Hawking's UFO Statement - Sightings Florida To Las Vegas To Samoa
From Tim Edwards
From George A. Filer
MUFON Eastern Director
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #10-1998
"Of course, it is possible that UFO's really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the government is hushing it up." Comment by Stephen Hawking on C-Span Television.
Cambridge University physicist, Stephen Hawking was the guest lecturer at the second Millennium Evening at the White House on March 6, 1998. With President Bill and Hillary Clinton looking on, Stephen Hawking admitted the possibility of a UFO cover-up during the C-Span television's coverage of "Imagination and Change: Science in the Next Millennium." Professor Stephen Hawking often considered one of brightest men on Earth, who authored "A Brief History of Time" was a guest lecturer.
Stephen Hawking, after comments about the growth of population and scientific knowledge stated, "Clearly the present exponential growth cannot continue indefinitely. So what will happen? One possibility is that we wipe ourselves out completely by some disaster such as a nuclear war. There is a sick joke that the reason we have not been visited by extra-terrestrials is that when a civilization reaches our stage of development it becomes unstable and destroys itself. Of course, it is possible that UFO's really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the government is hushing it up I wouldn't like to comment on that.
"Personally, I believe there is a different explanation why we have not been contacted, but I won't go into it here. However, even without that, there is a very real danger that we will kill everything on this planet now that we have the technological power to do so. Even if we don't destroy ourselves completely, there is a possibility that we might descend into a state of brutalization and barbarity like the opening scene of "Terminator": Thanks to Pat and Tony Craddock,
Alex Cavallari from Brooklyn reports photographing a cigar shaped UFO on March 1, 1998 at 11:50 AM. The object was first seen entering the perimeter of a cloud formation when it disappeared from sight for a few seconds. It appeared to back up or exit the cloud from the same area before it reentered the clouds again. Alex got his camera and was able to catch the UFO exit the cloud formation once again. Alex states, "I took some pictures as it flew through the clear sky area. It then entered another cloud formation." The cigar slid in and out of the clouds and finally it was not visible anymore. Alex states,
"As I was taking a picture, I saw a very bright flash of white light like a fireworks rocket exploding. There was no sound and the flash looked like a point of white light exploding quickly into many small white lights. I then saw spheres or white orb colored dots all over the sky that disappeared in about five seconds. As the UFO exited a cloud and headed north at 10,000 feet, I took a few more pictures. Finally, it entered a cloud formation and disappeared. It was about 1/8 inch long when viewed at arm's length. The object was emitting a white shimmering light with a slight blue to purple haze indicating it was rotating slowly. The cigar was seen in the eastern sky heading north after five minutes. I was able to take a few pictures even though the movements were fast, and abrupt as it could stop instantly, hover, and accelerate quickly. The movements were unlike any aircraft! Thanks to Alex Cavallari, NY State Director Skywatch
Mike Nebadon reports I am a resident of Eatontown, not far from the Atlantic Ocean I am writing your group to request the e-mail addresses of the "missing time" case witnesses in Toms River. My home is ten minutes from Ocean Grove's Great Auditorium; where Allen Wahl sighted a strange ball shaped UFO fly over on February 27, 1998. I live just five minutes from Neptune where Mike Niemcyk and his mother saw a large triangular craft on that very same night. Myself and a few friends have sighted many strange craft in both Monmouth and Ocean counties during the last ten months.
We have seen craft hovering over the Electronic Weapons and Night Vision Development building and the CECOM building in Tinton Falls. We saw a UFO hovering over the Pulse Power Station that's surrounded by barbed wire fences and surveillance cameras. A triangular craft was observed flying low over Earle Naval Weapons Base moving from the east to the west. Another one was over the Fort Monmouth Army Base. UFOs have also been observed moving east towards the Atlantic Ocean along the Navasink & Shrewsbury River on many occasions.
On two occasions both my girlfriend and friend Paul Davidson, and myself saw a round band of fluorescent blue light on the under belly of a hovering craft directly above the Garden Sate Parkway. We followed the craft until it suddenly extinguished its lights. We could hear a low hum, as the large triangle flew west over Route 537 and then took off at an incredible speed. We've spent many sleepless nights sky watching. Thanks to Michael Arnold, and Joe Trainor Masinaigan for this e-mail.
