New Sightings Reports From Scotland
From Dave Ledger <>
From: UFO UpDates-Toronto <>
Location: Jordonhill College, Scotland
Date: Mon 19 Oct 98
Time: 8:00 pm & 8:45 pm approx
Source: Witness sighting report form
Sighting: At 2000hrs approx while we were sitting in the car park a bright light drifted accross the sky from left to right.Later at approx 2045hrs we seen two bright lights moving in the sky above and right of the college they moved quickly, performed some quick manouvers and flew off togeher, left over the airport and out of site. It was a crisp clear night, there was airplane traffic and helicopter traffic as well. The two objects we saw seemed to be "playing tig" or having fun.
Subject: My sighting report
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 1998 21:31:21 -0000
From: "David Walker" <
To: <
Location: Kirkintilloch, Scotland
At 3.28 am on Sunday 29th November I awoke and was aware of a bright light in the sky. Whether it was this that wakened me or not I don't know. I thought at first it was a plane coming into land as I was not aware of such a bright object in that position.
I never thought any more of it and was about to go back to sleep when I thought I saw the object move. I rubbed my eyes and looked again. The object then split into two and started to dance about the sky close to each other in figures of eight and in circles. <snip due to previous posting of this report (and then:) The objects seemed to dance about like two kittens playing, it was totally bizarre. The bright object remained in the sky and this made me doubt what I had just witnessed.
Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1998 23:14:01 -0000
From: "Andrew Caterer" <
To: <
Location: Edinburgh/Fife
I just visited your site and I thought I would mail you with something I saw today Friday 4 December at 2.50pm.
I work for an Insurance Company in St Andrew Square, Edinburgh. The office where I am based is on Queen Street. I have views from attic type windows across the Firth Of Forth over to Fife. This afternoon I was talking to a colleague and I was looking out across the forth. The view was clear and the sky was still light. I observed two lights roughly the same colour as a streetlight but their distance was difficult to judge, however they appeared to be over Fife. It was if the sun which was low in the sky was reflecting off metal. The lights when I first saw them appeared to be close together. As I watched them they moved around fairly quickly - slow enough to follow their progress but quick enough not to be ordinary aircraft. At no time did I see any type of aircraft. I watched them move around for about a minute. Two of my colleagues also observed them. There movement was fairly erratic. At one stage they disappeared from view and then returned briefly before one moved off quickly towards the left out of view. The other one then disappeared from view.
I must admit that I have always been very sceptical about this topic, but I thought that you may find this of interest. For the record there are always alot of aircraft that we can see starting their westerly approach to Edinburgh airport. These lights were definitely not aircraft.
(Further info following e-mail interview)
Dear Dave,
Thanks for your reply.
Just a few additional points that may help :-
1. Weather conditions at the time were excellent. There were excellent views across to Fife. There was very little breeze.
2. Using your suggestion, I would estimate size of lights to be the size of a Pearl, if I was to look at it from my arms length.
3. Elevation, I would estimate to be at around 30-35 Degrees.
4. Distance would be very difficult to estimate. Although the objects were definitely over the Fife side of the Forth and some way inland. From where I was looking I would reckon their position to be a few miles west of Kirkcaldy.
I looked at the video footage on your site and there did seem a lot of familiarity with the footage from one of your clips, namely the one where there are two parts. Also the more I think about this the lights were not reflections, but as I mentioned in my previous mail they were the colour of orange street lights.
I have tried to be as precise as possible. If you have any further queries, I am more than willing to help.
Regards Andy