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Filer's Files #40-1998
Lord Hill-Norton the former Head of the Ministry of Defense in the UK, and the only living five-star admiral in the world, met with Dr. Steven Greer. Lord Hill Norton told Dr. Greer. 'I know now that these UFOs are real, that there are extraterrestrial life forms, but I never knew it as a member of the British Government or as a member of the admiralty.' I looked at him and said: 'This is strange.' He said: 'I assure you that this subject never ever crossed my radar screen.' Thanks to Dr. Greer and Monte Leach from Share International Magazine Nov. 97.
SMITHTOWN: Larry Clark received a report from Nick L. who observed a low flying helicopter heading north above the Long Island Expressway near exit 70 on October 6, 1998. Looking further to the north he sighted a UFO at 5:15 PM. It was a strange circular object located near the Brookhaven National Laboratories. The object seemed suspended and appeared to just hover without any motion. The report forwarded to Sal for investigation. Thanks to Larry Clark at
WANAQUE RESERVOIR: Mike reports that Monday evening October 5, 1998, was a fun night for UFOs. Ryan and Mike saw a strange light that moved west to east at 11:15 PM. It repeatedly faded in and out of sight when cars passed by on the road near the reservoir. At 11:20 PM we saw a light sit just over a hill for three minutes. Later we saw five or more lights at one time in the sky. We only stayed for thirty minutes, but saw plenty of unexplained lights. Thanks to: Mike MATHrk101
CORRY: 'I was traveling back to college this past weekend, Sunday, October 4, 1998, with two friends.' We were on Route 77 near the town of Spartansburg at about 7:45 PM, when we saw on the horizon an object with a few blinking red lights that did not look like a plane. As it got closer, we grew more curious, and we pulled off the road, only to watch it suddenly speed up and disappear over a hilltop. Ten minutes later further down the road, we encountered the same craft. It was approaching fast so we pulled off the road again to watch. The object slowed down and actually hovered above us. I could see the actual underside of this thing. It had a definite triangular shape, faint steady pale blue lights on the bottom, and red blinking lights on the sides. The triangular shape was very distinct. My friend Randy stepped out of the truck to look, while my friend Aubrey and I rolled down the window. We could hear a whirring sound as the object suddenly picked up speed again and began moving in the direction from which we had been coming. Other cars stopped to watch. I have never been much of a believer in UFO stories, so I am still trying to "come to terms" with this story myself. The witness can be reached at Wonder why our military would possess a huge slow moving triangular craft, fly it over our populated areas and then deny it exists. But then again, maybe it's not ours. Thanks Stig Agermose and Peter A. Gersten CAUS Director
FAIRMONT: Alexander Colburn Janes saw a circular shaped UFO with red, blue. green, and yellow lights on September 12, 1998. Its appearance and movements did not seem to match standard aircraft. The observer was at the Fairmont Field Club, Fairmont, WV at 9:00 AM at the time of the sighting.
STEPHENSON: Tom Sheets the Georgia State MUFON Director reports he has been looking into a continuing series of events in Chatsworth, Georgia. I also received information to possible UFO activity in Alabama. UFOs were observed hovering and flying over the TVA plant on September 29 and 30. There is supposed to be at least one pair of witnesses in the area, but they have not decided to come forward, and told the source of the event in confidence. The source will talk to them and describe our confidentiality policy and let me know if they will talk. The UFO was oval shaped, with two 'humps' and close to the ground. One of the Chatsworth events was witnessed by myself and the Assistant State Director during a stakeout we conducted there a few weeks ago. These reports are in the process of being submitted in the next week. I received additional info from Terry Kimbrell that he was aware of cases continuing into the North Carolina Mountain area just above the Georgia line. All of this country is sparsely populated highland terrain. We are speculating on a 'Blue Ridge Corridor' as suggested by Terry. Thanks to Tom Sheets-State Director-MUFONGA Editors Note: We frequently learn of sightings second or third hand by asking questions. It often takes weeks to determine if the sighting actually occurred and the witnesses are reliable. I often wonder if we should be called detectives rather than investigators.
LAKEWOOD: MUFON investigator, Mary Margaret Zimmer reports a female security guard who recently photographed UFOs saw a strange alien like entity on July 12, 1998. The entity was standing on the corner of Dixie Highway and Lucern Road. He had pasty white skin, reddish blond short hair and black button eyes. His nose was small, his lips were very thin. His eyes were black in color with almost no white area. He had neither eye lashes nor other facial nor body hair. His head was unusually large, while his ears were very small. He moved very slowly with short little steps. He did not seem entirely human in appearance, although he wore genes and a T-shirt.
