Museum Guard Says
Ghost Chased Him Out
Says Ghost Has Made Him Depressed, Nervous
MADRID, Spain (Reuters) -- A security guard at Madrid's famed Reina Sofia art museum went on sick leave because he said he wanted to get away from a ghost who was haunting the place, a Spanish newspaper reported on Thursday.
The guard, who filed an official complaint late last year with the Madrid government, said his encounters with an apparition named Ataulfo had caused depression, nervousness and dizziness, the daily El Pais said.
He suggested an exorcism should be conducted to rid the art gallery of its unwanted visitor once and for all.
The man claimed that other museum officials had also seen ghosts in the building and said it may have had something to do with the site's earlier uses as a hospital, jail and a morgue.
The guard said that after he stopped working at the museum his symptoms went away, and he asked that his problem be classified as a work-related illness, the newspaper reported.
The Madrid government refused to investigate the guard's complaint, saying it had "no jurisdiction in paranormal phenomena," El Pais said.
The Reina Sofia, one of Madrid's top museums, is best known for housing Pablo Picasso's masterpiece "Guernica."

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