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George A. Filer <>
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Filer's Files #36-1998
PERTH AMBOY: On Sunday, August 30, 1998, Jeff B., 51, and his lady friend, Gabrielle, were driving through Perth Amboy on their way to New York City's Staten Island borough when they spotted something gleaming in the daylight sky. "I was approaching Staten Island on Highway 278," Jeff reported, "I was about ten minutes from the toll booths for the Outer Bridge. I looked out at about 30 degrees to the horizon to the west and the object appeared to me to be a flattened oval. It was about the size of a child's aspirin held on edge at arm's length and was silver and completely motionless. There was a blue sky and a few cumulous clouds." "I said to my lady friend, Gabrielle, 'What is that?'" Jeff then commented that the object "did not look like any aircraft known to me--no wings, no tail, nothing in the way of a distinguishing profile." "It diminished in size very rapidly. It appeared to be moving at a high rate of speed straight away from us at an angle of ascent of about 10 degrees above my original line of sight. Its color changed to gray once it began to move. It was gone in three seconds." "Gabrielle's eyesight is better than mine. She felt its shape was roughly that of a flattened oval, was actually trapezoidal. She could discern edges and the object appeared to be five-sided." "Ten minutes later, as we approached the Outer Bridge. Gabrielle looked south and saw another UFO of the same relative size. She thought, 'What a big bird,' when the object moved straight down very smoothly and with great uniformity of motion and disappeared." Jeff added. "I've always approved of Carl Sagan's statement that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. I've never saw a UFO until last Sunday." Thanks to Paul Williams of WBAI in New York City and UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #36 editor Joe Trainor 9/9/98.
CHATSWORTH: Georgia State Director, Tom Sheets reports on new activity. "I received information from Terry Kimbrell, MUFON/ISUR, that they have been receiving UFO reports in the mountain areas of North Carolina to include Sylvia, Clyde, Asheville-Mars Hill, which is not far from the Georgia line. These have included recent sightings all the way up toward the Virginia line at Dobson and Mt. Airy, also in the Morganton and Lenoir areas. On September 3, 1998, we have other info that there may have been additional events reported to FM radio US 101 in Chattanooga about a Chattanooga UFO. The first call was followed immediately by a call-in from a Dade County, Georgia resident about a UFO over Dade. All of this combines with heavy UFO reports from Fyffe, and Sand Moutain, Alabama in the last few years. What Terry Kimbrell is speculating on, is a UFO corridor similar to the one in Western Georgia. Drawing a line west to east from Sand Mountain through Chatsworth, and then sort of jinking northeast into North Carolina. The route follows the higher mountains and surrounding rural terrain. This could be a continuation of the Western Georgia corridor that points into the valley where Highway 411 runs towards Chatsworth. Maybe we have some sort of 'Blue Ridge UFO Corridor' but we really can't say that until we receive as many reports as those that made the Western Georgia (THC) famous. The mountain folk are very closed mouth about reporting UFOs. Thanks to Tom Sheets. Editors Note: UFOs have been reported over the Appalachian Mountain chain for many years. There are numerous military training routes, and slow speed low altitude training routes in this general area.
Two college students, a girl and her boyfriend, went camping last week in Pinnacle, North Carolina, in the state park between Mount Airy and Pilot Mountain, about 125 miles northwest of Raleigh, and had a UFO encounter. "We were at a campground off Route 52 North, exit 129, about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Winston-Salem," she reported. Around 11:00 PM, the dogs began barking. As her boyfriend opened the opened the tent to get a better look around, he saw an object quickly fly away. Too quick to be an airplane. He woke me up, but it was too late, it had flown away. Then, at 1:00 AM, it was back. A ball of light, getting bigger, then smaller as it moved back and forth. "We were a bit shaken." "After 30 seconds, we thought, 'let's shine a light on it to see what it does.' It became agitated and moved around more vigorously. It seemed as if it mimicked the patterns in which we were shining the light. Now we were really scared." Shortly thereafter, the couple walked to another campsite and pointed out the weird light to the other campers. One man also saw it moving. He said, "He had seen something similar a few nights before, and there are no air/military bases nearby." "At 1:00 AM, we noticed a second smaller craft at 8 o'clock position. The last thing we both remember before succumbing to sleep was two red flashes of light spreading across the sky. I woke up suddenly and startled around 3:00 AM, I woke my boyfriend up. He also was shaken. This time the first craft (light) was at 4 o'clock position. We decided to leave, so we threw the dogs in the car and headed back to the campus." She added, "The size of the object at its brightest was about three stars put together." Thanks to Rev. Billy Dee/UFOSSI and UFO Roundup Vol. 3 #36 editor Joe Trainor 9/9/98
TAMPA: We are all set for a rash of "sightings" as B-2 bombers will deploy to MacDill Air Force Base starting on September 13, 1998. This information is according to Captain Bruce Sprecher, the spokesman for the 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman. Thanks to Mark & MM Zimmer, MM
GULF BREEZE SHORELINE PARK SOUTH: On August 22, 1998, from 11:00 PM until 2:15 AM a strange phenomena was observed by Ray and Elise Pollock, Beverly Pilcher, and Celena Salyars in the waters of Santa Rosa Sound. They described the odd behavior of sound and light reflections on the waters. The area involved also included both sides of the pier looking toward Bob Sikes Bridge. Beverly Pilcher was standing near the pier when she experienced a powerful wave of ringing in her ears. She described it as being so strong that her ears hurt -- like being jabbed with a swab or something. A helicopter was observed coming low over the Deer Point area and moving out over the Island making no sound. It was fairly well lit with steady white lights and blinking red lights. It was also projecting a steady searchlight type beam on the waters as if searching for something. It made a circle around the area, extending out into the Gulf but strangely we heard no sound whatsoever. Normally aircraft and boats would be heard at this distance. We then noted a number of power boats traveling the waterway from the Bob Sikes bridge and realized no sound from them could be detected. Earlier in the evening boats traversing the waterway could be clearly heard.
