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USAF Final Report
By Don Ecker
Director of Research
UFO Magazine
To: Jeane Manning
I have read two of your books, "The Coming Energy Revolution," and "Angels Don't Play this Haarp." Thank you for the excellent expositional works. They have meant alot to me. I found out about you through an old friend, Walt Rosenthal. He encouraged me to share my ideas with you, so here goes the first one.
In thinking about the HAARP project, I started thinking about what it means to spacecraft within that region of the ionosphere, and I mean normal everyday spacecraft such as the space shuttle and satellites. It means very bad things. Even if they limit themselves to increasing the charge particle density to only double or triple, ionospheric heating still means more energetic particles on average, and this will have catastrophic effects on certain spacecraft materials. I have just completed a three year study of ionospheric interactions with the new International Space Station, and even though the problem is still very fresh in my mind, it took awhile for me to grasp what an ionospheric heater is really doing, then it took me even longer to analyze these effects and apply understand the ramifications on my recent work.
If I understand you correctly, we could start out by saying that the ionosphere is comprised primarily of Atomic Oxygen. In its natural state (before the invention of electricity) a fraction of this oxygen (and the other constituent gases) was constantly being ionized by solar and other radiations. The ionized atoms would then re-combine with an electron (usually within milliseconds) to lose their charge. Thus an equilibrium condition was reached, where depending on the level of solar activity, the portion of the atmospheric gases in that region settled in the ballpark of 0.01 - 0.1% ionized gas at any one time. This condition began to change however, with the advent of hi-power transmission equipment and power lines. The new technology affected both the ionization and re-combination processes, and resulted in localized effects to the ionosphere.
Now enter spacecraft into the picture. NASA has been fighting a war for a decade on the effects that Atomic Oxygen has on polymer spacecraft materials. Essentially what's happening is that Atomic Oxygen is ramming into the weak organic chemical bonds at orbital + thermal velocities, and eroding away the material slowly. This is essentially the same thing that will happen with the ionized portion of the ionosphere as well, but only if the particular spacecraft structure is electrically neutral. As a detail point, the ionized atoms tend to be at the higher end of the gasses' energy distribution, because once they become ionized they become accelerated by electric forces. Conversely, atoms which are ionized by deliberate application of EM fields get accelerated by that same EM field, hence the effect of raising temperature. The ionospheric heater fits in here I now realize. And it is insanity.
Consider the effects on the new thin-film Space Station Solar Arrays. They do not have the property of being electrically neutral in the ionosphere by any means. 1,000 to 20,000 times a second, the entire EM field surrounding them is collapsed by the voltage regulating SSU (non-shunt) circuit controller, and herein lies the problem. The copper circuitry is covered by 2 - 10 mil thick polymers like Kapton. When we analyzed the naturally occuring effects that the ionized portion of the ionosphere has on the arrays in 1994, we found the following interesting fact. The AC electric field present in the array circuitry switches 140 volts at 1 khz, and couples like a capacitor to the ions through the Kapton dielectric. The ions then slam the charged particles into the array polymers with a velocity fifty times greater than the orbital/thermal velocities of the non-charged gasses. That's like 2,000 times the energy in the collision. The result is that these atoms now have enough energy to damage copper and steel. The process is well known as ion sputtering.
When we completed our analysis, the result was within an order of magnitude of saying that the arrays would not survive the requisite fifteen years. We argued and argued and eventually NASA took responsibility of the problem from us. AKA it disappeared.
We based our analysis on the 1986 model of the ionosphere which takes no man-made ionospheric effects into account. If either the ionized fraction of the ionosphere or the average temperature goes up, well you can imagine what will happen. I have seen papers about HAARP which say that they have succeeded in heating the ionosphere thousands of degrees. Is this true? The patent says that the charged particle density can be increased greatly. How much? Increasing it a hundred fold could burn out the arrays in hours. And I mean burn out too, so that a re-design and another shuttle flight would be required to save the day.
Now let's think for a minute. If someone were to challenge the Space Station Program Office with this information, talking about how HAARP poses a threat to the Space Station, people would have to respond. NASA would either have to admit that a re-design is necessary, (No power system, no space station game), or cover it up and pencil-whip it (not likely if the right people were put in motion), or cancel the Space Station program altogether to hide the truth. Now I love the Space Station program, but I don't like incompetency resulting in one government program I am paying for destroying another government I am paying for. I'm thinking of raising hell, but I don't want to do it alone. So far very few people know of this, and I'd like that to change.
If you're interested please contact me:
Clark Dunson
PO Box 854, Palo Alto, CA 94302
Thanks for your time.

