Major Massachusetts Daylight
UFO Sighting 'Sent Shivers
Down My Spine'
George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #43-1998
Brandon Graham sent the following message to Larry Clark who forwarded it to me. "I am a student at Emerson College in Boston. I was driving in early afternoon on the Massachusetts Pike on my way home to Connecticut on October 26, 1998, when I noticed something odd in the sky. I saw what appeared to be a meteor falling toward the earth. It was glowing and emitted a large smoke trail. I immediately glanced to my left and saw what appeared to be a possible military aircraft emitting similar smoke trails flying toward it. The craft had a red light at it's head. I thought it was a missile trying to intercept the meteor. The presumed "meteor" must have been the same type of aircraft, for it didn't plunge toward earth. It arced over the horizon out of my sight. But my attention soon changed to our moon that was visible at this point during the day. To the right of the moon sat a silver horseshoe shaped object. The craft's body was erect and it's two ends each came to a sharp point. It looked like the moon in sliver form in three dimensions, but it didn't move. It was a few miles away and must have been massive. I rolled down my window and began pointing. The other cars on the highway slowed with me the drivers seem to see what I was seeing. There were more of those military jets flying around. As I drove I saw the object from several different perspectives. There was a shadow on the side facing away from the sun. I became very worried. As I attempted to discern its identity, it was not clouds, since they moved away and through the object as it remained stationary. It was not a weather balloon. The distinctive tips were pointing upward and the object was stationary. It was not like any aircraft I have ever seen. It sent shivers down my spine. I watched it for at least ten minutes. I continued to see the weird military jets for the next half hour. Please contact me if you hear any reports that confirm my experience. I guess I have always been an open minded, skeptic. Not anymore! Thanks to Larry Clark and Brandon Graham,
BEMUS POINT: CAUS reports a recent sighting: "My name is Steve, I am 42 years old, I live in western New York at Bemus Point about a mile from Chautauga Lake. Last Thursday (October 15) I went deer hunting about a mile north of my home, I stayed in the woods till dark and then walked out, stopping first at a friends deer camp. I was sitting on the front porch about 8:00 PM. The sky was very clear and I observed a lighted object above several thousand feet. It would move in all different directions and sometimes stop and then move again. This went on for over 15 minutes. I finally got in my truck and went home. I told one of my brothers-in-law about it and found out that a guy on the other side of the lake has been seeing the same type of activity only much lower to the ground. He could see windows on the UFO. His wife also saw it. They recorded it with their camcorder. But the guy is afraid now to talk for fear of his reputation. He is a CEO at a large company in Jamestown, NY. I would like to know if anyone else in my area has been reporting on this type of activity. CAUS is attempting to obtain the video of the neighbor's close encounter. Thanks to Peter A. Gersten Director of CAUS, web site is at
Hector Colon reports seeing a UFO on the North side of the island on October 16, 1998, at about 8:00 PM. The sky has been so beautiful for the last few days. As I was looking at the stars, I noticed that one of the most largest stars in the sky began moving. In ten seconds it multiplied it's speed and vanished into the night skies moving away. This was an experience that I never thought could happen to me. These events made me change my entire belief in intelligent life from a distant place. Thanks to ISUR, John Thomspson and Hector Colon, Phone # 787-270-0302, PO. Box 724, Vega Alta, Puerto Rico 00692
GLOBE: A UFO was sighted on July 15, 1998, in the Tonto National Park by Vilus Stalte a 66 year old retired gentleman. He was rock hunting and searching for geodes when he spied the circular disc craft. The disc appeared to land and then shoot a beam of light towards the rock wall. When the disc departed he went to examine the area where the craft was hovering. He was unable to see any markings or appendages on the smooth metallic disc. There was no sound. Inspection revealed a circular landing site about 15 foot in diameter. A nearby rock wall was scared with what appeared to be burn marks, that could have been made by the beam from the craft. The observer indicated this was his first sighting, since he was a boy in his native Kolka, Latvia. He remembers the weather was warm and he was wearing shorts in the summer 1942. He noticed a torpedo like object flying from south to north. He started running towards the object and realized it had slowed down in speed enough to stay just above his position has he ran along. The torpedo like object seemed to look him over and flew an estimated 25 feet above him. In his judgment the craft was about the same size of a torpedo that are launched from submarines. The craft stayed above him as he ran, when he slowed to a walk the craft sped away. The craft made a very strange high pitched sound. In later years he learned the sound was similar to a jet engine. Thanks to Vilis Stalte who lives at Geiger Key Marina, Key West, Florida 33040.
BRUSSELS: Reuters reports that Belgium's civil aviation authority said on Monday it had launched an inquiry to establish the origin of a lump of metal, which fell through a house roof sending a shower of debris onto a baby's empty cot. The metallic object, weighing 1.5 kg (three pounds), smashed through the roof of the home in Dilsen-Stokkem, on Belgium's border with the Netherlands near Maastricht, on October 16, the Belga news agency reported. Thanks to John Thompson
George Reynolds, the MUFON NE Maryland Director responds to my question about the missing 1,800 homing pigeons that never made it home to their lofts in Allentown, PA, The pigeons were released in Virginia on October 6, 1998, but only 10 percent of the pigeons made it home. That same day about 800 birds released in Western Pennsylvania disappeared during their 150 mile trip home to Phoenixville, PA. Normally, less than 5% of the birds fail to return home. An almost a 90% loss is unheard of! Pigeons navigate by a combination of vision, detection of the earth's magnetic field, and even smell. Also, an unusually high number of deer kills have also been reported. One was hit by a car in front of my suburban home yesterday. Andrew Griffin writes that the dogs and birds are acting strange in Waxahachie, Texas. The birds have been diving on him while the dogs howl eerily. The animals seem unusually confused.
