Phoenix March 1997
UFO 'Scared the Hell'
Out Of Scrambled F-15 Pilot
From Doc Barry <>

The following text is the edited transcript of a conversation that took place between Peter B. Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, and a person who telephoned the Center at 0320 hrs. (Pacific) on Friday morning, March 14, 1997.
The caller asserted that he had just been personal witness to an intercept of a very large craft by two U. S. Air Force McDonnell-Douglas F-15c fighters directly above downtown Phoenix, Arizona, at approximately 2035 hrs. on Thursday, March 13, 1997.
((BEGIN TEXT)) NUFORC: Let me start the tape, and I'll put a time mark on... For the record, it's, ah, 0320 hrs. on Friday, the 14th of March, 1997.
I'm talking with a gentleman who's just calling from Phoenix. O.K., sir, go ahead.
CALLER: That's correct. uh, the, Luke Air Force Base is actually in Litchfield. I'm, I'm, ah.. I got off shift about 30 minutes ago. At, uh, 8:15, ah, the F-... "Ready Alert" at Luke Air Force Base, which is the F-15^... two F-15's that we keep on "Ready Alert"... They're part of the Air Force One and Air Force Two "Protection Group"... to protect 'em when they come west of the Rockies, whenever the President or any dignitary is on board.
They were launched because all Hell broke loose, basically. Apparently, we got a call from, ah, Prescott Valley Airport, a small airport, um, north of us... I'm sorry, northwest. And reporting an object that had a near miss with a small Cessna aircraft.
The call came up once ("wants" ??) "Ready Alert." Approximately 8:32, uh, from my understanding, that they encountered something over the sky, over Phoenix, Arizona, over the area of 7th Avenue and Indian School Road. They don't know what it was. The description that the pilot one of the pilots stated that they had a visual on it, they've got gun camera film of it, they have no radar tape of it. It scared the hell out of them. I've never seen this ((rank/name deleted)) I'm talking about, he, uh, the command pilot of this particular flight, he'll never talk to you. He's a real professional. I've never seen this man, oh, I've never seen this man scared.
Are you familiar with the term, "white noise "blanking out" radar? My understanding is, that's what they got, was strictly white noise.
His statement was that they followed this aircraft it went on a straight-line course, heading towards "vector" ((Sky)) Harbor Airport, which is one of our main airports here, and it entered the pattern Sky Harbor Airport. Crossed the pattern of the outbound runways. The outbound runways at that time the wind was coming in from the west.
They encountered going in, originally, uh, two 737's, and a DC-10 taking off from Sky Harbor. We have an America West hub here, so we've got a lot of civilian flights.
They... this aircraft stayed at... it was, um, his understanding was that it was at approximately 18,000 feet, descending to 10 thousand five. When it got to "Angels 10," 10-5, it completely went dark. He doesn't know if it was one aircraft, or several aircraft. He saw five distinct lights in a triangular pattern.
First three lights were in a tight triangular formation. Uh, one of the rear lights was with, at starboard at about... he said that it was about 200 yards. And then the other light was at about 400 yards, also on the east side of the triangle, if you will.
His belief is that this might have been more than one aircraft. He could not describe the aircraft. All he could say is that there were lights... there were no strobe lights. It was ((a)) light, he said, as bright as a star. Not like the North Star Right now, Mars and Jupiter are very bright in the sky. But this was not very bright. And, uh, they dimmed. And when they dimmed, he realized landing lights generally do not have that capability.
They then went and they dimmed in unison. Upon after dimming, they they went completely dark. The aircraft then passed into the pattern. They came back on followed the straight line of 7th Avenue, which, like, cuts right through Phoenix.
And they kept on going. They turned... they came back on just as they passed a mountain called "South Mountain." He, he was scared to death. He's not sure what it was. After they landed, the base was... we had a complete "lock down." The facility was closed. ((END TEXT))
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