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From George A. Filer <>
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
MUFON Eastern Director
Filer's Files #26
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The first independent scientific review of purported UFO sightings in almost 30 years has concluded that some unexplained physical evidence warrants serious scientific study, the Washington Post reported in its Monday editions. The study by an international panel emphasized that it had found no convincing evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence or any violation of natural laws, the Post said. But the panel cited cases of intriguing and inexplicable details such as burns to witnesses, radar detection of mysterious objects, strange lights appearing repeatedly in the skies over certain places, aberrations in the workings of automobiles and radiation and other damage found in vegetation. The 50-page review was released Monday in a publication of the Society for Scientific Exploration. The society was established by Peter Sturrock of Stanford University, who directed the inquiry. The survey asserted that the scientific community might learn something worthwhile if it overcame a fear of ridicule associated with the topic and got some funding for targeted research, the paper said. "It may be valuable to carefully evaluate UFO reports to extract information about unusual phenomena currently unknown to science," it quoted the report as saying. The Sturrock group said that thanks to strides in understanding and technical capabilities, chances of significant understanding were greater now than 30 years ago when the Air Force and the CIA supported a two-year investigation. That 1968 report concluded that "further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot be justified in the expectation that science will be advanced."
John Thompson reports from Georgia that The Atlanta Journal Constitution afternoon edition had as its front page headlines in one inch bold black type about SSE scientists who are recommending study by other scientists on UFOs. Seeing that one inch tall "UFO" at the top of the largest afternoon paper in the South was really a shocker. They followed up this morning with another front page story--but not the headline--on a UFO poll showing a majority of the country now believes it is possible that ET craft are visiting Earth. Using quotes from old AJC articles in the '50s, '60s, and even '70s they showed where the Air Force admitted this or that in their own newspaper back then. It is the most positive high-profile article I have ever seen published in the AJC since I've been in Georgia (20 years). I don't know if this type coverage will really lead to any help we need but it sure won't hurt. Iím hearing that similar coverage occurred in Chicago and around the country.
Investigator Evelyn Galson that a Mullica Hill couple was traveling down Route 45 from Woodbury towards Mullica Hill on Saturday, June 13, 1998, at 9:35 PM when they spotted a UFO. The wife looked towards the Gloucester County Library as they passed by and noticed some strange lights in the sky. There were 3 or 4 red and blue, round lights all in front like a straight bar. She asked her husband, "What is that?" He couldn't look because he was driving and he didn't answer her. As she watched, the lights followed their car and changed to all white lights. She asked her husband, "Can a planes lights change color?" But he still didn't answer her. When they finally arrived home and pulled into their driveway, the object moved over the treetops to the right side of their backyard and stopped. She asked her husband, "What is that?" Her husband said, "I don't know, maybe it's a helicopter." He then went into the house. The wife walked to the backyard to get a better look at the craft and noticed that there were no sounds coming from it. The object moved a little at a time, very slowly and finally reached the left side of backyard just above their suburban home. The UFO turned to a different direction and she saw that the object was oval. It was just hovering, barely moving about 80 feet above the ground. All of a sudden, the outside lights on the craft were turned off, and lights came on the inside. There were three decks or three levels that lit up one after another. You could see right into the craft. Later she noticed three white lights underneath the craft towards the outside. They were positioned in a triangular pattern. She observed the craft in the backyard for 10 to 15 minutes. She said it was about the size of a military helicopter, but three floors high. She then went into the house to call her daughter, because she wanted her daughter to see it. When they went back outside it was no longer visible. The mother had trouble sleeping that evening and was unusually tired the next morning, which was Sunday. When she got up to get ready to go to church, she noticed a bruise on her thigh with three puncture wounds. She did not have them the day before. The craft was viewed from 9:35 to after 11:00 P.M. Thanks to Evelyn Galson