Investigator George Reynolds suggests that he has a possible answer. For several years now he has been monitoring the Earth's magnetic field using a flux gate compass with the output put through operational amplifiers into chart recorders and digital voltmeters. He has noticed that when he gets a large fluctuation in the readings, within two or three days an earthquake occurs. For example, on September 24, 1998, between 1:00 and 3:00 PM, the voltmeter reading dropped from 7 Volts to 1 Volt. The chart recorder was going off the scale in both directions, jumping from side to side. The next day the readings of 1.0 to 2.5 volts with the needle on the chart recorder still very active. At 1:00 PM George called a researcher in solar activities at the University of Delaware to inquire about solar flare activity. He was out, so he left a message with his answering service. George told him about the erratic instrument readings and predicted an earthquake was about to occur. At 4:20 that afternoon, an earthquake measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale occurred near Erie, PA. It was powerful enough to be felt as far away as Michigan and Canada. George's readings ran from . 5 volts to 2.75 volts with much activity on his chart recorder and voltmeters. George feels these mysterious disappearances of homing pigeons may be tied to the Earth's magnetic field fluctuations. If the pigeons do have an internal "compass" did they get wrong navigation information and become lost? Just where and why have all the pigeons gone? Thanks to George Reynolds. Editors Note: In searching for the answer to UFOs George has found a clue to uncovering the mystery of predicting Earthquakes.
Tim Matthews British UFO Studies Center wrote that there is a big debate raging in the UK about the use of hypnosis and 'recovered' memories of close encounters. I told him I recommend using hypnosis has a last resort. Mind enhancing and recall methods often work allowing the experiencer to recall memories on their own. Briefly anyone who suspects they have been abducted will have at least a partial memory. Upon awakening I suggest they attempt to relive the abduction experience. While still in partial sleep, visualize the scene looking to the left, right, up and down. Attempts should be made to feel the temperature, smells, moisture and other feelings encountered. These memories are of much greater value than those obtained during hypnosis.
Ellen Hecht a Clinical Hypnotherapist responds. There is every indication that an advanced form of hypnosis is used either to block the abductees' memories or, in some cases, exchange planted or screen memories for the actual experiences. Those responsible for these kidnappings have gone to great lengths and with advanced skills have blocked the victim's memories. I believe that only with the application of hypnosis, applied by a trained and experienced hypnotherapist, can these deeply buried memories surface. And to address the integrity and motives of the hypnotherapists, most will go out of their way to try to talk the client out of pursuing the retrieval of abduction-related memories. The individual is told it is the proverbial "can of worms" and they need to look long and hard at their emotional and physical ability to deal with what they may uncover. They are asked whether knowing the truth is more important to them than their peace of mind -- even at the risk of their sanity and their professional and personal relationships. Only if the client is insistent that they must know, not withstanding everything, does the session go forward. I don't know why you would state your opinion of the worthlessness of hypnosis so categorically. Time and again hypnosis has been used to sharpen the recall of individuals who have witnessed crimes, to remember license plates of getaway cars or to see the face of a rapist when the victim has blocked it from their mind as a result of shock. People use hypnosis to recall more easily when studying for tests. I have personally seen individuals who, under hypnosis, remember the names of classmates and teachers in kindergarten, when under normal circumstances they could not. Add to that the likely scenario, that the memories of abductees have been blocked by the abductors with an advanced form of hypnosis, and you have the perfect tool to research missing time episodes. More research needs to be done in this field. Under no circumstances should the use of hypnosis be censured. Thanks to Ellen Hecht, CHt (Clinical Hypnotherapist). Editors Response: I consider hypnosis has an important tool to recover memories. My point was that all other methods should first be used prior to hypnosis. Anyone under the control of a hypnotherpist is under extreme pressure to perform and may unintentionally confabulate stories to please. Not all hypnotherpists are skilled and the data obtained may be of questionable value without careful safeguards.
On November 17, 1998, the Earth will pass through the dust laden tail of the comet Temple-Tuttle. Comets are actually dirty snowballs hurtling through space. Satellites in orbit above the Earth have some concern about anticipated Leonids meteoroid storm. Dust and ice particles with a velocity of 155,000 miles per hour could threaten some of our sensitive equipment. Captain Bruce Bookout of the 21st Space Wing at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado predicts Leonids' the bolide meteors will brighten the nighttime sky and could cause damage to missile warning and space surveillance assets. Temple-Tuttle -a fairly "young" comet has been hurtling through space for a couple hundred thousand years. The comet has a 33-year-long elliptical orbit around the sun, that takes it almost to Uranus. The Earth's annual orbital path will take us right through the comet's path providing us with a fireworks display in the sky. We have the potential for a spectacular sandstorm in space for satellites. Thirty-two years ago, the Leonids produced an estimated 150,000 meteoroids per hour. This year's storm is expected to have less strength, but there are now 500 satellites now in orbit versus a 100 then. A collision causes a "plasma electrostatic discharge that creates a voltage spike on the surface that could result in a fried satellite." Thanks to the Air Force News Service 10/21/98.
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