Oliver's Castle Video
Exposed As A Hoax

Oliver's Castle video can be viewed here
In the Barge Inn, Wiltshire, England, on Tuesday July 22nd, 1997, Peter Sorenson, and Lee Winterson had a public meeting which puts to rest the controversy of the validity of the infamous "Oliver's Castle" video footage which shows lights flying over a field "making" a crop circle appear on August 11th of last year. Peter Sorenson and Lee Winterson, in cooperation with Nippon (Japanese) Television, went into the First Cut post production studios located in Bristol, England in a guerrilla style attempt to get the suspected maker of this video- the alleged John Whaley, real name John Wabe. He is employed and co-partner of First Cut studios, which supplies video post services and animation to professional media productions. Due to his expertise in computer graphics it was not difficult to seem completely real to untrained eyes. However, it was the investigative footwork of Lee Winterson which left no doubt as to the culprit, hence the cornering of John Wabe. Here's how the expose occurred in detail:
From the beginning, John Wabe used his pseudonym when presenting his amazing "footage". Yet, the phone number he gave was traced to belong to a John Wabe. Thus, from this name Lee tracked John down to First Cut studios in Bristol after many months. The real trick was to get John to admit his involvement! Lee and his business partner John Huckvale of AVP Studios ( a video facility) took in a camcorder under the pretense of "seeing the facility". While innocently taking shots of the equipment, John and Lee covertly focused on a framed photograph on the wall inside the office. This photo is in actuality a portrait of John Whaley, "alias" John Wabe himself. When they saw the footage they knew this was the very same man who brought in the Oliver's Castle footage nearly a year ago at a meeting with Peter Sorenson, at the Wagon and Horses pub, Avebury, England. Peter was later shown this footage and confirmed the identity of John Wabe (however John had changed his hair and grown a beard since their meeting). Now the plan fell into place - a live taping of an admission from the one and only John Wabe was needed to seal the mystery of WHO made this remarkable video and most importantly WHY.
On Friday, July 18th , 1997, at approximately 730 AM, Lee, Peter, and seven Nippon TV camera crew people made their way to Bristol and the First Cut Studios. The film crew went inside with cameras rolling, while Lee and Peter sat outside in a car park with communication devices, sensing every move. There was a technical problem with the communications devices, so it was difficult to ascertain what was occurring inside. However Lee was relaying to Peter the events which were taking place which was this: The business partner of John Wabe, John Lomas, was shown the footage by the TV crew and confronted about John Wabe's connection to it. He said that "Yes, John was involved", but that the film crew would have to talk to John Wabe personally. John Lomas left the room at this point to consult with John Wabe, relating the nature of the film crew inquiry. While the film crew was unaware, John Wabe fled out of his office, leaving a client there on the spot.
Peter Sorenson, patiently waiting with his camcorder in the car park, saw a man coming from the building, enter a car and start the ignition. His memory raced - then clicked. Yes, this was the man he met last year and - he was attempting to escape the cameras. Peter jumped out, camera starting to roll as John drove away. At a crucial moment of eye contact John saw Peter, recognized him, waved and smiled gallantly to the camera as he sped away in safety. Lee ran after the fleeing car, shouting requests if he was responsible for the footage...but to no avail.
After this daring escapade , a request was made with John Lomas for John Wabe to come clean and admit his involvement. Afterwards, John Wabe has been in phone contact, stating he WAS involved in the production of this video but could not comment further due to an exclusive contract with a broadcast production, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, USA. He did make it clear that he would like this all to "Just go away". He is not hiding the fact that it IS a HOAX. In our opinion he has been paid well to perform this duty, and he almost go away with it.
The British side of this hoaxed production team has raised questions as to the exclusive use of the Oliver's Castle footage. They were to air this program on August 11th or 12th. However, due to a phone conversation just after Lee's Barge Inn announcement, we found out that the DISCOVERY CHANNEL USA have moved ahead of schedule to air their program titled "Oliver's Castle Fraud Explained" on Monday night, July 28th, 1997. Look in your listings and stay tuned for the next chapter of disinformation! As an aside, the woman heading the Discovery Channel production team named "Jane" has talked to us by phone, but is reluctant to give the real production name, or WHO is really behind it. Are they on the run because we are into their game? Were they or SOMEONE aware of Lee's announcement tonight??
Statement by Lee Winterson.

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