We then noticed that there was a dense black area in the waters that did not reflect the light from the lights on the beach. The water was unusually smooth. There were short reflections of the lights in the waters immediately adjacent to the shoreline at our observation point in the Park - beyond the "black" water area. This area also had a complete absence of sound from boats. We then noticed that while there were some reflections on the East side of the pier from the lights on the Bob Sikes Bridge, they were very dim. Additionally, there were no traffic sounds coming from the bridge, despite the fact that there was plenty of observed traffic on the bridge. Beverly Pilcher and Celena Salyars went out to the end of the pier at Shoreline Park and could observe this "black" water. They also curiously observed that their voice echoed sharply from the pier facing this black water. Ray and Elise still on the shore could clearly hear Beverly and Celena on the end of the pier and vice/versa. Remember the "black water" was slightly beyond the pier. A boat coming up the waterway from the Deer Point/Pensacola Bay direction was observed to be making no sound, both from the Shoreline Beach and from the end of the pier. It did not become audible until it crossed the area of black water making an approach to the launching ramps at Shoreline Park. At that point it suddenly became audible and included conversations being carried on aboard the boat. Once it became obvious that something unusual was going on, we made it a point to make repeated observations of everything around us. Boats moving up the waterway from the Bob Sikes Bridge shortly became rather extraordinarily audible and remained audible, but varying in intensity or loudness along the waterway until a point slightly before a point that could be reached by an extension of the pier at Shoreline Park. At this point they became inaudible and remained that way until they were out of sight at Deer Point. This was observed repeatedly. After approximately and hour and a half of these observations, the water gradually began to show reflections again in the area where they previously did not show. Also, boats traversing the water way became audible but muffled for a longer stretch of the waterway directly in front of Shoreline Park. After these events, Ray and Elise Pollock and Beverly Pilcher experienced sleep disturbances and weird dreams for the next few hours. Celena Salyars also reported weird dreams. Phil Gerbig remembers reading an article where the Coast Guard was chasing a UFO under water in Pascagoula, Mississippi. They seemed to have experienced a similar phenomenon to our observations and it was called a Dead Zone. Thanks to Ray Pollock.
LYNNWOOD: Michael Shaun Sanders reports seeing a UFO outside bedroom window at 10:00 PM on June 15, 1998. He reports that a round shaped like saucer shot a blue light into my eyes, that made me unmovable for ten minutes. We have called his phone number: (425) 774-6258 to verify his report. We left a message to return our call on his tape recorder. His Address: 20923 44th Pl. W, Lynnwood, Washington. 98036. E-mail:
The Prince George Citizen reports that Mystery crop circles were found at Vanderhoof on September 1, 1998, according to Citizen staff writer Gordon Hoekstra. "An unexplained phenomena -- dubbed crop circles around the world -- has been discovered in the forestry and farming community of Vanderhoof, 100 kilometers west of here. Vanderhoof airport owner Brent Miskuski and pilot Larry Frey discovered 10 precise circles of varying sizes between 10 to 100 feet wide (three to 30 meters) in a ripe oat field just beyond the approach to the runway this weekend. "This is bizarre, I'll tell you," said Miskuski. "It's one out of the twilight zone." One of the local farmers said his dogs were barking out of control unexplainably Friday night, said Miskuski, adding there was no wind that night either. Mifuskuski -- who took pictures from the air -- describes the oats as being bent over symmetrically and lying down very flat. There are no signs of trampling or disturbance, and there were no paths to the circles or between them, he said. Vanderhoof resident Jay Bangs also viewed the circles from the air when he was flying with his father Sunday morning. He came back after the flight to get a closer look. He thought there were maybe a half dozen "perfectly round" circles of varying sizes up to 50 feet (15 meters) wide. Bangs described the oats as being all neatly bent over, with the oats intact on the stalks. "It was very precise." It's creating quite a bit of talk in the community, said Bangs, who also took pictures of the circles. Crop circles first appeared in modern times in England in 1972, according to The Crop Circular Internet site. Since then, there have been about 9,000 reported and documented circles -- about 90% in England but also in B.C. About 40% of the documented circles have been determined to be hoaxes, says Internet author Freddy Silva, where the grass is broken, trampled, bruised or crushed. In the authentic, unexplained formations the stems are bent, normally about an inch off the ground, says Silva." Thanks to Michael Strainic, Canadian National Director MUFON: (604) 683-6168 e-mail:;
