Ohio UFO Sighting Thought
Linked To Respiratory Ailments
By Kenny Young
UFO Research

(Washington County)
December 10, 1998 - Between 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. [E.D.T.]
Summary: On Friday night, January 22, 1999, a phone call was received from Pam Reed [name changed, on-file], who sought to report a UFO sighting. Pam, who is self-employed with a degree in law, had earlier notified of this sighting in an E-mail message dated January 14, 1999. Further details were requested after her message had been reviewed, and she courteously complied by placing the phone call.
Event: On Thursday, December 10 between 2 to 3 O'clock in the afternoon, Pam was attracted to a bright object she noticed outside of her house. While watching from out a 2nd-floor window looking in a southerly direction, she observed a rapidly moving 'missile-like' object at a 45 to 50-degree angle above the horizon.
The object, estimated to be around 800-foot distant, was comprised of a 'head' and a 'tail,' and traveling "as fast as a jet-plane passing an Airshow Demonstration Area at top speed" on a course from south to northwest.
From her vantage point inside the house, Pam reported that she was unable to hear any sound that could be associated with the sighting. The object was visible for several seconds before disappearing toward the horizon.
Description: Pam described the object as "looking like a comet," but was moving very rapidly. The 'head' of the object seemed to be solid. It was a white-colored light with a trace of pale yellow tapering away into the section which comprised the tail. While the head was 2-thumbnail lengths (from her perspective w/arm outstretched) wide, the tail was characterized as being 6-thumbnail lenghts wide. There was no smoke, but rather, the tail was a trail of white light like a 'flashlight.'
Pam said this was amazing to see during the daylight hours. The weather conditions at the time were clear, blue skies with somewhat cool temperatures between 30 and 40-degrees.
Addition: After the sighting, Pam took note of an upsurge of respiratory ailments which afflicted numerous people in the Marietta, Ohio area. Ailments also effected some animals.
Following the sighting, her cat sneezed for 12-hours without stopping. Afterwards, her 100-lb. German Shepard became very ill with extreme chills and shivers for 3-hours.
In the days which followed, Pam recalled that many friends and associates also became ill. At a Marietta craft and upholstery company, numerous persons became severely ill and had taken time away from work, and Pam added that reports of similar illnesses appeared in other parts of the county.
A few days after Christmas, Pam inquired about the rash of sicknesses with a local pharmacist. She was told that the outbreak of respiratory difficulties happened in 2-phases: the first being around the second week in December and the second happening around Christmas, the last one seeming much worse.
Pam mentioned that on January 2, her 45-year old husband suddenly became seriously ill and was taken to Marietta Memorial Hospital, where he was kept for 3-days. He was said to have a 'bacterial infection of the lung and a viral infection of the body.'
While at the hospital with her husband, Pam noted that many were concerned with the sudden upsurge of illnesses, and that her husband's doctor did not have an explanation for the upsurge, which seemed to effect more men than women.
Pam said that she became ill on January 5, feeling that her sickness may have been related to the UFO sighting almost one-month previous. When asked how she drew this conclusion, she affirmed that her suspicions were entirely speculative, and referenced a possible 'incubation period' for the illness.
Comment: According to Pam, the precise area of the sighting is 15-miles north of Marietta. She lives in an unpopulated area with the closest neighbor being 1-mile away. She is not aware of additional witnesses to the UFO sighting.
During my telephone conversation with Pam, she seemed sincere, rational and alert. To her credit, she acknowledged a 'lack of evidence' to equate the UFO sighting with the upsurge of illnesses, and added that her suspicions were based purely on a "gut feeling." She has never previously reported a UFO sighting.
The concerns of this UFO eyewitness have been noted for this record, but let the reader be advised that the suspicions of the attestant have been drawn largely by a series of happenings (a rash of illnesses routine or otherwise) that cannot be directly equated with a UFO sighting based upon available data.
Such data must conclusively establish that the reported overflight of this UFO discharged a specific and testable agent which served as a catalyst to generate the upsurge of ailments reported in the area after its passing. Without this sound, testable data - we are left with an unproven situation based upon an eyewitness sighting of a suspected UFO followed by concerns resulting from a sudden, localized outbreak of illnesses to both animals and humans.
Of interest is the physical description of a 'comet-shaped' UFO. Recent reports of 'comet-shaped' UFOs have been reported from other sections of Ohio. These details can be located at:
Additionally, certain articles have appeared on the internet which have linked jet-contrails with various illnesses. Pam states that she could not have been influenced by this material, however, not having heard of these reports until earlier this past week. Apparently, after her initial E-mail report of this UFO sighting was passed along, her Internet access was restricted for a one-week period due to a lengthy electric outage caused by a snow and ice storm. The reports of jet-contrails being equated with various illnesses can be viewed at the following locations:
Enclosed is the initial E-mail report from Pam, dated January 14.
January 23, 1999
Kenny Young
Subject: Missle?
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 10:19:23 -0500
To: <
Dear Mr. Young
On or around Dec. 10, 1998 at approx. 2:00 p.m. on a sunny day I saw what I thought was a shooting star. It excited me greatly because I had never seen one of these in the daytime before. After much thought and consideration about this I am beginning to think that it wasn't what I thought at first. It moved in a straight line at GREAT speed and had a firey tail. Watching the news of late I think it could have possibly been a missle. Since this sighting MANY people in the area have become very ill. My husband had to be hospitalized, with the only explanation that he had contacted a bacterial and a viral infection. Do you have any other reported sightings around this time, along with any rising health concerns in your area? I see from the web site that you are located in Cincy. I live horiztonally across from you in Marietta, OH. I should state that this object was moving at a North-Northwest direction from my location. Any info on this matter would be greatly appreciated.