Daniel Rodriguez reports he and his father saw a UFO on Saturday, June 27, 1998, on Tonnelle Avenue between North Bergen and Fairview not far from Newark Airport. About 7:00 PM, they saw a craft that looked like half a pizza, with lights on the pointy ends and one in the middle of the rounded edge. The flat portion of the craft was the front with the circular part in the rear. It was moving slow, but increased its speed. The craft was the size of two cars laid next to each other, or about a 40 foot wingspan. The UFO flew off to the west-southwest. Other aircraft were observed in the vicinity, but no one seemed to notice the UFO. Thanks to Daniel Rodriguez at UFOs here in E-mail interview
Port Washington Bob Mueller reports that saw black helicopters fly over his house on Saturday, June 13, 1998, and then again on Sunday. On both days, five helicopters flew north and then came back a few hours later heading south. They looked like UH-60 Blackhawks gunships with a capacity for about a dozen troops apiece. There were no markings, but those low-visibility paint schemes make it tough to see. Sunday night, at about 11:00 PM, I went out to my car to get something, and I saw a moving, flashing orange light very high in the sky directly overhead. When it flashed, it was very bright (so much so, it's reflection off my car/glasses caught my attention enough to cause me look DIRECTLY up). It appeared to be moving in straight line. The UFO was heading due North - the same heading (and along virtually the same path) as the helicopters. I watched it for about 10 seconds, then ran inside to get my wife Michele. We came out maybe 30 seconds later, but by then it was gone. Was a satellite catching the sun? I wonder. Thanks for the E-mail submission from Bob Mueller.
Roman Yerema reports he has taped many UFOs during May and June of this year. Roman says he owns stock footage and specializes in military aircraft. I've been shooting aircraft for thirty years and never encountered anything that resembled a UFO. In May and June all hell broke loose. You should see what I have gotten on tape. Give Roman a call if your interested at 800-677-5778, 13855 Belvedere Dr. Poway CA Thanks to ISUR and John Thompson.
Good quality video of a UFO was apparently taken near San Bernardino on June 16, 1998. At 3 AM, Abel was delivering newspapers and saw a Green Fireball with three smaller red objects near Highway 330. Abel who is close to home, races home and grabs his wife and a video camera. He drove to 40th Street and Del Rosa where he video taped a craft! Two nights later at 9:05 PM, LeAnn, her son and boyfriend return to the site where they saw the Fireball. In the trees they see the Green Fireball again. The son says it's 200 feet across. They video tape the object that has several smaller orange orbs. First, she tapes it on automatic, and when the object moves, they follow it and switch video to manual. They catch the object changing colors. LeAnn reports (as do all the others) the object was so bright, it hurt her eyes. LeAnn played the tape while I was on the phone and I could hear their interaction. On Sunday, Cinde Costello, fellow MUFON State Section Director and I will visit LeAnn and Abel, see their videos, fill out MUFON reports, make copies of the tapes, take site photographs, pin-point map positions, then post the photos and data to the web site ( Following this, all the witnesses involved have agreed to a joint meeting to corroborate their data. Hosted by MUFON, it will take place at the residence of Bishop Donald, Jolly- Gabriel, 1510 Yucca Street, San Bernardino, CA, on Friday, July 3, 1998, at 6:30 PM.. To attend, contact Jerry Glass at: or (909) 471-1194." Thanks to Peter A. Gersten,
Saturday night, June 20, 1998, Kayla S. and her husband "were sitting in our backyard and watching the stars, because it was unusually clear and the visibility was great. I was hoping to see a UFO but did not really expect it." The couple, lives in a suburban neighborhood between Dorval and Lachine, just south of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, watched the sky for a while. "Then, at around midnight," Kayla reported, "I screamed, 'UFO, UFO! It looks like something weird, honey.'" "My husband and was also watching the strange sight. We both saw an L-shaped formation that seemed to be made up of about five different V-shaped objects. It could have been a flock of birds except for the fact of the speed they were going at. It traversed the sky in about four seconds." (Editor's Note: Four seconds from horizon to horizon equals 3,600 miles per hour.) "We lost sight of it because of the trees and the houses and the speed of it. The color of each of the separate V-shaped objects was a kind of opaque grey, translucent almost. If it hadn't been so crystal clear that night, then there was no way we would have ever been able to see this." She added that the UFO formation was "traveling due south" towards the Adirondack Mountains of the USA's northern New York state. (E- mail Interview) Thanks to UFO Roundup #3-26 6/24/98 Joe Trainor Editor