 From The Washinton Post
submitted by Tim Edwards

Talk about your wacky military optimism. Just in time for Independence Day and the big UFO bash in Roswell, the Air Force has finally coughed up an explanation of what happened in the New Mexico desert that caused untold numbers of Americans to believe that the military covered up a 1947 spaceship crash.
The Air Force put an alien on the cover of its Roswell Report and stamped it "Case Closed."
The Roswell report will settle the debate over aliens about as well as the Warren Commission report settled the debate over the single-bullet theory in President Kennedy's assassination.
There is a perfectly logical explanation, Col. John Hayes told tittering reporters. The Air Force was taking crash dummies up as high as 98,000 feet and dropping them from balloons and planes to see what would happen. Some of the dummies lost fingers and legs, leaving them four-fingered and 4 feet tall.
The Air Force also ventured that a serviceman had crashed in a test balloon near Roswell, suffering cranial swelling that might have made him look like an extraterrestrial.
Oh, that sounds plausible, coming from the folks who brought you Agent Orange, optimistic body counts in Vietnam and denials of chemical weapons in the Gulf War. And why has the Air Force never mentioned the skies raining dummies, even in the 1994 report on Roswell?
The new report, with sections that sound like episodes from "The X-Files," will be taken as another sign that the truth is out there.
Haynes could not explain why dummies dropped in the '50s could account for what witnesses saw in 1947, except to say that witnesses might have been mixed up. And he refused to reveal anything about Area 51, a military facility in Groom Lake, Nev., except to say, "classified things go on there."
This cover-up may be bigger than we thought. The briefing with Haynes indicates that aliens may now be working at the highest levels of government. Only aliens would be unsophisticated enough about American culture to think they could dispel suspicions of their presence by issuing a government report.
Indeed, aliens infiltrating Washington with the aim of destroying the fabric of democracy is a perfectly coherent explanation of a lot of hitherto inexplicable phenomena.
If the military leadership hasn't been body snatched, then why is the Pentagon conspiring against itself with weird sexual inquisitions?
Consider this description by a Roswell witness, Frank Kaufmann, 81, who said the aliens "were very good-looking people, ash-colored faces and skin...about 5-feet-5 tall, eyes a little more pronounced, small ears, small nose, fine features and hairless." The spitting image of House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt!
Does anyone seriously believe that Democratic campaign advisor James Carville and Attorney General Janet Reno were born on Earth?
Why else would President Bill Clinton suggest that middle-class people could be lured back to live amid urban blight by offering them a $200 break on their closing costs for a new house?
It's a strange day in America when the Steven Spielberg view of life and the Oliver Stone view of life coincide.

Arizona Governor Says
UFO Probe Was A Joke
CNI News & AP

[In one of the weirdest turns yet in the ongoing Arizona UFO saga, Governor Fife Symington called a press conference to announce a serious investigation of the UFO claims, then made a joke of it only a few hours later. Outraged UFO researchers were quick to point out that Symington is currently on trial for multiple charges of fraud, but no one seemed able to explain or justify the governor's bizarre response to the UFO controversy that has rocked the state since March. The following text is excerpted from an AP newswire story dated June 19, 1997, written by Paul Davenport.]
PHOENIX (AP) -- An investigation into a UFO sighting over Phoenix? Surely Gov. Fife Symington couldn't be serious.
An aide said yes, the governor, a Star Trek buff, was sincere when he ordered a state investigation Thursday into a strange, boomerang-shaped light formation reported over Phoenix on March 13.
But several hours later, Symington said it was all a joke.
"This just goes to show you guys are entirely too serious," Symington said while his aides laughed heartily.
The governor called reporters to his office for a second news conference to announce "important leads" in the case.
With Department of Public Safety officers beside him, Symington said there had been a break in the case and that the source of the lights had been found. Then chief of staff Jay Heiler entered the room in a glittery, pink-and-silver space alien costume.
Symington, a Republican, had announced the probe during a break in his fraud trial. His announcement followed reports in the national media over the past few days that included footage of the lights.
"Obviously it wasn't an America West airliner or something like that," Symington said in the earlier news conference. "The video that I saw a quick glimpse of was intriguing, so I'm going to order a full, you know, investigation."

