Injuries Caused By UFO
Claim Woman's Life
From Peter Gersten <>
Dear CAUS Members:
In 1981 I represented three People in a lawsuit against the United States Government for injuries that resulted from their contact with an unusual aerial object. Betty Cash, Vicky Landrum and Colby Landrum are the only three People to ever sue our government for injuries from a UFO. On the eighteenth anniversary of her encounter, Betty Cash died.
Betty Cash was a warrior and heroine. She fought the US government and, even in defeat, showed a spirit and tenacity that will now be her epitaph. CAUS and I pay tribute to a very brave lady...and a victim of this government's callousness to the rights of the individual. The following is the announcement of her death:
December 30, 1998
For Immediate Release:
Betty Cash, one of three people injured in a UFO close encounter near Huffman, Texas, on December 29, 1980, died on the 18th anniversary of the event, in Birmingham, Alabama. She had been in poor health ever since the encounter. At the time of the event, Mrs. Cash operated her own businesses near Dayton, Texas.
Betty Cash, along with Vickie Landrum and grandson Colby Landrum, encountered a huge UFO accompanied by military helicopters on a dark road in the east Texas Piney Woods. They were exposed to radiation from the object, which caused extreme medical problems such as burns, eye damage, hair loss, diarrhea, and vomiting. Although they and others observed a large number of military helicopters along with the UFO, the U.S. Government refused to acknowledge the event or assist them in any way.
After the encounter, Betty Cash was hospitalized and treated for burns and the other maladies. The extent of the injuries was so great, she was forced to close her businesses and never worked again. He life became a series of hospital stays, many of them in intensive care. Eventually, she developed cancer, which was successfully treated. In November 1998, Mrs. Cash suffered a stroke. On December 29, during her recovery, an unusual turn of events claimed her life.
Mrs. Cash was a hero in the fight against government UFO cover-ups and brought hope to other victims of UFO incidents. She was devoted to family and friends and never allowed her illness to prevent her from helping others to cope with the trauma of UFO close encounters.
For further information, contact John Schuessler, MUFON's Deputy Director of Administration, and primary investigator of Mrs. Cash's UFO incident, at (303) 948-6224, FAX (303) 948-6225, or e-mail at:
Betty Cash will be missed...but never forgotten.
Peter A. Gersten Director
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