A planet bigger than Jupiter has been discovered and is just 15 light years from Earth. Geoffrey Marcy, who heads a four-member team of San Francisco State researchers, announced the discovery at a scientific symposium in Canada. The finding was confirmed by a separate team in Switzerland. The group found the planet, apparently a huge ball of gas with a surface temperature well below zero, using the Keck I telescope in Hawaii. Its huge mass -- at least 1.9 times bigger than Jupiter's -- was detected by a wobble in the motion of a nearby star, not by direct visualization. There is no evidence of any solid land on the planet on which earthlike life forms might have developed. Scientists say the planet is mostly hydrogen and helium with a surface temperature of about 80 degrees below zero. The planet was the first to be found orbiting a small star called Gliese 876, one-third the size of the sun. The star is the closest to Earth -- other than our own sun -- around which a planet has been found. It is one of the closest members of a class of low-mass stars that are the most common in the Milky Way galaxy. The previously closest-known "extrasolar" planet orbits a star about 35 light- years away. A light-year is 5.9 trillion miles, the distance light travels in one year. "It's not spitting distance, exactly, but spacecraft distance perhaps for future generations. Marcy added that the discovery of a planet around Gliese 876 dramatically raises the odds that many more planets may be found relatively close to our own solar system. "Twelve such planets have been discovered, including seven by Marcy and his associates in the past three years. Thanks to the Nando Times and Jack Beach
Dana Schmidt writes regarding last weekís files: "Are plasmas causing UFOs?" - I object to the way you concluded that section. You said, "Almost anywhere there can be surprisingly strong electrical plasmas....that have been generated by storms, within the earth or from man-made machines....Our brains will attempt to make sense of any object in front of our eyes. We can interpret these electrical plasmas as UFOs."
George, this is as strong a statement that UFOs are nothing but natural plasma phenomenon as I have ever seen! But that is clearly untrue, as plasma will NOT generate structural features, aliens in windows, aliens on the ground, etc. And as far as "almost anywhere strong plasmas are generated by storms or man machines," baloney. I have NEVER seen any plasmas, and I have watched many storms. I think you owe your readers an explanation. Otherwise, I might was well close up NY MUFON and simply inform all callers that it must have been a plasma. Thanks to Don Schmidt. Editors Comment: Donít close up shop, expand it instead. I may not have made it clear, but some 5 to 10% of UFOs reported in my opinion are some type of plasma or orbs. I have some good clear pictures of them in an abducteeís bedroom and the sky. I consider that some of these plasmas are a type of Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). Further, they may possess alien intelligence and technology. Some of these plasmas have even been observed entering our atmosphere. I know this may be hard to accept, but I have a number of witnesses who claim to be in contact with these electrical plasma type UFOs. Remember, most abductees report seeing plasmas or orbs prior to or during an abduction. They also have scars that seem to have been caused by plasmas. We may be dealing with a very misunderstood form of natural phenomenon or aliens who are completely different from what we can imagine. These aliens may be an electrical magnetic energy life form. Iím attempting to enlarge our concept of alien life, it may be much different than any one imagined. The plasma UFOs may be an attempt to camouflage their craft or may be the result of their technology.
I have received numerous letters regarding the debris photos. Two sides seem to be developing. Those who feel the debris is simply an Army Radar Reflector and those who feel the debris involves much more, perhaps even alien wreckage. Kevin Randle writes 6/21/98 regarding #20 files. I might be able to help on some of this since I spoke to Bond Johnson in 1989, and have recorded interviews with him from that time frame.
Filer:I'm printing what Dr. James Johnson says. To my knowledge he is not going to make any money with this and his motivation seems to be to clear General Ramey's name. I agree with that motivation.
