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National Institute For Discovery Science Report on the Redding War
Ranch at Mt. Archuleta, New Mexico - Colorado Border

From: NIDS
It has been reported in the media and on the internet that the Redding War Ranch, located at 37° 2.91' north latitude and 107° 1.44' west longitude (GPS) next to Mt. Archuleta (straddling New Mexico - Colorado border), is rumored to be an undercover facility engaged in secret activity connected with Mt. Archuleta. These rumors further state that the ranch has eight armed guard watch towers scattered along the property. In addition, there is an unusual round steel (and air conditioned) building located behind a ranch entrance gate on the opposite side of the property (37° 6.02' north latitude and 107° 2.85' west longitude - GPS).
A metal plaque prominently posted on a watch tower door identified the manufacturer as Houston Blow Pipe & Steel Plate Works (P.O. BOX 1692, Houston, TX 77251-1692, phone: 713-675-2273, FAX: 713-675-5038). Having seen the towers and being interested in their origin and purpose, a simple phone call was made to the phone number above. It was learned during the phone conversation that the President and CEO of the company is Mr. W. A. Redding. Contrary to the myths that have been perpetuated, a simple explanation was provided by Mr. Redding.
1) Mr. Redding stated that the watch towers are actually hunting stands with the brand name "The Ultimate Hunting Stand." The hunting stands on the ranch are weather proof-heavy gauge steel construction (5 feet diameter, 850 pounds est. total weight) equipped with 10 feet high steel angle frame supports, steel ladder or a steel walk-up type stairway with steel pipe hand railing, propane heater and tank, five large one way mirror-pane plate glass (hinged and latched) windows (hunters can see out, but game cannot see inside), swivel chair, and indoor-outdoor carpet on floor and side wall. Further, the stands are used for photographing game and birds, and hunting of game (deer, elk, javelina, moose, sheep and turkeys). According to published literature, the stands have been in production since 1963 and employ 75 years of hunting and 60 years of steel fabrication experience in their design for all-weather hunting.
2) The round steel building is a bunk house for ranch hands designed and manufactured by Mr. Redding's Houston steel company. The bunk house design employs the same all-weather heavy gauge steel construction as the hunting stands along with air conditioning and fuel-oil heater. It is not currently being used.
3) The owner of the Redding War Ranch is Mr. Redding himself. He can be contacted at the phone number given above.
4) The Redding War Ranch is used to raise small herds of Beefalo.

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