Major UFO Sightings In New Jersey, New York, Alabama, Australia
From Tim Edwards
From George A. Filer
MUFON Eastern Director
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
Filer's Files #9-1998
On February 27, 1998, at 1:35 PM, architect Allen Wahl, was walking his dog along the Atlantic Ocean beach in Ocean Grove, NJ. This location is about thirty miles south of New York City. He decided to rest and look at the ocean since it was such a crystal clear and a deep blue sky. A strange looking ball shaped UFO with fins flew over his position moving from east to west and close by the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove. Allen stated, "He never saw a UFO before, but this made him a believer. It looked like a diving bell or bathysphere about ten feet in diameter." It reminded him of a Jules Vern science fiction antique ship with lines of rust running down its side. The UFO appeared as it may have come from the sea, although he had not specifically see it come out of the sea. About thirty minutes later an Army helicopter with what appeared to be guns sticking out the front passed directly overhead his position. The next morning at 9:00AM more helicopters were also flying in the area at a very low level possibly searching for the craft. He is sure there were other witnessses. Thanks to: Allen Wahl, 83 Franklin Street, Ocean Grove, NJ.
NEPTUNE, NEW JERSEY. Six hours later at 7:30 PM, a few miles from the previous sighting Mike Niemcyk, a 17 year old, spotted a huge triangular craft moving slowly over his home in Neptune. Mike called his mother to observe the craft in the night sky. They felt the UFO looked similar to a stealth bomber, however, it had too many lights and was too large to be a standard aircraft. They could hear a slight humming sound as the craft headed southwest. Interestingly, they had heard about the earlier sighting daylight sighting in Ocean Grove. I spoke with the father of the boy, since he seemed so excited. The father a retired Navy Seal and boat captain had not observed the craft. However, the father saw a similar craft, four years ago while fishing at night. He was with a policeman, when they both saw a craft fly in from the Atlantic Ocean a few feet above the water. It slowly moved into position 150 yards off the jetty and seemed to hover for a minute. It suddenly took off straight up giving them a great show. Telephone interview with Niemcyk family, 55 Route 35 #32; Neptune, NJ 07753.
TOMS RIVER, NJ. On February 19, at 4:30 p.m., Ellis Smith, his nine-year- old son and his five-year-old daughter watched a UFO perform aerobatics over Toms River fifty miles south of New York City. Ellis said. "We were driving home from the theater in Toms River," Smith reported, "when I noticed about 20 miles to the southwest, 40-45 degrees (above the horizon) what appeared to be an instant contrail" behind "a very bright white light. The sky was clear and I couldn't see where this thing came from." At first the Smith family thought it was a private plane, but then it stopped and very, very slowly began to level out. It took about three minutes for it to complete what appeared to be a J, then glowed very brightly, changing sizes, and then appeared to change into a very large, bright, solid object with a mist-like substance surrounding it." The UFO repeated these maneuvers six times. Each formation of the J took about four minutes, Smith reported. "The first event...lasted nearly two minutes. whereas toward the last one, it was barely 30 seconds." At the end, "it looked to us like the saucer slowed down, then turned into a ball, then hazed up" before vanishing. Thanks to Joe Trainor, editor of UFO Roundup #9, March 1, 1998
BARNEGAT LIGHT, NJ. The weekend Islander News carried a photograph of a disc shaped UFO near the Barnegat Lighthouse on February 4, 1998. No one knows how this photograph came to be pinned to wall of the local post office. The postmaster Lee Kwapinsi stated "Perhaps there's some truth after all, to Brad Honigburg's book, Situation Barnegat Light where aliens may be living near the lighthouse. The UFO appears quite large an estimated fifty feet in diameter and is a typical saucer shape. The local Coast Guard Station reports that unidentified craft are frequently seen along the Atlantic coastline. Thanks to Pat Marcattilio.