Our investigation of a possible UFO landing site in Hillsborough began over the weekend. Moving balls of light, strange noises, and Electro-magnetic disturbances were observed within fifty feet of the potential landing site. A 30 foot area of tall reeds had been knocked over by an unknown force. The site was located behind a series of apartments that may have funneled strong winds into the possible landing site.
The site was low and some water had collected in the area allowing the strong winds to push over the 3 to 4 foot tall weakened reeds. There were no apparent indentations from landing pods or other evidence of an actual landing. There were no nodules on the tall reeds to indicate infra-red crop circle like damage. The was no apparent difference in the soil inside or outside of the disturbed area. However, photographs taken of the disturbed area specifically showed a strange white ghost light cloud like phenomenon. This may indicate geoelectricity or paranormal phenomenon is are at work in the area. It is apparent the area has been disturbed.
The simplest plausible explanation is that strong winds were funneled around the rear of the building and the water soaked reeds bent over. The fogging over the site on a series of photographs may have been caused by lens flares, but seem to indicate other anomalies. The results were not definitive. The witness reported strange noises, and a wind chime sound on the night of 25 February. The entire area has been called a most mysterious place by author Shannon Mullen. The headlines read a Most Mysterious Place. Among the deep woods lurk a thousand tales of ghostly demons and gruesome deeds. Over the centuries this area has been known for mystery ghosts, the Jersey Devil, Sasquatch, and other strange creatures. Have the creatures who haunted this area for hundreds of years taken on a new identity? A ghostly demon can't get any respect unless he claims he is an extra terrestrial, or is it the reverse? See February's New Jersey Monthly "The Sourlands - A Place of Mystery."
Gene and Jean Browns' MUFON group of Clearwater/Tampa have developed a test for probable residual changes in the fabric of time that would have an effect on a watch. In a MUFON Symposium's Proceedings book (1990?) There is an article about a Russian test using watches that produced a variable of 7 minutes' time difference in a watch running inside a UFO landing spot versus the watch running outside the spot. Our test uses several watches. We have made up a kit of watches (donated by Timex) with instructions available for this test. Please contact Jean and Gene at 813 596-6950 or at if you now have, or ever have in the future, a landing traces to check out. Thanks to Sara and Shannon Smith,
Vicki Lyons interviewed the witness Don Rash who lives with his spouse, Cindy, and their two children in Gulf Breeze. On March 2nd, he took his daughter to her job at the Circle K convenience store on Pensacola Beach, and was traveling back from the beach to his Gulf Breeze home. While on the Bob Sykes Bridge, which connects the beach and Gulf Breeze proper, he suddenly looked up into the completely cloudless and blue sky, and saw a large, silver saucer shaped object. He checked the clock and it was 12:59 p.m. Don described the object as being the size of a quarter at arm's length. It turned up on its side and held that position for about 2 seconds and then it just disappeared "as fast as lightning."
Don said he could not keep up with its movement, and when he scanned the skies following its disappearance, there was nothing. He expressed astonishment that it could disappear that quickly. When asked to specifically describe its sideways movement, he compared it to a four wheel vehicle that suddenly turned up on its side and traveled on two wheels-just a sudden movement over to its side and then it disappeared. He described the position of the object as being at about "10:00 high" using 12:00 as straight overhead. He stated that the object seemed to be over the famous Shoreline Park area of Gulf Breeze. Thanks to Vicki Lyons and Project Awareness at:
March 7, 1998. St. Petersburg, FL Ron Kranz reports a UFO resembling a shuttle launch with the twin solid rocket boosters separating from the main booster at 7:00 PM. There was a white diffused light, very white, and two distinct objects close together at extreme height estimated at 12 miles. They winked out one at a time. There were many others who witnessed the twin lights and it was reported on the local news channel. Their Phone Number: (941)741-4543 Their Address: 11005 Bristol Bay Dr. Perico Island, FL 34209
MUFON State Director, Cesar Remus reports that approximately two weeks ago on February 22,(?) there was a mysterious explosion and fire in the National Rain Forest Park. It may have been either UFO or meteor related. No debris was found by those that responded to the fire. Big fires are not common in the National Rain Forest, because it's always wet. So something that generated a great deal of heat was definitely involved. Cesar is also still convinced that the Chupacabras is UFO related. The attacks on animals continue and are regularly reported in local Puerto Rican newspapers.
