British RAF Officer Announces
UFOs Are Now Being Tracked
From Michael Lindemann
From Colin Andrews

Note - This story has been racing around the internet at the
speed of light. We now have word from Graham Birdsall
that it is most probably a hoax.

Dear Colleagues,
Further to my posting on Monday, 27 April, concerning Britsh press reports that the RAF had tracked a "battleship"-sized UFO.
You will recall that Alan Patterson, RAF Press Officer, rejected all references to what he described as "the UFO angle" reported by the media.
He further claimed that the source of this story was a former MoD civilian employee named Philip Burden - someone who left their employment "under a cloud".
I have since spoken with one of the journalists concerned, who stands by the story.
Speaking off the record (his name and newspaper are known to a clutch of researchers, including Nick Redfern, Nick Pope and Timothy Good), he told me that the original source of this story was a senior serving RAF official, and not Mr. Burden.
However, journalist David Clark (who was an active UFO researcher before joining the Sheffield Star newspaper), has spoken with 'The Express' newspaper journalist John Ingham, who also covered the story. Mr. Ingham has told David Clark that yes, Philip Burden was his primary source.
Interestingly, Nick Pope highlighted an article that appeared in the 'Daily Mail' newspaper on 24 April 1996. This included a statement issued by the MoD, and published in RAF News, denying claims made two weeks previously in a BBC 2 television programme, that a "battleship"-sized UFO had been tracked at 4,000mph over the North Sea.
Nick Pope wondered if there were a possible connection: namely that the source quoted in the programme, featuring well-known UFO researcher and author Jenny Randles, was one and the same.
Two crucial findings have since emerged:
1) Jenny Randles has said that the 'source' in the 1996 programme was Ralph Noyes, himself a former head of the MoDs UFO desk, then known as DS8. He was referring to an entirely separate incident.
2) Philip Burden, it transpires, was the former editor of "RAF NEWS".
The latter revelation is particularly intriguing, not least because I am reliably informed that since leaving RAF News, Philip Burden has provided the media with several stories, originating from his time spent while editor of that publication, and for which he was paid.
One of these referred to an alleged UFO incident over Thailand, and took place during an official State Visit by the Queen.
Allegedly, the RAF aerobatic team (Red Arrows) had to cut short a flying display when the UFO appeared.
We are, as you can well imagine, attempting to clarify several important matters arising from these developments.
Suffice to say, at least one senior newspaper correspondent is standing by the story as it appeared last Monday.
The only concession he is prepared to make, is that the estimated speed of the UFO in question might now be in doubt, but he failed to expand on his reasoning.
As for the "battleship"-sized UFO, the 12 oval-shaped objects and radar tapes thereof?
He maintains such references were accurately reported, but expressed sympathy towards Alan Patterson's position, who, he stressed, had no option other than to state official MoD policy on the UFO issue.
It's been a hectic week thus far and late in the evening, but hopefully these comments will help to shed light on matters.
Finally, for anyone thinking of attending the Space Symposium at RAF Cranwell (4-5 June), admission doesn't come cheap.
Tickets are priced at £220.00 (two hundred & twenty pounds), and I'm not certain whether that's for one or both days.
Last but not least, our journalist friend suspects that the radar tapes, and all reference to them, "will be pulled" from the dozen-or-so sessions schedule to take place.
Best regards,
Graham W. Birdsall (Editor)
UFO Magazine [UK]

Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:26:11 -0400
From: Graham William Birdsall <
Subject: RAF Spots Speeding UFOs With Radar - NEWSFLASH
Dear Colleagues,
During the last 24 hours considerable attention has been focused on the revelation in some of the British press that information concerning the tracking of one and more UFOs by RAF Fylingdales, is to be discussed at a space seminar at RAF Cranwell.
I have spent much of that time attempting to track down those responsible for the release, and am now able to confirm that the story is allegedly bogus.
Much of the credit must go to my colleague, author and UFO researcher Nick Redfern, who was able to speak directly with Alan Patterson, RAF Press Officer at the Ministry of Defence in London.
I was given Alan Patterson's name and number to ring earlier in the day by officials at RAF Cranwell, but eventually Nick managed to get through.
Mr. Patterson said that "the only truthful part" that appeared in the press was that concerning the staging of a space seminar.
The UFO angle, and everything connected with it, was not true, he said.
The story had been concocted by a former MoD employee, whom he named as PHILIP BURDEN.
"He was employed as a civilian within the MoD in London, but he left under a cloud," said Mr. Patterson.
This was in stark contrast to a claim made earlier in the day, by a spokeswoman at RAF Cranwell, that the story originated at RAF Waddington.
A damage limitation exercise?
No one can be quite certain at this moment in time, but in light of the extraordinary comments from Mr. Patterson, the focus of attention has firmly switched to what appears to be the central figure in these developments - just who is Philip Burden?
Best regards,
Graham W. Birdsall [Editor]
UFO Magazine (UK)

Subject: British RAF officer announces they have been tracking UFO's. Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 10:10:06 -0400
Good morning Michael,
I have received several calls from colleagues in the UK today following radio news items and this national newspaper article published in the Express.
I have been telephoning the MOD in London and also Nick Pope, but so far nobody is answering calls. This could be a very important development.
Best wishes, Colin


UFOs Spots Speeding UFOs With New Radar
By John Lydham
The Express (England) 4-26-98
Britain's X-Files may be opened up amid claims of stunning evidence that UFOs fly over Britain.
Tapes to be shown to British and American experts are said to show objects which change shape in mid-air and a battleship-sized aircraft traveling at 23 times the speed of sound.
The details are due to be revealed in early June at a Space Symposium at the RAF's Cranwell staff college.
A senior RAF source claims the craft have been picked up by the latest phased array radar at the Cold War listening post at Fylingsdales in North Yorkshire.
One senior officer said, "What we have seen are not secret weapons. They are craft of which we have no technical knowledge. We know their shape, speeds, and height but cannot explain what they are."
The most spectacular discovery is a craft spotted by Fylingdales and the Dutch Air Force over the North Sea. Described as "the size of a battleship", it zig-zagged at up to 14,000 mile per hour for 15 minutes, "as if it wanted to be spotted."
Another tape shows a group of 12 oval objects seemingly change shape to the amazement of the observers.
But the RAF is expected to withhold some X Files. It is feared the they could reveal how sophisticated their new radar is.

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