David Oates Says Reversals
Show Reed 'Alien' Story
To Be A Total Hoax
News Release On Reed 'Alien' Story
David Oates <>

Hear the Reed reversals yourself!

On November the 11th, Dr. Jonathon Reed appeared on the Art Bell show relaying a tale about an 'alien attack', an 'obelisk', and detailed how he had killed the alien and took it back to his house and stored it in his freezer. He took photos and videos but none of the physical evidence remain due to alleged theft by persons unknown, presumably government agents, according to Reed.
I have received numerous requests to analyse this story with reverse speech technology to determine its truthfulness. These are my results.
The story is a deliberate fabrication. The 'obelisk' and 'alien body' were manufactured and transported to the scene. The motives were simply finanical. The speech reversals are very clear and plain on this point using phrases such as....
"Make bets"
"We can show money"
"Ike built that skull"
"Clever is the lie"
"My guilt"
"We rented a dome"
"Made fun with you"
"Put a Grey in it"
"They built costume in the garden"
"The obelisk was chauffered"
"I was a witness"
"He connected that"
"Mastered the facts"
"So buy this"
"I'm ashamed of me"
"Lying, he killed soul"
"This is the lie"
Full results will be on my website shortly.
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