On February 26, 1998,Timothy Norton and his friend Sam Walton, both postal workers were driving to work at 1:05AM, when they spotted a UFO. It was hovering over Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake near Syracuse, Utah. Tim said, "We both looked out over the lake and saw a very unusual and peculiar site. We couldn't quite tell what it was, so we drove towards the lake to take a closer look. Everything was strange. There were dozens of dead seagulls on the side of the road. As we got closer to the light hovering above the island, the lights in our Chevrolet truck started to flicker. This only lasted for a brief moment.
As we got closer, we could tell for certain that this was not an airplane. It had a spherical shape, and was one to two hundred yards in diameter. As we got closer we could see bright flashing lights, ranging from green to yellow to blue. It was hovering, then it was moving in zigzags and figure-eight's at speeds that were enormous. Then it stopped and paused for a moment. This is when we got our best look. It had a metallic look to it and had lights that rotated. Then it slowly moved toward the mountain and disappeared. The UFO giving off a faint hum slowly appeared from behind the mountain, then just like a flash of lightning it flew off to the west and that was the last time we saw it. The UFO flew erratically, rotated and hovered for 25 minutes at 200 feet above the terrain." Thanks to Ben Field, B.U.F.O.D
Everett Egbert and his spouse reports a bright object flew from north to south across the Las Vegas sky on March 3, 1998, at 7:00 PM. We thought it could be some space junk re entering. It took only eight to ten seconds to go from North to South horizon leaving a fiery trail.
Along with an USAF missile launch, numerous meteors, and UFO sightings; a second horse was found dead and disfigured in the San Luis Valley. This makes three, rare winter-month unusual animal deaths that have been reported since November 30, 1997. Christopher O'Brien reports rancher Kim Miller has verified the unusual death of his six year-old white-gelding named "Skip." The animal was probably killed early March 5, 1998, when the air temperature was just above zero. Miller and his 19 year old son met this investigator at the animal death site, ten miles south of Alamosa on Friday.
Skip was the lead horse of the herd of sixteen animals. As we drove across the field toward the carcass in two trucks, the rest of the herd came galloping toward us. Miller noted that the herd had never acted so agitated before. They're trying to tell us something." The dead horse lay in a dry, undisturbed alkaloid flat. The carcass exhibited apparent evidence of being killed by knowledgeable, proficient professionals. The softball-sized brisket hole was especially impressive. A 12" plug of brisket/muscle had been completely removed with not a single spilled drop of blood. It appeared the animal's heart had been removed, although I did not explore the hole completely. The mandible and penis removal operation left irrefutable sign of a sharp scalpel-like cutting instrument.
The coarse winter coat, about 2 1/2 inches in length, had been cut to 1/8th of an inch around the upper muzzle portion of the mandible excision. The cut hair was unmistakable evidence, and no scavenger or predator could possibly have done this. The perpetrator was probably right- handed. Forensic samples were taken for testing by the Rocky Ford State Pathology lab, and a noted hematologist. The crime-scene showed no sign of tracks except for those of dozens of eagles that had scavenged the carcass. The eagle element is intriguing, since three-to-four dozen eagles together for any reason is highly unusual. The animal showed unmistakable sign of being agitated just before death. A large amount of dried sweat laid the coarse winter hair flat, and the rancher noted that this indicated that the horse had been running. He was convinced that the horse had been chased by the perpetrators." He also noted that Skip had been the only white colored horse in the herd, and would be easy to spot from the air. A mapping of southern Alamosa cases since 1995 shows a near-perfect arc of mutilation sites in the Alamosa River drainage system.
