Father Balducci's New
Book Repeats His Pro ET Position
By Ruth Gledhill
Religion Correspondent
The Times (London)
From Gerry Lovell <>
EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS exist and there is no conflict between a belief in aliens and the Christian faith, a Vatican theologian close to the Pope says.
Father Corrado Balducci, of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, claims in a book about alien abductions to be published next week, that it is wrong to assert that reports of encounters with aliens are not credible.
"It is reasonable to believe and affirm that extra-terrestrials exist," he says. "Their existence can no longer be denied, for there is too much evidence for the existence of extra-terrestrials and flying saucers."
Father Balducci says that clues such as the existence of flying saucers indicate that extra-terrestrials are further evolved than humans. In an interview to be published as the appendix to Confirmation, Father Balducci says that even if extra-terrestrials were discovered who were superior to humans, it would not call into question the teachings of Christianity.
He refers to a passage in the New Testament where St Paul refers to Christ as the king of the universe, not just the king of the world. "This means that everything in the universe, including extra-terrestrials and UFOs are reconcilable with God."
Father Balducci, a renowned exorcist and expert on demonology, has written two books on the Devil. Listed in the Vatican directory as "priest of honour" since 1964, he is an official member of the papal household or family.
Father Balducci says his first question to an alien would be what their concept of God was. But he goes on to say: "It is very important to lend credence to the eye-witness accounts, but we must be very careful to ensure that they are authentic. I have also heard of people who have claimed to have had contacts, but who unfortunately were not mentally sound."
A spokesman for the Catholic Media Office in London said last night: "The fundamental creation message relates to humans here on earth. If aliens were shown to exist, this would not cast doubt on the veracity of the Gospel. But we would have to ask whether the Christian atonement was applicable to them."