Two-thirds the Earth's surface is covered by water and it seems logical that the UFOs or Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) could hide in this vast area. One famous New Jersey resident Ivan Sanderson wrote a fine book called Invisible Residents, that pointed to the existence of underwater bases. He points out there are numerous records of eye-witness spanning centuries that told of encounters in lakes, seas and oceans around the world. For example, in August 1954, Dutch Sea Captain Jan Bos of the SS Groot Beer, reported observing a strange moonlike object rising out of the Atlantic ocean some 90 miles east of Cape Cod Light. "There were illuminated ports round the rim of the craft. The object's speed was later described as having been fantastic." Similar reports along the New Jersey coast have been told for years. Navy submarines and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute research ships have picked up the sounds of fast moving craft in the deep waters off Puerto Rico. Hydrophones and sonar equipment picked up fast moving underwater craft at an estimated depth of 30,000 feet where no known submarine could operate. Divers operating off Norfolk, Virginia reported observing fast moving underwater craft of roughly disc shape. The Bristol Channel and Long Island Sound often have reports from multiple witnesses of craft diving into them. Frequently, air and sea rescue searches are conducted, but no remains or debris is found. I just received a phone call of a possible landing site in central New Jersey, our investigators are preceding to the site in a ladies back yard.
On February 26, at 7:00 PM Andrew Cavaseno and his daughter were driving home westbound on the Southern State Parkway on Long Island. Near the Cross-Island Parkway, they observed a large pattern of lights, half the size of the moon. There were five or six bright lights spread out from south to north.. He pulled his car to a stop on the side of the road to observe more closely. The lights were perfectly stationary almost in a slight "arch" shape. It reminded him of the sightings on television over Phoenix, Arizona. Although, there were hundreds of cars, the others did not pull off the road. The span from one end to the other was a huge arch. The object itself was dark about the size of large stadium. After 15 minutes, it literally "switched off" It did not look like any known aircraft. Thanks to Andrew Cavaseno.
Sunday morning, February 28, 1998, at 12:30 AM the witness was looking to the south from the Kenwood Towers apartment complex, overlooking the Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport. The witness reported a pulsing red-light, initially thinking it was the water tower in Mount Washington. Spotted were a string of four objects, in a line, headed east. They were said to be 'the exact same red color as the lights on top of cell towers.' They were thought to be a formation of planes, but there were no conventional 'strobe lights' commonly seen on planes. The four separate objects seemed to make a course change and turned to the north, headed approx. 1/4 mile east of the witness' location. As they were coming toward his direction, the witness exited his car. The first three objects flew past at a low elevation, separated by a distance of about 50 to 100 feet apart. No sound could be heard. The witness added that the fourth object, in the rear, DID have the noise of a plane, like a Cessna. He again stressed that the other three objects did not have any sound, but that the fourth object had a muffled sound 'like a hang-glider, airplane or helicopter.' The red lights could be seen across "maybe 45-degrees of the sky" at an elevation of less than a thousand feet, and moving at speed of a slow- moving airplane or helicopter. The third object at one point appeared to speed up and then slow down moving slightly out of formation and then back. No engine noise was heard to accompany this movement. The witness is a former security guard at the apartment complex, who describes himself as a skeptic. They appeared to come from across the Ohio river from Kentucky, passing over Lunken Airport. The witness contacted the Airport Police and the FAA. Thanks to: KENNY YOUNG
At approximately 1 to1:30 PM EST on Thursday, February 26, an aerospace engineer and former Air Force officer who lives in Deltona, FL, noticed a very conspicuous, high-altitude contrail passing over his home. The object producing the trail was not visible due to altitude, but the rate at which it was generating the trail indicated that it was moving at extremely high speed - possibly 2-3 times faster than conventional aircraft. The path was from SW to NE. No sound was heard. The object disappeared but the contrail remained visible for several minutes. The individual called an investigator while the object was actually under observation; he was extremely agitated, almost incoherent at times. Before hanging up, the individual said he would make a video of the trail.
The Mobile, Alabama Fox Television Channel 10 news on Monday evening, February 9, ran a videotape of a UFO taken by Christie Edwards of Robertsdale, Alabama. The object was a bright silver object in a disc or ball shape. The object was videotaped on Saturday, February 7th, about 25 miles southeast of Mobile. Christie also saw a similar craft Monday morning but apparently was unable to get this one on tape. The circular object was flying in a clear blue sky. " She said, "It looked like a bright light, but it was real big. And it's nothing I've ever seen before," she told Fox news.