On February 25, 1998, Chris O'Brien reports more of those strange fireballs were seen east of Colorado Springs. That night, military personnel at on the firing range at Ft. Carson saw several large balls of light, seemingly on fire that had smoke trails behind them that indicate fairly large objects. NORAD indicated large numbers of these strange objects have been reported. Meteors of green, blue, and orange have been observed. Huge to medium-sized orange ones that have reportedly "chased" witnesses in the woods. The locals have a several hundred year tradition of these fireballs being "witches" in flight. If they hover, they grab their families. Thanks to Christopher O'Brien
Delta, Colorado: Davina Ryszka reports this sighting took place March 2, l998, between 2:00 and 3:00 a.m. The first witness noticed that his dogs were agitated. Above Cedaredge were seven UFOs, that appeared to be about l,000 feet up in the air, stationary, soundless and quite large with beautiful multi-colored lights, "Like Christmas lights." He said, "The way the lights were configured on these objects they all looked like octagons. All of the objects had multi-colored lights except one, that had amber colored lights. One object was located over the school, another over the golf course, and the rest at various locations. The lights did not blink, but were steady while the objects remained motionless in the sky for some time. He told his elderly mother to come look out the window. The UFO sighting occurred several hours before the New Mexico missile launch that occurred around 6:15 a.m. Thanks to: Davina Ryszka ( UFO Investigator Delta, Colorado
Last week, we covered a report of an UFO over Semmes, Alabama. John Thompson wrote. Great Filer File! However, on Mobile Alabama UFO report, Duncan Crow sent that to me. So he should have gotten credit for that. Best Regards, John Thompson. Thanks to Duncan Crow for his report.
Karran wrote, "There is a UFO hotspot that has been very active in the last few years around the area of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada." (This is twenty miles south of Calgary near the Candian Rocky Mountains.) There have been numerous sightings recently (from 1996 to present). These are mainly large triangular aircraft, with three extremely bright orange lights on the bottom of the craft, and a wide variety of colored lights on the side of the craft. Most sightings are from a 10 to 15 kilometer's range, but a number have been very close, 200-500 meters. One incident involved a high speed chase of a vehicle, in which the UFO traveled remarkably close to the town limits. So far there have been no contacts, but numerous close calls. I would be very grateful if you could send me some info. Thanks to: Skywatch International and BKARRAN@TELUSPLANET.COM.
Charles Craig Mansfield reports that a UFO was observed 20 degrees above the horizon at 2230 hours on January 3, 1998. The object was moving fast and then would suddenly stop. There was a red light with green and yellow moving around the red. It remained stationery in the "same spot" for one hour. Therefore, it could not be a star, balloon or aircraft. It has been cloudy the last two nights so have not been able to check the same spot at the same time. I might add that when I called my wife out to have a look, she looked through the binoculars and said basically. "Big Deal, we have these around here all the time, I've been seeing them for years" My wife is a Samoan national. I have always believed that it would be ridiculous for us to believe that we could be the only intelligent and most advanced race in the Galaxy, let alone the Universe. What I saw the other night just confirmed my suspicions. There was no way that a manned or unmanned vehicle that we built could stop like that without its' guts coming out the other side. It sounds like inertial damping to me. Thanks to Charles Mansfield chas- Apia, Samoa and John Thompson ISUR/MUFON.
Ed Asner, who starred on the Lou Grant and Mary Tyler Moore Show, has every reason to believe that UFOs are real because he has seen them. Asner knows from personal experience that the military has gone out of its way to silence UFO witnesses. Asner says, he was caught up in an extensive UFO scare that rocked the top brass of a military installation where he was stationed. The incident took place in the summer of 1952, while the actor was on duty at Ft. Monmouth, NJ. Asner insists that many of his Army buddies in the Signal Corps were seeing UFOs almost every day. There were both visual and radar observations.
"I remember one particular sunny afternoon the base was in an uproar. One of the enlisted men had come running in and told us there was a formation of flying saucers overhead. At first they thought he was crazy, but finally a number of the company engineers went outside saw them! The men were kept busy for several days tracking these strange discs through binoculars and calculating their speeds with sophisticated scientific instrumentation. I was told the speeds were astronomical."
At the height of the UFO flap, Asner says, the Army asked the Air Force to chase the objects but the pursuit planes were never able to get close. The UFOs apparently outdistanced them with ease. "It was at this point that the enlisted personnel at the base were told to keep quiet. Just about everyone had seen them. One day all the men, during class, were formally told, 'If you went home yesterday and told your wife that you saw a UFO, you will go home today and tell her that you didn't.' The implication of such a statement was made perfectly clear. It wasn't our business! The UFO activity lasted about a week." Thanks to George Reynolds and the Globe Newspaper.
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