UFO Photographed In
Australia 11-06-98
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The Keith Basterfield Network Australasia
Reported By Elissa Lawrence
The Sunday Mail (Australia)
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Page 86
The truth is out there, So are the UFOs.
Madelenine Patterson 63 is a dedicated sky gazer and she knows instinctively. Mrs. Patterson aimed her camera at the sky from the backstairs of her Toowong home on November 6th 12 1998 and wasn't in the least surprised when a UFO appeared on the developed film. "I didn't see the UFO at all" she said, "but I had a feeling there was something unusual to photograph. It's something like when people get a feeling there is going to be a storm."
Retired nurse Mrs Patterson, who is also a naturopath and nutritionist, has added the photograph to her growing collection of photographs of cross formations and angels. It includes about six photographs of UFOs. "" These things are there for everyone to see. All my life I've been interested in things that are beyond physical and material spheres and I watch the skies closely." She firmly believes there are other living beings out there. "Otherwise we'd be like cave people, thinking we are the only people in the universe.
Other Oz Sighting Reports
Date 1.1.1999
Day: Friday
Time Reported: 1.12am
Source: Jean W
Location: Forrest Lake Brisbane QLD
Tel 07 33 72
Report Given to nearest Rep: Robert Frola
Report: While sitting under the back pergola, Mr W and his wife sighted a triangular object, moving very slowly over the western horizon in a north to north westerly direction. The object had a yellow orange glow about it. Through binoculars it was yellow on top and orange on the bottom. 15 minutes later, an identical object appeared and travelled along the same flight path. The witness, an ex-Vietnam vet, estimated the speed of the object to be around 80 to 90kph. No noise was heard. Both witnesses wear glasses. Classification: CE.1
Date 31st 12 to 1st .1.1999
Day: Thursday/ Friday
Time Reported: 10.35pm
Source: James B
Location: Woodridge
Tel 07 3209
Report: Over a period of three to four hours, a husband and wife, while relaxing on the back veranda of their home, sighted a number of unknown objects. The first was around 10.30pm on New Year's Eve. 8 objects were seen over the top of Mt Tamborine.
The next group of objects, (15 in number), were seen shortly after midnight. These objects were described as white balls of light with a red outer glowing rim. Looking through binoculars, the objects appeared to have flecks of light emanating from the circumference of the objects.
NOTE: RAAF Amberley had received numerous reports of similar objects. No military or civilian aircraft were flying in the area at the time of the sighting. The witnesses had contacted Ross Dowe after the RAAF Duty Officer of the day gave them his telephone number. Ross Dowe's explanation to the sightings: a meteor shower. Weather condition at the time: full cloud cover (1000-1500 feet), rain moderate to heavy. The meteor shower explanation seems ludicrous said sightee. Contacted authorities, who were involved with fireworks display. Objects do not fit the description of any fireworks they have in their inventory. Their suggestion, UFOs or meteor shower. Witness, being a CB/short wave enthusiast, was contacted by a gentleman living in Wynnum. He also same the same objects but over the bay.
They also recounted a sighting, which occurred on Christmas Eve. A red ball was seen over Middle Rd Greenbank area. This object travelled across the sky in a straight line, before going vertical, disappearing quickly through the clouds. Classification: NLs
Diane Harrison, Robert Frola
UFO Investigation Center