The following evening at 9:30 PM the entity appeared outside the witnesses' work place twelve miles from the first sighting. It seemed more than a coincidence that the entity found the witness at her work place in the gatehouse of an exclusive development. He walked up and down the street nearby. The security guard asked a resident to check him out as she drove out of the development. The Security officer pointed towards him and the lady drove toward the entity who was now 150 feet away. As she drove nearer the entity suddenly disappeared. The next night at 11:30 PM, the entity again appeared at the gatehouse and asked in a soft whispering voice, "Can I come and a talk to you?" She told him, "No, absolutely not!" She then called the police. Within a few minutes the police with a German Shepard dog arrived in three patrol cars. They searched the area, but the entity had mysteriously disappeared again without a trace. Editors Note: The description of the entity is similar in appearance to the hybrids often described by abductees. Thanks to Mary Margaret Zimmer, MUFON State Section Director for Miami.
ORLANDO: There have been a series of black flying triangle reports over Florida. It should be noted that B-2 aircraft are on temporary duty at Mac Dill Air Force Base in Tampa. This aircraft can easily be mistaken for UFOs.
During Hurricane Georges some UFO reports were apparently phoned in to investigators. These tentative reports are currently under investigation. Jorge Martin in Puerto Rico reported that many credible witnesses called him and offered videos taken during the storm. There were similar reports during Hurricane Andrew and from John Thompson in Georgia of UFOs associated with strong thunderstorms. Editors Note: These reports may relate to a plasma like phenomena that could be manufactured by the storm itself. Conversely strong hurricane winds do not present a particular serious threat to an aircraft moving within the hurricane.
ROLLA: On Friday, September 2, 1998, at 7:45 p.m., while at a church youth group meeting 85 miles southwest of St. Louis. William B. and his friends took a break and went out into the parking lot to listen to some music. "Then I looked up and saw an elliptical unidentified object," Bill reported. "It was very bright and shiny." Calling his companions' attention to the UFO, he "told my friends to look at it, and it split into two equal parts. Many times in the time we watched it appear to move away, only to come right back in a minute or so. It must have been going very fast because it was still going fast even at a distance. Jets don't move like that." Thanks to Missouri MUFON.
DEMING: On September 21, 1998, "A perfect sphere hovered over Mosquito Lake for five minutes and twenty seconds exactly. It then shot out over the woods and disappeared at 2:30 PM. Phone #360-952-2537, 1789 Mosquito Lake Road, Deming, Washington. Thanks to Amanda H. and Editors Note; We're unable to verify this report.
Luis Sanchez Chilean Director Skywatch International reports that on September 28,. 1998, a ring shape UFO was seen throughout Chile. The UFO flew from Punta Arenas to La Serena a distance of over 2000 Kilometers. On Tuesday, the 29th the newspaper "La Tercera" published the following story: 'Strange Object flew over great part of the country.' A UFO flew over our skies last night between 9:00 and 10:00 PM, causing much expectation in the people who saw this object. It was described as a RING of SMOKE. La Direccion de Aeronautica Civil (equivalent the FAA) said that they did not receive any reports and that airport radars did not register any strange object in the sky. The CEFAA is investigating this case. End of the story. On the other hand Chilean Ufologist like Mr. Patricio Diaz from La Serena, has received dozens of phone calls reporting this sighting. People all over La Serena saw this big blue, gas/cloud like, ring shaped object in the sky. It was the size of a full moon moving North at slow speed. People from nearby Islon and Tierras Blancas also saw it. They said it was a white cloud like ring. It started going down and disappeared behind a hill. It looked as the object had landed, because all kind of bright colors came from behind the nearby hill. The witnesses wanted to go see what it was but were too frightened. Mr. Patricio Diaz is on an expedition at this moment towards the possible landing place. He also provided to CEFAA the TV recordings from numerous witnesses. The CEFAA is the "Comite de Estudio de Fenomenos Aereos Anomalos" created last year by order of the Chilean Air Force to study the strange objects or phenomena (UFO's). Thanks to Luis Sanchez Chilean Director Skywatch International.
CAMBRIDGE: Andrea Southgate-Spark reports seeing a swirling cloud (almost like a flat twister), containing within 12-16 white solid circles of light on September 18, 1998. There was no projection of light coming from the flat solid circles of dense whiteness. This saucer like object followed us in the car for three miles on A425 at 10.50 PM. Even when we changed direction it changed course to follow us. The object darted from the left to right side of us for another mile and was only 500 yards above our vehicle. It was completely noiseless, and when reporting the incident to Cambridge police, they said there was no or laser shows within the area. I do not believe in UFO's. I am a mature business women, but this beats logical explanation. Please can you shed light on this incident? Phone: 01954-718324 at: 13, Taskers Field Caxton, Cambs CB3 8PA
BELURAN DISTRICT: Jonis Juanin writes that, I work nights as a staff nurse in a government hospital in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. On October 2, 1998, three of us saw a round bright orange color light flashing with many small black dotted things at 2:15 AM. The UFO seemed to landing. The distance was about two kilometers from our place of work and we witnessed it for about 5 minutes until all its lights turned off. The sky that early morning was dark with no moon and stars visible. This is the first time in my life I have been a witness to this kind of thing. Before this I never heard of things called "UFOs" before. Thanks to Jonis Juanin at Phone #: 089511480, Mail Bag No 02, 90109 Beluran, SABAH.
