Open Letter From Rich Boylan

March 11, 1997

This communication is directed to participants in the UFO Cover-Ups at different levels in the organizations involved.

Let us define some terms, so that we reach a common understanding. This letter is addressed primarily to operations in the United States, although it is in large measure applicable to cover-up operations in other countries.

First, there are two UFO Cover-Ups. One is the relatively mild official U.S. Government cover-up, consisting of a basic policy of Official Denial: denial of UFO knowledge, and denial of access to physical UFO evidence and to sensitive UFO documentation. The other is an outlaw, privatized, pseudo-governmental organization's aggressive and criminal Cover-Up: replete with unauthorized UFO shoot-downs, kidnapping, forcible interrogation, mind-control experimentation and torture of civilian experiencers and captured extraterestrials, nationwide disinformation campaigns, and vicious intimidation, assaults upon, or character assassinations of civilians who get too close to the truth.

For convenience, the first cover-up will be labeled the Official Government's UFO Cover- Up. The latter will be labeled the Treasonous Paragovernmental Organization's Cover-Up. It is time to call a spade a spade. Because time is up. This Spring will occur the first of a series of formal Landings and Meetings between Extraterrestrial Emissaries and Earth representation teams. These Meetings are for the purpose of beginning open and official communication between the visiting Star Nations and the general people of Earth. Since the official governments of the technologically developed countries have declined to be honest with their people about extraterrestrial contact, the Star Nations are going directly to the people. The era of open extraterrestrial contact has arrived.

Also this Spring, a coalition of top civilian UFO researchers, astronauts, and former Special Projects military and intelligence officers will be meeting with Congressional staff to establish open, public, televised Congressional Hearings on the evidence these experts have seen and handled of UFO reality and extraterrestrial visitation. This effort will also extend to a United Nations presentation, and will not exclude a worldwide televised public press conference.

The Official Government's UFO Cover-Up policy and operations are about to end, because that Cover-Up is about to be dissolved by human civilian and extraterrestrial emissaries' initiatives in the open, starting this Spring. To those involved in the Official Government's UFO Cover-Up at a policy level we say: it's time to abandon this policy. If you have integrity, inform your subordinates to release public statements that Government's UFO files are now open to public inspection. If you lack the courage to declare a new policy, at least quietly pass the word, off the record, to subordinates that future requests for UFO information will be fulfilled and not denied.

To those involved in the Official Government's UFO Cover-Up at an operations level, we say: you have been deceived. Your activities in this area are illegal. There is no lawfully- promulgated legal authorization to deny citizens access to UFO information. And without public promulgation, no law is valid. Since you are now aware of this fact, avoid knowingly involving yourself any longer in unlawful activities. Refuse any further unlawful orders to deny fellow citizens access to what is and should be public-access [UFO/ET] information.

The Treasonous Paragovernmental Organization's Cover-Up is also about to become exposed: as the outlaw and seditious conspiracy that it is. The exposure is about to occur this Spring, as Extraterrestrial Emissaries Landings/Meetings and human civilian Public UFO Disclosure initiatives force the Official Government's UFO Cover-Up policy and operations to end. With the official Government out of the UFO Cover-Up business, there will be no governmental skirts behind which the Treasonous Paragovernmental Organization's Cover-Up (TPOC) can hide any longer.

As the official Government gets out of the UFO cover-up business and removes National Security authorization, any further TPOC operations to confiscate UFO information, harass and intimidate civilian witnesses, shoot down UFOs, or imprison captured extraterrestrials will be exposed and obvious as the outlaw and treasonous activities which they are. To those involved in the Treasonous Paragovernmental Organization's Cover-Up at a policy level, we say: your time of behind-the-scenes power, unlimited funds, and pretended "National Security immunity" for your criminal activity has passed. Your only hope for any kind of leniency is to turn yourself in and provide state's evidence against those higher up. Since a number of you are cynical sociopaths, and cannot face a future without the "insider" privileges you are so used to, ending your life may soon appear to you an attractive option. Either way, expect no sympathy. The wasted decades of lost human progress and environmental mitigation you have forced upon the Earth and its people, because of your arrogant, greedy and power- hungry monopolization of extraterrestrial culture and technology information, demand the severest sanctions of you. You will be called to judgment by the people.

Of those involved in the Treasonous Paragovernmental Organization's Cover-Up at an operations level, we distinguish three general levels: the agents, the "assets", and the operatives. To the TPOC agents, those who have managed the criminal and treasonous operations: the attacks on civilians, the UFO shoot-downs, the murders of extraterrestrials, we say: Your careers are over. As you may have already noticed, the official government is on a search-and- neutralize program directed at your operations in order to prosecute you, such as the DHHS effort to collect evidence of your kidnapping, forcible interrogation and abuse of civilians, to mention only one. It would be reasonable to expect numerous arrests in the not-too-distant future. As your careers soon devolve into ignominy and punishment, reflect on whether it was worth it to serve the interests of those plutocratic elite who are now quite content to let you be thrown to the wolves.

To the TPOC "assets", those who have been misusing your positions of influence in the media, law enforcement, state government, scientific and professional organizations and elsewhere to aid and abet the outlaw UFO Cover-Up, we say: you are going to be exposed and discredited. As the outlaw Cover-Up crumbles, there is going to be a feeding frenzy of finger-pointing and blame-shifting to other collaborators in order to save one's own skin. Remember the fate of your heroes, inquisitional Senator Joseph McCarthy, Reich Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels and Norwegian Nazi-collaborator politician Quisling. As these became by-words for despicable and craven villains, so shall you.

To the TPOC operatives, those who have been doing the criminal and treasonous hands- on dirty work: the cowardly attacks on civilians, the UFO shoot-downs, the torture and murders of extraterrestrials, we say: You will not escape. Many of the experiencers whom you have harassed, tormented, unlawfully detained, abused and gang-raped remember and know you on sight.

Did you think we would forget? As the Cover-Up soon disintegrates, and there is no more culture of UFO denial to provide you immunity, you will soon consider yourself among the lucky ones if you make it to court trial and have a defense lawyer appointed. For, in the Earth Changes soon upon us, with the resultant collapse of infrastructure, the people will develop an alternative for an unavailable court system. It is called street justice, and it will show you no more mercy than you have shown your victims. The culture which the UFO Cover-Up has operated in is a sick and dysfunctional culture. Born of cynicism, paranoid insecurity, racist zenophobia and materialistic elitism, and operating in an amoral and ruthlessly "pragmatic" fashion, the UFO Cover-Up has created its own harsh and inexorable fate and karma. Your Cover-Up crimes and "dirty tricks", the turning of positions of trust into a war against your own people, will go down in history as its darkest and vilest chapter. The people bid the UFO Cover-Up good-bye now. You will not be missed.


Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D. UFO/ET researcher and experiencer

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