On February 21, 1998 EST in Semmes (Mobile County), Alabama, two witnesses on the front porch simultaneously noticed a red glow in the west at 11:40 PM Central Time. The UFOs shape was generally rectangular. The edges of the rectangle seemed to be bowed inward; although the outside edges of the rectangle were comparatively sharply defined. The interior of the rectangle was somewhat diffuse. One witness described the observation as "eerie," but stated "it must have been some kind of flare. "No aircraft were heard or seen, although the sighting location was within three miles of the municipal airport, which is directly south of witnesses. The light drifted downward from about 20 degrees to disappear further west of the point it was originally noticed. It disappeared below the tree-line west of witnesses at about 10 degrees elevation. The witness described the movement as "drifting" downward, diagonally. The craft was estimated to be at more than one quarter of a mile away. It's apparent size was 1" high by 1/3" wide at arm's length. The sighting lasted for one to two minutes. The glow was constant throughout the observation. Thanks to John Thompson.
Christopher O'Brien reports on animal mutilations and UFOs in his Mysterious Valley Report V-1 dated 02/22/98. In December, January and February there are a series of unusual animal deaths in The San Luis Valley (SLV), that appear associated with numerous reports of anomalous object sightings. There are numerous reports of fantastic aerial activity still under investigation by David Perkins. Massive military activity was followed by reports of huge "disco-ball" craft, which shot out of smaller red lights that crises-crossed the Huerfano Valley for hours for three nights. A flurry of sightings occurred on December 13, 1997, when Thomas Paye and a friend were driving north on State Highway 285, north of La Jara, CO. They witnessed two unusual lights or objects, the first at 7:05 PM, and the second at 10 PM. Both objects flew in the general area of the mutilation of a gelding. The first object was an orange globe, the second, a blue one. A few hours later, between 1:15 and 1:40 AM two witnesses saw a large object slowly crossing the valley from east to west near Mesita. They estimated that it took 25 minutes to traverse fifty miles. An hour later at 3:00 AM, a female witness about two miles north of Center, also witnessed the object and wrote:
"I saw out my back door one of those triangular UFO's hovering over my south field. The UFO moved slowly and hovered by the roof of the house and over by the silos. Then it came back over the house and a beam of white-blue light came out of the middle and something was taken up in the beam. I couldn't see what, but its shape was smallish. I was so scared I couldn't talk. It played some kind of musical rhythm when the lights around the edge flashed off and on.."
On December 17, 1997, another horse mutilation occurred near the Alamosa River. At 10:30 AM, rancher Ron Gardiner discovered a dead gelding five miles SW of Alamosa. The animal was found lying on it's right side at the bottom of a dry, seven feet deep irrigation canal. Broken Chimisa bushes and thrashing marks showed evidence of a struggle, but only the unfortunate gelding's tracks were visible. The carcass was still warm and the rancher estimated the animal was mutilated sometime around dawn. The Sheriff's investigator, the rancher and Chris investigated the-site shooting videotape and photographs. They took samples for forensic testing. The horse was missing its penis and an 8 inch circular patch of hide behind the sheath. The rear-end was neatly cored out in a slightly elongated circle to a depth of 8 to 9 inches. No apparent scavenger interest was noted and two horses in the small herd seemed curious and unafraid of the carcass. A five inch shallow gash was carved in the t on the neck. Several drops, which appeared to be blood, were found in snow about 60 feet away over the fence and across the road. There was no wind, fog and a temperature just below zero at the approximate time of death. There was dense fog in both this horse killing and the November 30, 1997, Hooper case.
On January 5, 1998, three pigs were discovered mutilated by two San Luis ranchers. A local man named Arnie reported: "Three white 100 to 150 pounds pigs were mutilated. Each pig had a cored out rectum and other round holes in the abdomen. They had been discovered three days before I saw them." Bob Green from La Sierra News took photos with a digital camera.
Like five other cases from the southern Alamosa County area since 1994, the horse was found near the Alamosa River. This latest "mutilation" report and the recent November 30, 1997, calf death case seem unusual. The vast majority of San Luis Valley these unusual animal deaths (UADs) occur from last-frost to first-frost, during the warmer months. Rarely do deaths occur during cold sub- zero nights, so this may be a new wrinkle. The only measurable pollution near the valley is located 23 miles up the Alamosa River at the Summittville Mine Superfund Site. Results of forensic testing will be posted when it's made available.
