Two Important New Triangle
Sightings In England
From Tim Matthews <>
Lancashire UFO Society
As you know I've been investigating Flying Triangle Sightings in the UK for four years now and have interviewed over 130 people who claim to have seen these aircraft.
None of them have claimed that what they have seen was 'football field sized' although several have claimed sizes similar to the Vulcan bomber of old...
Over the last week and as a result of my appearance in local newspapers and on the radio several people have rung me to report new FT sightings. These have been of the highest standard and two are of particular note;
29/12/98 - Time; between 2200-2230pm. Location; Broadgate, Preston, next to River Ribble.
Witness, a local DJ Peter H, saw a triangle flying at low speed, app 30 knots, flying from left to right. This was certainly not a Police helicopter (there was a rather gruesome murder in the area a couple of years ago and all the residents are very aware of helicopters) or, as British Aerospace would have us believe, Eurofighter.
The triangle was somewhat larger than the jet fighters seen so often in the area and was notable for a pattern of red lights around its' entire perimeter. As it passed by, entirely silently at a distance of around 1/4 mile, Peter noticed a bright light (but not a beam as such) evident on the right side approximately half way down the leading edge. This was almost an equilateral triangle - the triangle had a relatively broad back and probably not a 75 degree sweep.
There was no evidence of high performance as such beyond the silent performance - something that is always difficult to gauge..
The fact that the craft appeared to be adhering to the course of the River Ribble is instructive given similar events noted in my previous research papers and Jenny Randles 'Northern UFO News' and her book (which draws upon some of my research) "Something In The Air."
The witness provided as much detail as possible and is 100% certain of the shape and characteristics of the craft seen. A journalist colleague of mine - interested in FTs and with military expertise - rang the witness and exactly the same details were reported to him by Peter.
Sighting 2
11/8/1995. Time; Midnight. Location; Goosnargh Village - a few miles North of Preston.
Black triangle, unlit, passed by Mrs R's house in the Village at midnight. It made an odd rumbling sound upon approach which turned to a "swooshing" sound as it passed very low past the Ash tree at the end of the witnesses garden. It was quite large (again bigger than a jet fighter seen locally) and was also seen by other locals who didn't want to come forward for "fear or ridicule" according to Mrs. R.
Travelled much slower than a normal aircraft and disappeared from view quickly. Witness thought that it was 'a new stealth aircraft' and rang Warton BAe (the local facility) next morning whereupon she was apparently told that the last night had seen "aerial activity". The telephone operator confirmed this with another member of staff.
The sound reported is exactly the same as a sighting from Carnforth, Lancashire, that was made by over a dozen people a few months earlier.
Note the lighting pattern in the first report is similar to the triangles reported by witnesses to the IUN in Yorkshire during the 1988 flap.....
Question; which facility is situated nearby - Warton BAe of course. Maybe it's not quite that simple though........!
More soon!
Tim Matthews - Lancashire UFO Society