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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 23:25:02 -0800
Subject: Kairos
From: "Publisher" <
Thanks for keeping your site up to date regarding Project Kairos. I would point out that the proper URL to use is (you have an extra word on the end of your link which takes viewers to the second-level page).
In behalf of the authors, and for the benefit of your audience, I will let you know that this initiative has nothing to do with any sort of "NWO" or any other kind of control strategy. It does not profess a new religion, and is not some new kind of mystical babble. It is indeed an effort to communicate profound new knowledge, from the "bottom up", at no cost to the reader. The Internet publication will be complete and free. Printed book and DVD versions will be sold at actual cost. There is no profit motive here.
Of course, you'll be able to judge the veracity of these assertions for yourself when the work is released. Until then, I would encourage you to withhold judgement.


Our analysis of the Kairos website and book offer as of 10-9-98.
If we wanted to come up with a 'NEW' way to leverage and maximize a *relatively* small (appearing to be small?) advertising budget, we could hardly do better than what they have done so far. A little seeding with two ads and a website, and you have a great troll line mechanism in place...and six weeks to lure/build attention. Smart. Maximum leverage...utilizing other peoples' time and energy publicizing "Kairos" for free on the net and elsewhere while trying to figure it all out.
A fishing drill. The website is the rod and reel; the newspaper ads are the primary cast; then the chumming of the water of the internet with 'clues'; the bait, of course, is the 'free' book. A hardback book shipped to untold millions for free? We Doubt it. This is an excellent demonstration of yet another new form of internet/media manipulation.
We still suggest, for the time being, that the 'book' just may constitute a working first model of (at least someone's idea of) the NWO 'religion' for the New Millenium. A new 'belief system in a book' for the masses to be intrigued with and puzzle over for years to come. If any of the 'big fellas' are behind this, we'll likely see the mainstream media 'discover' it in the weeks to come and start to pound the drums of intrigue about the Kairos 'mystery' book coming soon to a mail box near you.
We are betting the 'book' will be a synthesis and derivative of pieces of everything from Sitchin to Hoagland to some biblical angles as well. Above all, it will be an 'ET is real' book.
There will likely be a major video/audio marketing program which will arrive about the same time as the book is released. The 'primary author' will get booked on a myriad of radio/tv talk shows. Important: if HE/SHE/IT gets into the mainstream media with any regularity, we'll probably then know from which level the 'Kairos' stratagem originates...the top.
We received the following email from Morgan Clements
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 02:13:14 EDT
Chris, I asked a few questions from the publisher of Kairos and they somewhat answered a couple of them. I would now place money betting that this new publication is probably akin to Dianetics and is probably put out by the same people. Feel free to share my questions and their answers, or lack thereof, with anyone.
Morgan Clements <
Subj: Hello. Please respond.
Date: 98-10-07 00:23:06 EDT
From: (Publisher at "KAIROS")
I am happy to answer what questions I can. Please see my responses below. Feel free to post them around.
Subject: Hello. Please respond.
Date: Mon, Oct 5, 1998, 8:33 PM
You have a nifty website and a nifty marketing ploy.
Q: You are getting alot of bad press on the internet, is this just a marketing ploy to get people to buy books at
A: This has nothing to do with It just so happens that they have the simplest way for people to order books.
Q: There are several web sites where people are expressing anger over your marketing efforts and apparently some people are upset at the use of the word Kairos for this purpose... though I do not understand why - I guess it has religious meaning for some - particularly Koreans. If you will answer a couple of questions, tell us what the book is and is not, I Think we can quell alot of the rumors and bad press you are getting so quickly.
Q: 1) Who is the author or authors, what other publications are they creditied with?
A: Many of the authors are credited with some great works of science and historical research. They are not, however, the authors of books referenced by the present site. I cannot reveal the identities of the authors at this time. However, the principal author expects to reveal his identity uponrelease in November.
Q: 2) Is this a religious based publication and have some religious powers paid the two or three hundred grand for the advertising to date? If so Who? If not, then who did?
A: This is a publication of rigorous science-minded research and synthesis, which happens to have significant implications for our interpretation of religion. The principal author is spending the bulk of his net worth to communicate this to the world, at a critical juncture. He expects no financial reward of any kind. All of the contents will be available to everyone at no cost. There will be no advertising or other sponsorship, subscription, or sale.
Q: 3) Who is this publication targeted at? Right now, it appears to be targeted at everyone, yet clearly some of the beliefs and questions asked at the Kairos site do not appeal to many other religions and belief, who are you targeting?
A: It is targeted at every person in the world, though budgetary limitations preclude worldwide marketing at this time.
Q: 4) The Kairos site is referring people to with the apparent intent on getting people to buy certain books... who gets the commission from these referrals? Will the Kairos publication or book be available through, or everywhere? Who is the publisher of the book ?
A: As you will see from future clues, this has nothing to do with book sales. The authors want those people so inclined to prepare themselves to most appreciate the published content, by reading referenced works. The publisher of the book will also reveal his identity at the time of release.
Q: 5) Can you please list some excerpts from the publication to help people understand your goals...and intent. This will help them see that you are not just out to scam people and instead are trying to promote some free book which is what others have said that you have stated.
A: The authors would obviously rightly receive nothing but derision and scorn if they chose to lie under the pretense of such a blunt call for truth. There is NO scam here of any kind. Count the costs of the marketing campaign you have and have yet to see, and ask yourself why these people would spend this kind of money on a free book, if they were not genuine in their intent? Nothing of the book can be released early, however.
Q: 6) Who will be allowed to review the book or publication prior to its public unveiling?
A: There is a private group that will have some early briefing on the substance of the book. No one, however, will have access to it prior to release.
Q: Right now the rumors range from a simple devious marketing ploy that you are using this to market's books, to the fact that maybe you are marketing a new B quality tv show on UPN, or a even a movie....there has been one author who, personally, has had to deny having anything to do with this project as well.
You claim to be offering a free book- if this is the case why make people wait untill right before thanksgiving day? Why not make these valuable insights available immediately? These are all questions that are being asked throughout the internet...and they are coming up with their own answers...ones that are not favorable. Hurry and make this information available, quickly please.
A: I understand this phenomenon. I would ask that people be patient, and spend their valuable time reading rather than criticizing. The best way to find the answers you seek is to follow the trail of clues. One thing is absolutely certain: whether you agree or disagree with the final content, you will certainly not be disappointed in the scope of the information communicated. Thanks for taking the time to pose your questions.
Subject: Thanks for answering my questions.
Date: Tue, Oct 6, 1998, 10:27 PM
Thanks for your reply to my questions. It will help your cause a little.
Your answers or lack thereof are being distributed to interested individuals. Can you answer one more question - is this private group that you refer to associated with the Church of Scientology? Will you confirm or deny this affiliation or refuse to confirm or deny this affiliation please. Thanks very much for responding!
Morgan Clements
Subject: Re: Thanks for answering my questions.
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 23:35:55 -0800
From: "Publisher" <
This is not in any way affiliated or associated with the Church of Scientology. Whether there is any coincidental intersection of Scientology beliefs and the research to be presented, I don't know, because I am not familiar with the Scientology discipline. Publisher