Only $5,000 Will Produce
Flawless UFO Video
Step By Step Process Disclosed

Hans Veldhuyzen van Zanten
Delft Professional Imaging
Note: As we have suggested, the technology now exists to perpetrate extremely sophisticated, if not completely undetectable, UFO video hoaxes. This in no way implies any judgement on the authenticity of the Mexico City UFO video but illustrates that we live in a world where people can no longer fully depend upon their senses to determine reality. This letter was sent to Liz Edwards who has been doing independent analysis of the Mexico City UFO video. (See: The Mexico UFO Video Data Page for complete information).
With interest, I read your comments about the Mexico UFO footage. I run, as CEO and founder, a digital production company here in Holland. We mainly produce animations for real estate developers. In this, we use all kinds of techniques to simulate non existing builings in real live video footage. As I pointed out on a Compuserve discussion lately, it would be very easy for us to create footage like the Mexico UFO tape.
Here is how this would be done:

1. Tape the city using a digital camcorder (jvc, sony, whatever)
2. Read into computer using high-end, 7+ MB per second frame grabber
3. Use Avid Software to determine camera jiggle (the movement of the camera).
4. Model UFO using 3D Studio Max, or Softimage 3D or Lightwave 3D.
5. Model path of the UFO, including some unearthly acceleration.
6. Apply lighting as appears in live video, use distance blurring and fog effect (all standard features of above software) and render UFO. (this will take about 5 minutes a frame).
7. Use Avid to "matte" the path of the UFO/building so it will appear to go behind it.
8. Combine both streams
9. Now, playback to analog camcorder with recorder function, or play to VCR And you will have very realistic footage.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED TO TAPE A MONITOR. All this can be easily accomplished using the above techniques. We would require a budget of about $5.000 U.S. to make such a video. Hope this helps. You can quute me on it if you wish.

Best regards,
Hans Veldhuyzen van Zanten

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