing west with my head turned up, "I saw this whitish thing speed by traveling west until it disappeared in the distance at about 20 degrees elevation." It was only visible for about two seconds at the most it was going so fast. "It seemed to be at 500 to 1,000 feet," he added. "It was a 'misty' white object with no shaded underside and no highlights reflecting the sunlight." Corvallis is 81 miles south of Portland.
Thanks to Steve Wilson & UFO Roundup Vol. 3, #30, July 26, 1998 Editor: Joseph Trainor
On Thursday, July 22, 1998, at 1:35 a.m., four brightly luminous UFOs hovered over a suburban neighborhood near Lake Boulevard in Redding, CA. For thirty minutes. The objects were seen by a woman and her two grandchildren. According to Bonnie R., her mother, her 12-year-old niece, and her six-year- old nephew Devon R. They watched the UFO display for over 45 minutes. The incident began when Devon "was awakened by the extremely bright light coming through the bedroom window, and he woke his sister up. They couldn't see any fuselage because of the intensity of the white light that was the size of a golf ball held at arm's length. "The UFOs were less than a tenth of a mile away. It started with four bright lights that were rising up and bobbing in the air doing side-to-side maneuvers, then they 'exploded' and lights and small sparks flew around." "My nephew was screaming, my mom was terrified they had come to abduct her again. Devon described what they were seeing on the phone.
Thanks to UFO Roundup Vol. 3,#30, 7/26/98, Editor: Joseph Trainor.
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