New Mexico's Governor
Says Roswell Was Real
But, Like AZ's Governor, He Soon
Retracts UFO Claim

CNI News

[CNI News thanks Larry Lowe for forwarding the first of two items in this report, and Don Robertson for sending us the second item, which appears to resolve (and refute) the first. CNI News finds it puzzling and intriguing that governors of both Arizona and New Mexico have lately made highly provocative statements followed by quick reversals on the UFO subject.]
An unidentified writer posted the following:
" folks were watching a local Sunday night program in Albuquerque Sunday night (June 22) and they were interviewing Gov. Gary Johnson (NM's governor). Anyway, in the course of the interview the reporter asked him what he thought about all the Roswell hoopla and the governor said that Roswell really happened and it was alien and that he was privy to information that the public is not privy to and he couldn't say anything else about it. The reporter was nonplused and mom and dad were shocked. Anyway, I e-mailed him today with the hope that he might tell me what he said and elaborate if at all possible. I'll let you know if I hear from him."
However, just before CNI News was distributed on July 1, we received the following from "Dave" ( via UFO journalist Don Robertson ( Dave writes:
"The matter of what the Gov of NM said in an interview has been resolved... A call was placed to the governor's office and a couple of hours later a call came in from the governor's press secretary, Diane, Phone #505-827-3099.
"She stated that what he said was by way of 'tongue in cheek' and that there was in fact no substance to it. He will not be making a further statement and they have no printed statement to hand out."

 Extreme Inaccuracy

The Air Force did an excellent job of convincing the press that the "flying saucer" that crashed at Roswell was probably a disc-shaped lifting body attached to a balloon. I did notice that the one criticism that was made was the projects the Air Force were showing footage from did not begin until 1952 five years after the Roswell incident. There is an even bigger inaccuracy in this explanation that the public must be made aware of. NONE OF THE ROSWELL WITNESSES STATED THAT THE UFO THAT CRASHED WAS A FLYING SAUCER. In fact none of witnesses stated the UFO was even ROUND! The witnesses very consistently testified that the UFO was a delta-wing shaped craft and looked more like an AIRPLANE!! How can we accept the veracity of the Air Force's claims when they can't even ascertain the shape of the craft?

 Ask & You Shall Receive?

This Roswell thing is such a crack up. I was hitting the hay around 4:00 and they replayed the press conference with Major whatzizname from the Air FARCE on CNN. That POOR fool! It was SO obvious he HATED every moment of that. It was like being sent up in front of the cameras with a trout and told, "You can do it, boy! Make them BELIEVE it's a shark!" Pathetic. He couldn't answer any question with specifics, had no explanation of the time line problem (a ten year gap) and I was bewildered by the fact that there was not a SINGLE reporter asking, "What about the people from Roswell directly involved in the incident?" Especially: the testimony of Major Marsalis himself before he died (the soldier put in the position of posing with the supposed "balloon foil" in the Roswell newspapers when the cover-up began, and whose son to this day, a respected physician, states that he handled debris from the ufo and that it indeed had the strange properties stated by others), documented in Stanton Friedman's film, "UFOs Are Real;" that he was involved in a cover-up of a crashed flying saucer and many others involved directly in that original '47 event have come forward after 50 years of fear and silence (due to blatant threats upon their lives and/or wellbeing by Air Force goons) to say they lied back then to protect themselves from what they saw as a very real danger! What about the rancher and the six people he showed the "memory foil" to, some of whom are still alive and still testify that they saw it, handled it? What about the town fire official and the mayor, both of which have come forward to discuss the events and confirmed the metal the could not be destroyed by fire, or bullets? These are the questions to be asked. Nooo, not a single reporter was on hand at the press conference that had ANY decent knowledge of this case at all, which is disgraceful.

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