Strange New UFO Reports
From Australia

From Ross Dowe
Australian UFO Hotline
2-15-98 9:45 PM Mary's Sydney - NSW Respondents reported sighting two very bright orange fireball illuminations crossing the sky underneath clouds (3000'). The illuminations quickly followed each other about a mile apart. They appeared to come from the Richmond air base area and looked like they were heading towards Liverpool or the Army's Hollsworthy base. There was no wind however there was lite rain
2-14-98 5.45 AM Gold Coast - QUEENSLAND Respondent reported sighting a large black disc shape object which appeared to be a solid formation, object or aircraft, flew over the area about 1000-1500 feet up. The disc shaped object headed due north and flew on a straight an level course, its speed was slower than a commercial airoplane and was only sighted for 1-2 mins before disappearing. It traveled to fast for a balloon, local weather conditions were about 8-10 knots breeze at ground level SSW to NNE
2-13-98 9.22 PM Stones Corner - Brisbane - QUEENSLAND Respondents sighted a bright point of light in the northern sky and within seconds it exploded into a extremely bright white round circle and remained for a number of seconds. The exploded illumination appeared to be about the size of an orange at arms length, it also appeared to have a orange/red glow on its outside rim however, the light was very bright in the center. Respondents said that "it appeared to be like a huge photo flash in the sky". No sound was heard and looked like it was a very long way a away. It was about 25 degs up from the northern horizon. Respondents commented that "It was unbelievable and bizarre"! Army ex-serviceman. Other respondents also added that "it looked like the action of an umbrella opening up".
4-13-98 9.35 PM Elstenwick - Melbourne - VICTORIA Respondents report sighting a navy blue or black domed to disc shaped object traveling to the north west of Melbourne at dusk. The object looked like a second World War British battle helmet and it rocked side to side as it moved, it flew at the same height for about 5 - 6 mins until out of sight.
4-11-98 10.05 Toodyay - WESTERN AUSTRALIA Respondents sighted what appeared to be a bright domed illumination. A object or illumination array was first sighted to arise from the east and move to a position near the moon, it came to a holding position just under the moon and change colours, it then moved southward and changed direction, it crossed right overhead towards the south west of Perth in only seconds, it moved unlike any aircraft seem by the respondents.
A minute later another or the same object arose from the south west and traveled overhead to the east, it also traveled extremely fast. As the object traveled overhead the first time it appeared at one point to stop --- rise sharply up then drop smaller lights appeared to rotate it, a bright blue white light repeatedly emitted from it and faded to a yellow/orange to red colour before pulsing again.
A rumbling sound was heard following it, the sound was unlike any audible sonic boom heard. The respondents said that the "cockatoo's, gallah's, sheep and dog's in the area are going crazy"...Perth Western Australia 11:50 PM power outage.
4-9-98 9.50 PM Geelong - VICTORIA Respondents reported sighting a dark triangular shaped object with three orange illuminations at each of the three apex "corners" of the object, all respondents said that it was heading towards the Yau Yangs Mts. North West of Geelong. Respondents said that "the object was an definite equilateral triangular shaped vehicle, it traveled very slowly, slower than what an aircraft could fly at."
Respondents also sighted the object with binoculars and the moon illuminated the low clouds making it possible to see the dark vehicle stand out. Some respondents thought there was a humming sound but also added that "it may have been a humming from the washing machine."!
2-9-98 9.50 PM Blackwood - SOUTH AUSTRALIA Respondents report sighting a very fast moving and very bright ball of white light. It appeared to pass cross the sky a about 20-30 degrees in the northerly sky, heading west or north west of Adelaide. No sound heard and the illumination flew straight and level at all times, local weather conditions little cloud, if any, and no wind.
2-6-98 11:30-11.45 PM Wodonga - VICTORIA Respondents reported sighting a very large Orange triangular shaped illumination over the Wodonga area. Respondents reported sighting a very intense and a very large bright orange illumination appear in the south south east sky. One respondent said that he "was even looking at the stars in that area of the sky when this triangular illumination just seemed to appear from no-where."
The Orange object or illumination moved from the south south east towards Wodonga (NNW) and then appeared to hover for about 30 seconds in the east it changed direction and headed towards the Hume Weir. It took about 5 minutes to travel out of sight and was last seen traveling up the valley towards Tangambalanga and the HUME POWER STATION. (ps: Mel Gibson country) The illumination appeared to be very close," 1/4 to 1/2 mile away. It was about the size of a commercial jetliner and appeared to be 600 feet up. Respondent reported the object made no sound. Local weather conditions Clear 27-30 Degs and No wind..
2-2-98 11.55 PM Devenport - TASMANIA Respondents report sighting two bright white triangular objects ripping through the night sky over Devenport. The first object sped passed at an incredible speed at a low altitude heading west. A few seconds later, another white triangular object flew past on the same course and bearing, however this object appeared to have a bright green light or glow following it. The objects appeared to be identical in shape and colour. There was no sound. The objects were a definite right angle triangle shape. "They appeared to be like the broad swept back wing of a stealth or delta winged American spy craft," said the respondents.

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