Nick Pope On RAF UFO Story:
"The Events Did Not Happen"
From: UFO UpDates - Toronto
From: Georgina Bruni
Original RAF Story is Here
On 27th April the Daily Mail and the Daily Express ran stories that staff at RAF Fylingdales had tracked a UFO travelling over the North Sea at speeds of 24,000 mph. The information apparently came from military sources and said that radar systems had picked up a UFO which was the size of a battleship. It was further claimed that this sighting and other UFO events were to be discussed at a symposium to be held at RAF College Cranwell.
This whole affair has been the subject of much debate among the UFO lobby, and I undertook to make some enquiries to clarify the position. On the basis of these enquiries, I can now confirm the following:
While there are many instances where UFOs have been tracked on military radar, the particular events described in the recent media reports did not happen. The story seems to have been cobbled together by taking pieces of general information from old UFO stories and spuriously linking them with the Cranwell event.
I have been reliably informed of the identity of the source for this story, and told that this is not the first time that the individual concerned has put out a spurious defence related story.
There is to be a two day operational and technical symposium at RAF College Cranwell, which will discuss the military exploitation of space. The event will be held on 4th and 5th June, and is designed to raise awareness of military space systems with both the military and the commercial community. There will be a series of briefings and discussions on policy, doctrine, recent technological advances and procurement. There was never any intention that the issue of UFOs would be discussed.

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