Very Strange Craft Visits
Ripley, Illinois
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Source: WGEM - a radio and TV station in Quincy, IL
Thursday (8-20-98) was a calm, clear night in Ripley, Illinois. Members of the Bowman family were working late outside, and talking with some neighbors when all of a sudden strange lights appeared in the sky.
"I saw two lights in the sky, quite a way apart," said Patrick Bowman, describing the lights and their movements. "They went out and moved over behind the trees, no more than a second or two. They came on, then disappeared again to the right behind another tree. When they came back on they were three-dimensional, like a three-winged craft with lights at the bottom. The lights went on in sequence, then they went back off in sequence, and shot up through the top wing. Thatís all I saw, then it was gone."
"It wasnít anything from here. It made me nervous...I stayed up till 5 oíclock this morning," added Tilford Bowman.
The residents in Ripley say they saw the UFO just after 10 oíclock Thursday night. The object also was spotted in other areas of Illinois: in Rushville, Mt. Sterling, and Pittsfield.
An Illinois State Trooper who wished not to be identified, also saw the strange lights just west of Mt. Sterling around 12:20 a.m. He declined to comment other than to say he saw them.
So what would you do if you thought you were looking at a UFO? Tilford Bowman says he thought about hiding when he saw the lights.
"It was one of the neatest things Iíve ever seen," said resident Becky Spoon. "Iíve never seen anything quite like that."
The Illinois State Police contacted the Federal Aviation Administration, who said the strange lights may have been a meteor shower. They said they would take a further look at the situation, but so far they havenít contacted any local officials with an explanation.
Ripley residents also wonder, when is the last time you saw a meteor shoot straight up?
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