Bill Rose and David Windle have combined to write an article for the October Focus Magazine. The article starts out discussing a friend of mine Jack Pickett. The article states: World War II combat veteran jack Pickett has no time for aliens, but he does believe in flying saucers. He says he kicked the tires of one at a US air base in Florida in the late 1960s and that he saw saucers flown at night at the US Navy's China Lake Complex in California. He's a reliable source and a unique one: he has reluctantly allowed us to name him. There are many eye witness accounts like his, but they all refuse to be named for fear of reprisal. What makes their accounts so hard to believe is the recurrence of the phrase 'flying saucer.' There's no single explanation for all UFO sightings, but there is evidence to suggest that man-made craft are behind the most famous cases."
The article gives a short history of flying saucers as follows: In 1930, Alexander Lippisch built the Delta Flying wing. In 1933, Germany's Horton brothers fly the H1 flying wing glider. In 1940, Rudolf Schriever joins Heinkle to design a disc. In 1941, the small Schriever designed flying disc is tested and Lippisch designs the AS-6 circular craft. In 1942, Charles Zimmerman designs the V-173 /Flying Pancake for the US Navy. In 1943, the Schriever flying disc tested in Germany. In 1945, the flight of the Heinkel/BMWV7 flying saucer takes place. Production begins of the Horton Gotha Go 229 flying wing jet fighter. As the war ends, Dr. Miethe escapes to the West and Klaus Habermohl is captured by the Russians. Top German scientists go to work for the US to continue work on space and secret aviation projects. The US Navy's advanced XF5U-1 Flying Pancake is under construction. In 1946, The Northrop XB-35 Flying Wing is completed and programs are under way to build advanced jet powered Navy Pancakes and high tech saucers based on German designs. In 1947 Kenneth Arnold sights a formation of unknown flying wings and the Roswell crash occurs. The Armstrong Whitworth AW52 a British jet powered flying wing takes to the air at RAF Boscombe Down and photographs of discs are taken over at McMinnville, Oregon.
Editor's Note: I have spent many years trying to find evidence for Jack Pickett's claims. I personally believe Jack, but despite hundreds of phone calls and letters, I have not been able to prove any part of his story. Jack himself has also been tireless in attempting to get proof for US discs. He has spent a fortune himself attempting to track down these craft and was instrumental in obtaining the release of formerly classified information concerning Silver Bug, a $55 million dollar project to build a disc. Silver Bug was designed to have Mach 3.5 speed and a ceiling above 80,000 feet. Bill Rose has written a book that details these experimental aircraft. We are looking for additional information about disc aircraft built for the Air Force or Navy. The main problem is do a few man-made experimental craft explain thousands of UFO sightings? Thanks to Bill Rose and Focus Magazine October 1998.
I just wanted to pass along a brief response to MUFON's Maryland State Director Bruce Maccabeeís comments in Filer's Files #39 REGARDING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. Response: From my 13 years experience in electronic countermeasures systems analysis as a Wright Patterson engineer I am well aware of the programs Dr. Maccabee mentions. As he knows and for the benefit of the general public, there are at least two types of US Department of Defense security classifications that are used. One is the usual "white" world vanilla classified security levels of CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, and TOP SECRET. Usually there are many compartments of TOP SECRET that so-called "black" TOP SECRET Special Access Required (SAR) programs exist and are a fact and characterized by little accountability to not only Congress, the President, many levels of DOD, supervisors, and even the person sitting next to the DOD employee who are "read" into a black program. Billions of dollars are spent yearly in the "black" world with such minimal accountability. Just because Dr. Maccabee may not be aware (or cannot confirm or deny involvement) of research & development in the black world does not mean that advanced development programs involving exotic technology do not exist. As far as holography, I personally collaborated with engineers in the WPAFP USAF Avionics Laboratory in which white world studies were conducted to determine the feasibility of using holographic false targets to defeat advanced imaging missiles in the infrared (IR) spectrum. Results indicated that with a larger than wingtip to wingtip angular separation (e.g., cooperative multiplatform coordination), IR. holographic false targets were shown to feasible and demonstrable. One can only imagine what may go on in black world with other broadband wavelengths for target concealment.
National Space and Meteor Hotline reports that meteor showers are expected over the next several weeks. The RED ALERT relates to a Leonid Meteor Storm Alert and the strange and relatively unknown radio emissions from meteors, called Electromagnet effects. These effects are expected to maximize on November 17, 1998, and could cause damage to digital chip within the Leonid target zone. Leonid meteor showers are expected to be heavy this year according to NASA. It is well known that atomic bombs exploded above 16,000 feet cause an EMP or Electro-magnetic Pulse that renders electronic equipment within the target range useless. It is possible that electronic and computer chip circuit could be damaged by these effects. More info at concerning the World Wide Meteor Watch Program. Thanks to Ross Dowe at the National Space Center and Skywatch International Inc.
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