HESSDALEN: John Thompson has notified us about Project Hessdalen, an automatic field tracking station operation, designed to monitor the sky for unusual phenomenon. The project started on August 7, 1998, and includes a computer system that is used for storing readings. A magnetometer measures the magnetic field in three directions: X, which is south-north, Y, which is east- west and Z, which is up-down. The main purpose of this measurement is to see if there is any change in the magnetic field. A black-and-white solid state camera, with a wide angle lens, is connected to a Silicon Graphics Indy computer, which analyze the picture every second. When "something" is discovered, a video-recorder starts to record it. As long as this "something" is moving in the picture, the video-recorder is recording. If this "something" stops or disappears, the video-recorder will run for 15 more seconds. The picture that started the video-recorder, will be sent to the web page immediately. It is possible to adjust the trigger level, which starts the recorder and sent the picture. At least one picture is taken every hour. Anything unusual will cause a picture to be captured is sent immediately for analysis. Interesting alarm pictures are placed in the computer for all of us to view. Your browser needs Java to be able to see the magnetometer measurements. Netscape 4.05 is preferable. Martin R. Thorsen and Erling.P.Strand operate the site that includes hourly photos and magnometer readings at-
MUFON investigator John Thompson comments: We would like to set up a similar system at my house, atop a high hill, in Troup County, Georgia. I would like to have, perhaps, four or five wide-angle cameras and several magnetometers to cover 360 degrees and above. Unlike Hessdalen, Norway I feel confident we would get some real UFOs that are not of only natural origin. I'm convinced from all the photos I've seen taken at Hessdalen, that they are only dealing with piezoelectric UFOs that are sometimes incorrectly called, "earth lights".
ANTALYA: Travel agent, Hakan Mr. Soyler reports we saw two lights coming from the Olympos Valley on August 22, 1998. We were in a very silent place lying on the sandy beach at 12:20 AM on the Southwest coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The UFOs were very close to each other and very fast. The closest UFO to us was very bright. We did not see any colored lights on their wings or hear any sounds. When they gained altitude we were able to see a third UFO. They moved very fast creating a delta shape, and in a very short time they became like stars and disappeared. For these reasons we do not think they were military jets. We could not see any stars for a while in the area where they disappeared even though the weather was very clear. Three of us observed them, My wife and my brother's wife and myself agree that they were UFOs. Because we never seen this close and this fast flying objects before. Their Phone Number: 0090 242 2424574 Their Address: Ataturk Cad. 37/1 07100 Antalya/Turkey
Robert Collins reports that on August 17, 1998, the removal of an unknown object from the upper portion of a man's thumb was accomplished. He'd had a few suggestive experiences, including an extensive sighting of three UFOs with another witness. But he doesn't remember any abductions, and his object was discovered by accident. In the past, I have been concerned that the chain of evidence might not be rock-solid to an outsider if objects were left in unsealed containers and so forth. This time, all sealing and unsealing has been done before four witnesses on videotape, and the object has been contained using security tape that cannot be removed without evidence being left behind. So there can be no question that what is going to be placed under study is what came out of the volunteer's hand. It was an amazing, deeply satisfying thing to actually see it come out. The first surgeries I saw in 1996 moved me so profoundly that I cried. I am deeply concerned that they have been placed in our bodies without our consent. I don't believe for a moment that they can be explained away. In fact, I think that even trying to dismiss them is the height of irresponsibility. To introduce something into somebody's body like this is assault, pure and simple. And it doesn't matter if it was done by aliens or humans, the ethical situation is the same. Understand, I don't have any really strong evidence that the close encounter situation is harmful or dangerous, but the manner in which it manifests itself suggests otherwise. The situation keeps us passive. Government secrecy and visitor secrecy might as well be two aspects of the same policy. And every time a newspaper publishes some ill-informed story debunking this material, it is playing right into the hands of whoever doesn't want us to take action on our own behalf. The same is true for science: when scientists grudgingly admit that there might be hard UFO evidence and then in the same breath say that there is no "credible evidence" of abductions. They are insuring that contact will continue as it has, with the visitors holding all the cards. If they treated us with the kind of respect that suggests that they value us at least somewhat as individuals, I wouldn't object to them being in control of the contact process. But they aren't doing that. This is an intrusion, an invasion, and we are victims. All I know is this: "they" are very secretive, and they are putting unknown objects into our bodies. If There is only one sane response: whenever possible, take the implants out. Thanks to Robert Collins
When sightings reports are received we attempt to verify them when possible. Better cases are investigated by Field Investigators when they are available and live within driving distance of the witness. Frequently investigation requires traveling hundreds of miles, taking time off from work, setting appointments with numerous phone calls, conducting the actual investigation and writing up the investigation reports. These investigations are accomplished without payment from any source. For example, my phone bill runs several hundred dollars a month. Investigators do this work as volunteers, because they feel it is important to the well being of America and indeed all the people of Earth. You can be assistance to us by letting me guide you to some excellent real estate people in you area.
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