Randle: First, Ramey's name doesn't need clearing by Johnson or anyone else. No one has said that General Ramey acted improperly. He was doing his job as ordered by higher headquarters and was eventually rewarded since he made major general. Second, while Johnson might not make any money, there are other, powerful motives for actions. He certainly is seeking the spotlight with his claim of being the Roswell Photographer. He is, in fact, the Fort Worth photographer, who took pictures of a weather balloon and radar target, which are clearly visible.
Filer He claims there is wreckage in addition to the radar reflector that was very odd.
Randle He told me, originally, that all he saw was a weather balloon and radar reflector. He was told, at that time, by General Ramey it was a weather balloon. He didn't see anything other than a weather balloon and target.
Filer Also it smelled like something that had burned or exploded. I don't have the photographs to determine what he is talking about, but they have been ordered.
Randle: How are you going to determine, from photographs, how something smelled? I have seen the photographs and there is no evidence in them that something has been burned or exploded.
Filer Both Marcel's claimed they saw symbols on the materials in the field and in the kitchen.
Randle The Marcelís did but the symbols seen by them are not what is being reported today.
Filer: Dr. Johnson claims the symbols are in the photos proving General Ramey was not lying and the material had not been switched. He handled the material, claims he saw the markings, and did not know what it was.
Randle: General DuBose said the material was not what had been found in Roswell. Marcel, looking at the photos said that it wasn't what he found in New Mexico. No one said that General Ramey was lying. This is a straw man erected by Johnson to further his own agenda. He has only recently started suggesting he handled the material. Why the change in his story? He only recently began to talk of seeing symbols? Why the change in his story?
FilerHe is alive and well. He is a retired Colonel and minister, Ph.D., etc. Why would he lie?
Randle: The lure of the spotlight. More importantly, his story as told today is at odds with what he was saying in 1989... all of which is recorded on audio tape, with his permission.
Filer If he is right it might solve this case once and for all. My experience has been that seldom would people of this caliber lie unless ordered to do so. There is always the possibility that he is simply mistaken after he has been so closely questioned by so many people with so many different agendas. It's our job to prove this stuff is not "ALL" a Mogul balloon train. They brought in the weatherman and flew the stuff to Wright Pat to determine its identity. That seems consistent. Of course, there may have been a crashed craft on another field consistent with the other eye witness testimony. Perhaps I'm naive, but I assume people are telling the truth the best they can remember it until proven otherwise. I've talked to several people who were at the site and the testimony is generally consistent.
Randle If I read this right, then you will accept the possibility that Johnson has radically altered his story if I can prove that he has altered it. If he told me, several times, on tape, that General Ramey told him it was a weather balloon, in direct conflict with his claims today, then you would grant that he is mistaken. If he told me, several times, on tape, that he wrote the July 9 story in the newspaper, which he now denies saying, then you would grant that he is mistaken. Johnson has entered the arena and has cluttered it with incorrect information which he continues to spread. He is not going to help us prove that Mogul wasn't responsible. He is, however, going to provide the skeptics with everything they need to sink us if we don't place Johnson's story in the proper context. Remember, I have his original statements on tape and they are in conflict with what he says today. Worse, Jesse Marcel, Jr. said that Johnson had put words in his mouth and taken his comments out of context. I thought you would want to know this. Thanks to Kevin Randle
Marilyn J Ruben writes in support of Johnsonís photos. No, it is absolutely not a substance that was glued on. Under 8 x up to 16 x magnification the surface is shiny and perfectly smooth. It is a continuous and single surface. It is as shiny as a polished metal. That is why I am sure the designs are engraved mechanically. The shapes have perfect symmetry under magnification. The balls at the edges of the letters are perfectly round. The beam is not wrinkled except along the edges or other places where it folds under, which as noted previously, was caused by the crash impact. I am sure the English Professionals has already seen this as well. The magnification does not lie. It shows what the human eye can't see. Thanks to Marilyn J Ruben. Editors Note: Bond Johnson has gathered together several important researchers to examine his photographs. Some claim theyíve found symbols and other evidence not consistent with the Rawin radar reflector. It appears the controversy will continue and there is a possibility that further examination of the photos might reveal some new data. Have a nice July 4.
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