On January 7, 1998, from 5:45 PM to 3:00 AM, massive aerial activity was reported by five witnesses near La Veta. They observed "Disco balls" shooting off multi-colored lights and smaller red lights while craft criss-cross the Heurfano in a "grid-like pattern." One witness said, "He thought it was the end of the world!" The next day around 10:30AM in Huerfano County, a La Veta witness reported "20 to 30" jets criss-crossing the in a grid pattern that was "highly unusual." Six hours later, at 5:20 PM, over the Baca Ranch, on State Highway 17, two witnesses saw a brightly blinking light east of their location. They then observed a "150 foot diameter disc" with a small, low cupola light on its underside. The UFO was "between 1500 to 2000 feet "in altitude and traveling south down the center of the valley at 550 mph." Three witnesses in Costilla County coming home from basketball practice also noticed two lights emanating from the sky in San Luis Valley at the approximate location where the three pigs were discovered.
On January 10, 1998, in Huerfano County there were more reports of those pesky fireballs that have been reported here in the valley for decades. On January 12, 1998, A mysterious object lit up the night sky followed by a deafening explosion. Military spokesmen denied the object was a military aircraft. Local scientists speculated it could have been a meteor. ." It is interesting the January 11, the Colorado object's glow was again a captured by the same security camera that caught last year's alleged meteor. It is fascinating that last October's huge New Mexico to Texas meteor occurred on the same flight path --almost a year to-the-day -- from a similar object seen on the same flight path last year.
January 20, 1998, at 6:00 PM south of the Great Sand Dunes, a Hooper resident reports watching a "big star doing some big twists" over his friend's house. Stephanie Sylvester of The Denver Post-1/28/98 reports from Breckenridge. Several people saw a large fiery object trailed by a plume of smoke crash to the ground near here about noon Tuesday. "It was a large object that was on fire with smoke that was spiraling off the back of it," said Blue River Marshal, Steve Ford. "My first thought was that it was a meteor."
Chris is working with well-known scientist Dr. W.C. Levengood's who does soil and plant analysis on Crop Circles. Nancy Talbot, coordinator for Dr. Levengood will present these results at the National MUFON Conference in Denver this coming June. Preliminary analysis has been highly intriguing. Abnormal levels of magnetite and depressed redox-levels in plant mitochondria are mentioned extensively. Christopher O'Brien,
Bob Hetsko writes radio news programs have started reporting frequent UFO sightings over Douglas county. The witnesses report the object looked like an airplane crashing, however no aircraft was reported missing. Thanks to KHOW radio 630AM news.
Paul Cook is investigating the Bill Sauter case regarding a video he took over Deming, New Mexico on January 31, 1998. Bill stated, "Something out there was not an airplane and it wasn't a blimp. It looked like a 747, but without wings and without a tail section." The correct Website address for Paul Cook is
Respondents reported sighting a very large Orange triangular shaped illumination over the Wodonga area, Victoria, Australia on February 6, 1998, from 11:30 to 11:45 PM. A very large intense bright orange light appeared in the southeast sky. One respondent said that he "was even looking at the stars in that area of the sky when this triangular illumination just seemed to appear from no-where." The Orange object moved from the South east towards Wodonga (NNW) and then appeared to hover for about 30 seconds in the east. It changed direction and took five minutes to travel out of sight towards the Hume Power Station. It was the size of a commercial jetliner traveling at only 600 feet with no sound. On February 2nd, at 11.55 PM in Tasmania, Australia witnesses report sighting two bright white triangular objects ripping through the night sky over Devenport. On February 14th, at 5:45 AM, on the Gold Coast, Queensland a large black disc shape object was sighted.. The disc shaped object heading due north flew on a straight an level course. Its speed was slower than a commercial aircraft but too fast for a balloon since there was only a 10 knot breeze SSW to NNE.
Ross Dowe reports that an Australia train crew saw a giant UFO. A very large UFO landed at a remote railroad crossing in northern Australia in late December 1997 and was seen by the entire crew aboard the freight train. The sighting took place at Kajabbi, Queensland also known as the Milk StopKajabbi located 1,210 miles northwest of Brisbane. As the freight train rolled into Kajabbi, the crew spied what looked like "a large building" beside the track. One witness remarked, "When did that go up?" The object was described as "a large, almost transparent, rusty brown building large enough to accommodate a line of trains." It was in excess of 1,000 feet or 300 meters. The UFO "was seen to lift off the ground and take off straight up into the sky" as the train approached the siding. The crew was rattled by the sight, and a few even said, "They will never go to that area again." Elsewhere in northern Queensland, aboriginal people "have reported sighting many Min Min lights." (Thanks to Ross Dowe and the Australia/New Zealand National UFO Hotline and for this report.)
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